• General

    Q. What is Tofler?
    Tofler is a business research platform with the aim of enabling people to make informed decisions. For this we are organizing business information and providing it to you in a format that is understandable and saves your time. We intend to provide everything about a business at one place. We want to enable any one to understand his customers, suppliers, competitors and prospects better. Our vision is to transform the way business information is accessible.

    Q. Where does Tofler get all the information from?
    Tofler collects the data from several government websites, company websites and other sources in public domain. All the information you need in one place.

    Q. What is the credibility of company's information provided on the company page?
    Company's data provided on company page is pulled directly from website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India. So, we would say, it's quite credible!

    Q. How up to date is company's information on Tofler?
    This information is updated on real time basis when a user lands on a company page. The company page also provides option to update the data immediately. In general, we also keep updating the data continuously.

    Q. The data on Tofler seems to be out of date?
    We are adding hundreds of companies to our database everyday and the database itself is quite large at over 1.4 million companies. As such, we cannot keep all the data up-to-date. However, we do queue companies for updating of their records. If you would like the records of a specific company to be updated on priority, you can click the "update now" link on it's page and it should ideally be updated in a few minutes.

    Q. The data on Tofler seems to be incorrect?
    First, please check the primary source of the data. Currently, this would usually mean the website of the Ministry of Company Affairs of India. Many of the queries we get are because the details are not updated in the Ministry's records. If this is case, you would have to follow the official procedure to have the records updated/rectified with the Ministry. If the data is correct in the Ministry's records and you have tried updating the information on Tofler, please contact us at support@tofler.in.

    Q. How up to date is Trademark's information on Tofler?
    The information is updated in every 3-4 months. It is not updated on real time basis.

    Q. Would Tofler list any information of my proprietorship's or partnership's concern?
    No. Tofler is a business research platform for companies and LLPs. We currently do not list information of entities other than companies, LLPs, Directors and LLP's Partners.

    Q. How can we contact Tofler?
    You can contact us at support@tofler.in. We are generally very prompt at replying.

  • Publishing Your Company's Information On Tofler

    Q: My company and director details are appearing on Tofler's website. How can Tofler publish it without my permission?
    The data is a matter of public record under the Companies Act, 1956 as well as the Companies Act, 2013. The registrar of companies also publishes this data in the public domain at its website. The reason this information about companies is published by governments is that the free flow of information about companies is essential for both a fair society (consumers need to know whether a company exists, what its standing is, etc), and a fair market.

    Q. Will Tofler remove or change my company's information from the website if request it to?

    While we understand some companies and individuals have reservations about being listed, the information on Tofler is all a matter of public record, and is sourced from the official registers, and from published government data with no modifications whatsoever at our end. We aim to be an accurate copy of this and other records, and thus do not remove companies or data that are in the public record.

    We can amend data on Tofler only when what is displayed is different to that held on the public record, in which case it will be amended to match this.

  • Confidentiality

    Q. Would a company know if I am looking at its profile or have ordered its report or have bought its documents?
    No. This information is not shared with anyone and is completely confidential. The company would never know that a user is looking at its information / documents / reports.

  • Company Documents

    Q. How reliable is the document list? Would there be any difference between documents available at Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and those available at Tofler?
    The document list we send you is fetched directly from MCA after you place your request. We will provide all those documents that are available in the electronic records of the Government and allowed for public inspection. There would be no difference between documents available at MCA and those provided by Tofler.

    Q. In how much time would I receive the email with the link to document list?
    1 - 10 minutes depending on length of the list.

    Q. In how much time would I receive the email containing ordered documents?
    During working hours, typical delivery times vary between 30 minutes and 3 hours after you have placed the order and made the payment. In case of very heavy load, the delivery times can sometimes be marginally higher.

    Q. How do I access documents that I have ordered?
    Once you have made the payment to buy documents of the company, you would receive an email from Tofler after some time saying that your documents are ready to download. That email will contain a link. You need to click on that link and then access your documents.

    Q. Which software do I need to open and view the documents of companies provide by Tofler?
    You would need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view documents of the company. In case of Mac users, the pre-loaded PDF-reader would not work. This is because of some special features used within the PDF documents provided by MCA.

    Q. Do you provide documents of the company since its inception?
    We source company documents from the electronic records of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Since, the facility to file the electronic records started in year 2006, therefore, these records contain documents from 2006 onwards. Therefore, for those companies that were incorporated before 2006, you will generally find its documents from 2006 onwards and not from its inception.

    Older financials (upto 2002 - 2003) for some companies can be available if they have been scanned and uploaded by the Registrar in electronic form. However, this is not common.

    However, we will provide all those documents that are available in the electronic records of the Government and allowed for public inspection.

    Q. I want the balance sheet and annual returns of the company. Which forms should I download to get them?
    Balance Sheet - Form 23 AC Statement of Profit & Loss - Form 23ACA Annual return - Form 20B (also known as Form Sch. V)

    Q. Does Tofler process or modify the official documents in any way before delivery?
    No modification or processing whatsoever is done by Tofler when providing official documents of a company. The documents are delivered in the same form as filed by the company and including any processing done by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

    Q. Whether Profit and Loss statement for all companies (including private companies) is also available?
    Detailed Profit & Loss statement for Public Limited companies are usually available (provided they have been filed). However, the same are not ordinarily available for Private Limited companies. However, you can usually find the basic revenue and profit figures in the Directors' Report. This report is usually available as an attachement to the Balance Sheet.

    Q. Why do I have to receive the document list in an email? Why can't I access it instantly on the website?
    To make sure that you receive the updated document list containing all recent filings. Once you place the order to see the document list of a company, we fetch the updated document list directly from government records and email it to you. It takes a few minutes. If we will preload these document lists of companies to give you instant access to them, we may miss the recent filings done by the company.

  • Company Reports

    Q. Can I order a one off report without a subscription?
    Yes you can order one report at a time. You do not need any subscription to order company reports or documents. Just pay when you need one.

    Q. How is my report sent to me?
    The report is sent via email. We ask you your email address when you order for the report. It will be delivered to your inbox.

    Q. How do I contact you about an order I've placed?
    You can contact us at support@tofler.in. As mentioned earlier, we are prompt in replying.

  • Accepting Online Payments

    Q. Which payment gateway does Tofler use?
    We are currently using payment gateway services of HDFC Bank and RazorPay.

    Q. Does Tofler accept Amex cards?
    If you wish to pay with a Amex card, please use the RazorPay gateway option at checkout.

    Q. Does Tofler accept SBI Mastro cards?
    If you wish to pay with SBI Metro cards, please use the RazorPay gateway option at checkout.

  • Website

    Which browser do you recommend using with Tofler?
    Tofler works best on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. For Internet Explorer, version 8 and above required.

  • Signing Up

    How to sign up
    You can sign up using your social login (Facebook and Google) or by creating your own login on Tofler website. We ask minimal information to make the signing up process easy for you. In case of social login, we do not get access to your friend list or your timeline. All we get in case of social login is your :
    - Full Name
    - Email address
    - Any other thing that you mentioned in your google+ public profile.
    - A very small copy of your display picture.