One dream

Re-shaping the Indian business ecosystem is the dream we watch with open eyes. To make it transparent and reliable. Availability of information on activities and performance of businesses, creates an atmosphere of trust and reliability. It incentivizes well run businesses. And penalizes unprofessional and fraudulent behavior. This is the ecosystem we dream to build.

We’re changing how businesses take decisions

In course of running a business, you need to know who you are dealing with and who you are competing with. Right now, this happens through word of mouth.
That is a good way to start conversations but doing some research on your business partners always saves trouble in future.
Our aim is to help you answer these two questions quickly and comprehensively. We are empowering businesses with information and analysis that helps them guess less and be surer of their decisions.

How we work

Our Company 360 degree view of businesses is formed by integrating and analyzing more than 100 authoritative information sources into a complete business profile.
We aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data. Our machine learning technology, analysis algorithms and data visualization graphs help corporations answer strategic questions using information and not gut instinct.
We work constantly on improving this process to get better results.

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The media relies on Tofler when they want insight and data on emerging industries,
suspicious business activity, startups and innovation. Some of the media houses that rely on us:

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