• What is Tofler+ ?

    Tofler+ is our companies data portal where you can view every Indian company's details - Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Directors, Group structure, Litigation, etc. - in an easy to use browser based interface.

  • How does it make my life easier?
    If you want to dig deep into a company's financials and other details, you just need to order a company to be updated and unlocked into your account with one click, sit back and relax for 2 hours or less! You'll get notified once the company is updated and then you can browse through the data. You will also be able to
    Download the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss in an Excel file with a single click.
    Download the entire report in a neatly formatted PDF file

    Yes, it is that easy!
    No more wasting your precious time on MCA website feeling disappointed every time.
    No more opening and processing bulky PDF files looking for data.
    No more manual punching of numbers into Excel.
  • This sounds promising! Can I see a sample?

    Sure! You can check out samples for Flipkart and Tata Sons

  • Wow, this looks great! So how does it work?
    You should first login to Tofler+ by:
    Visit: Tofler Plus
    Login using your Tofler login ID and password

    You can now search for any company and place an update / unlock request for it using your Power Points. You can purchase Power Points by paying online (click on ‘BUY POWER POINTS’ button on the top right corner). For more detailed instructions, please refer to this Tofler+ usage guide.
  • What is the coverage of information on Tofler+?
    Following data heads are covered for each company in Tofler+:
    Vitals (a brief overview of the company)
    Directors (details in directors and key management personnel in the company)
    Financials (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement and Financial Ratios - can be exported to Excel)
    Capital (Shareholding pattern, list of known shareholders, share allotment history)
    Charges on assets (Details of all the secured loans on the company)
    Documents (all the original RoC filings available for download one by one or all in one go)
    Credit check (3rd party credit ratings; BIFR, MCA and RBI defaulters list check)
    Group structure (Details of parent company, subsidiaries, JVs)
    Company Network (Pictorial presentation of company's network connected through common directors and auditors)
    Litigation (list of ongoing as well as pending litigation on the company)

    For more details and screenshots, please refer to this Tofler+ coverage.
  • For what duration can I see the information for a company I have unlocked?

    The information you unlock is available in your account for one year from the time you unlock it. During this one year, whenever the data for your unlocked companies gets updated in our database by any user on the platform, you will be able to see all the updated information in your account.

  • What is the price of one Power Point?

    Price of one Power Point is INR 500/- (+applicable taxes).