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What are the benefits of a Tofler pro plan

Tofler pro plan is ideal for individuals, regulatory authorities and businesses that need to explore
company networks extensively and regularly need to monitor and track other businesses.

Explore company networks

Expand network to any level.Expand/reduce networks in a single click.Export in excel.

Track companies and get financial alerts

Track upto 25 companies. Get weekly alerts for new financials, changes in directors, address, name and more..

Create custom lists and unlimited companies

Create any number of lists to categorise companies and view their information on dashboard.

Excel downloads and no ads

Excel downloads feature for several tables on the website – such as similar companies, directors, registration details. Browse ad free

Choose a Plan

BasicFree, login required Tofler Pro monthlyINR 500 per month, billed monthly Tofler Pro annualINR 5000, billed annually
Tofler website use
Open company pages on Tofler 250 per day Unlimited Unlimited
Open director pages on Tofler 250 per day Unlimited Unlimited
View order history yes yes yes
Company network
Explore the whole company network No Yes Yes
Expand/reduce whole network in a single click No Yes Yes
Export the explored network in excel  No Yes Yes
Download company network files to work later No Yes Yes
Create custom company lists
Add companies to 'My favourites' list Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Create your custom company lists No Unlimited Unlimited
Add companies to lists created No Unlimited Unlimited
See details of companies in dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Excel downloads
Download similar companies table in excel No Yes Yes
Download directors table in excel No Yes Yes
Download registered details in excel No Yes Yes
Other features
Ad-free browsing No Yes Yes
Free SubscribeINR 500 per month, billed monthly SubscribeINR 5000, billed annually

Media Citations


The media relies on Tofler when they want insight and data on emerging industries,
suspicious business activity, startups and innovation. Some of the media houses that rely on us:

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