Company Research Report

Tofler compiles variety of reports on companies. These reports are compiled using data from authoritative sources to ensure every bit of information is comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable.
The reports range from those that are easy to understand to complex ones understood only by professionals. Reports have a short delivery time and are great value for money. Some of the information covered are:

Historical financials: Get history of financials for over 5 years along with time series charts, graphs and ratio analysis.
Shareholders and group structure: Discover the shareholders, shareholding pattern, parent company and subsidiaries of a company.
Directors and key persons: Find out the directors, management and key people behind a company.
Mortgages and charges: Study the charges on assets of a company and its payment terms.
Capital infusions: Study nature of capital infusions, securities issues, consideration received and more.
Ratio analysis: Take help from the ratio analysis and study how the performance of company has changed overtime.

Synopsis Report

If you need a quick snapshot on the Company but don’t want to get into hassle of reading its financials and other documents, then Synopsis Report is just for you. This small capsule is easy to read and includes financial highlights along with details of directors, capital, contact details and more.

Format: MS-Word®
Turnaround time: 3 working hours

ROC Search Report

The report (MS-Word® format) is specifically designed to cater to needs of lenders for due diligence of borrowers. Prepared in commonly accepted format, it contains detailed information on mortgages & charges, property particulars, satisfied charges, directors, capital, financials and more.

Format: MS-Word®
Turnaround time: 8 working hours

Overview Report

The report endeavours to provide you important details on a Company’s financials, mortgages and charges, shareholding, directors, group structure, ratio analysis and more without making it complicated. An easy to read report best suited to profile a Company.

Format: HTML
Turnaround time: 4 working hours

Detailed Report

The report endeavours to provide you a full financial picture of the company. The report contains detailed information on mortgages and charges, detailed financials, ratio analysis, funding summary, capital structure and more.

Format: HTML
Turnaround time: 1 working day