The Company 360° Advantage

Company profiles

Deep dive into companies and learn about their management, owners, network, auditors, employees and more. Tofler compiles disparate data sets from multiple sources to ensure that you get maximum data coverage.

Financial history

Access financial history of companies, analyse charts and ratios, export financials in excel and access original financials documents filed by the company.


Search corporate litigations (pending and closed) across courts in India. Tofler compiles data from various courts, tribunals, regulatory authorities, etc to ensure that information is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Credit ratings and defaulter lists

Access credit ratings provided to companies and find out whether they or their directors have hit any defaulter lists.

Original MCA filings

Get permanent access to all documents filed by the company with MCA covering annual returns. Financials, special resolutions, incorporation documents, charge documents etc

Charges on assets

Explore all the charges created on assets of the company against current and past borrowings. Deep dive into their terms of repayment, interest rates, particular of assets charged and other details.

Capital structures

Explore capital structures of the company over time. Study capital infusions into the company, consideration received, type of securities issued and original filings done at time of allotment of shares.

Group structures

Understand the network of a company. Explore how it is connected with other companies through its directors. Also, find out its parent company, subsidiaries, joint ventures and more.

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