Top Electronic Manufacturing Companies In India


The electronics sector is one of the most significant factors in India’s economy’s expansion. Products made by electronic companies are in great demand. The number of research and development departments has significantly increased as they work to develop new, higher-performing electronic items. One of the many electronics companies functioning in India employs millions of workers. For an individual to succeed and, in turn, for the prosperity of the country, it is essential to offer jobs to electronics engineering students. To understand the companies in this sector a little better; let us learn about some of the top electronic manufacturing companies in India. 

Bosch India

One of the top electronic manufacturing companies in India, Bosch was established in 1951. The corporate headquarters of the corporation are located in Bangalore, India. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are home to their production facilities. One of the top providers of technology and services, including consumer goods, energy, mobility solutions, and industrial and construction technologies, is Bosch. One of the most important development centres in the world is located there.

The brand Bosch is well-known throughout the world. For many years, Bosch has produced and supplied electronics to the automotive and entertainment industries. Worldwide recognition for the brand. There is a significant probability that Bosch played a role in the Bollywood film you will watch the next time it is a success. Some recent grads might want to work in a tiny startup and try their hand at creating something original in the electronics industry. As an alternative, there is a business with a sizable workforce and, consequently, sizable employment chances for the suitable person.


Havells India

One of the largest electronic manufacturing companies in India is Havells India, which was established in 1958. Noida, India is home to the corporate headquarters of Havells India. In a variety of goods, including residential and commercial circuit protection devices, modular switches, home appliances, motors, air conditioners, fans, electric water heaters, cables and wires, and many more, the company enjoys a substantial market share. This one is simple to identify due to its growth and worth.

The business has recently made amazing strides and is now estimated to be worth $1 billion. The creation of equipment for electricity distribution is a field in which Havells excels. As you can see, once energy is produced, the ability to distribute it across the nation is a crucial installation. Havells has a distinguished career in this industry. These are typically big projects, so if working on big projects appeals to you, this is a business worth looking into.


Godrej & Boyce

An affiliate of the well-known business Godrej group is Godrej and Boyce; also one of the top electronic manufacturing companies in India. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, India, and it was established in the year 1987. Godrej and Boyce initially focused on making locks when they first launched their company, but over time they grew into over 14 additional industries. Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the United States, and Europe are just a few of the nations where the organisation operates. The business focuses on the production of electrical and electronic components, as well as batteries, appliances, AV solutions, and construction.


Whirlpool India

As part of its global expansion strategy with the TVS Group, Whirlpool India was established in 1980 and quickly rose to prominence as one of the top producers of consumer electronics. Manufacturing facilities for the company are located in Faridabad, Puducherry, and Pune, with the company’s headquarters in Gurugram, India. They produce a variety of goods, including microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. It is indeed one of the top electronic manufacturing companies in India.



One of India’s top manufacturers of air conditioners is Voltas, which was established in 1954. It all began with the amalgamation of the renowned firm Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers. It has additional expertise in project management as a provider of engineering solutions. The Voltas company has offices in Thane and Dadra in addition to its corporate headquarters in Mumbai, India. Electronic appliances, cooling and ventilation, technology, engineering, building, textiles, mining, and manufacturing are just a few of the products and services that the company produces.


SFO Technologies

A vertically integrated manufacturing company, SFO Technologies has sizable production facilities at three locations across the country; it is indeed one of the top electronic manufacturing companies in India. The company is proud of its 1400 engineers that are experts in middleware, application software, and embedded firmware. Circuit design, layout, schematics, industrial design, prototyping, precise mechanical drawing, 3D modelling, and testing are all included in SFO’s design and development services.


Elin Electronics

Elin is a top provider of end-to-end manufacturing services and is one of the top electronic manufacturing companies in India. It has all the necessary tools to carry out a project from conception to finished goods. It has an internal R&D centre that the Indian government has approved. For many years, all of its manufacturing sites have held TS 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications. Philips, Eveready, Denso, Grunner, Havells, Hitachi, etc. are just a few of its notable clientele. The business complies with international environmental standards. It has won numerous accolades for both quality and environmental responsibility.


Jabil Circuit India Pvt Ltd

Jabil Circuit creates and produces products for significant original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in a variety of sectors, including digital home and office equipment, energy management, clean technology, etc. The Pune factory of Philips was purchased by Jabil in 2004. Additionally, the business purchased Celetronix India Pvt Ltd in 2006 to increase its clientele. Currently, 60% of Jabil’s manufacturing is exported, with the remaining 40% going to the home market. The corporation employs 200,000 people across 90 locations in 23 nations.


Dixon Technologies

In the areas of consumer electronics, set-top boxes, lighting, energy metres, and household appliances, Dixon offers comprehensive solutions. Among the clients of the business are LG, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, Landis Gyr, and Godrej. In partnership with NDS, Conax, and Irdeto, its subsidiary, My Box Technologies, is the first business in India to have locally developed cable and DTH set-top boxes.