Top 10 pharma companies in Pune


India offers tremendous support worldwide for product manufacturing & export. India is the world’s largest provider of generic medicines by volume. It is also the largest vaccine supplier in the world by volume. The world’s largest vaccine maker company is based in Pune.

Here is a list of top pharmaceutical companies in Pune:

  1. SERUM INSTITUTE OF INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: This one of the noticeable brands was founded in 1966 with a vision to offer the world’s largest vaccine by the number of the dosages and doses to the produced for all deadly infections which affected masses at a pandemic level. [[U80903PN1984PTC032945]]

Company has 11 directors – Cyrus Soli PoonawallaZavareh Soli Poonawalla, and others.

  • Revenue: Over INR 8000/- CR
  • CIN: U80903PN1984PTC032945
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 22 May, 1984
  1. EISEN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY (PRIVATE) LIMITED: The leading pharma company in Pune established in the year 1957. The main product segment for physician, intensive care, pediatrician, dental & general practitioners. It has three directors – Heramb Balkrishna JoshiAnkur Heramb Joshi, and others.
  • Revenue: Over INR14.6/- CR
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 10 September, 1951
  1. SAVA HEALTHCARE LIMITED: The company was started in 2003 for range of healthcare products for humans & veterinary. They are producing over 500 products in therapeutic segments. The company has seven directors – Vinod Ramchandra JadhavSuvarna Vinod Jadhav, and others. [[U51397GJ2004PLC074963]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 160/- cr
  • CIN: U51397GJ2004PLC074963
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 25 October, 2004
  1. BILCARE LIMITED: It is company that provide innovative packaging material solutions to pharmaceutical industry, to improve healthcare outcomes for patients. It was founded in year 1987 and has four directors – Rajesh Shankarrao DeveneDiksha Tomar, and others.  [[L28939PN1987PLC043953]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 318/- cr
  • CIN: L28939PN1987PLC043953
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 01 July, 1987
  1. EMCURE PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED: It was founded in year 1981. The main products are tablets, soft-gel, hard-gel capsules, and injectables, it has 11 directors – Mukund Keshao GurjarSunil Rajanikant Mehta, and others. [[U24231PN1981PLC024251]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 3000/- cr
  • CIN: U24231PN1981PLC024251
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 16 April, 1981
  1. HINDUSTAN ANTIBIOTICS LIMITED: The company was founded in 1954 and product ranges are tablets, capsules, injections, intra venous fluids, oral liquids, agricultural products, veterinary and parenterals products. It has three directors – Nirja SarafDineshkumar Kodarbhai Makwana, and others. [[U24231MH1954PLC009265]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 90/- cr
  • CIN: U24231MH1954PLC009265
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 30 March, 1954
  1. ZYPHAR’S PHARMACEUTICS PRIVATE LIMITED: The company product in therapeutic ranges as critical care, oncology, anti-Malerial and wide range of branded generic products. It has four directors – Mahendra Champalal JainRajeshkumar Champalal Jain, and others. [[U24231PN2006PTC022042]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 30/- cr
  • CIN: U24231PN2006PTC022042
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 17 February, 2006
  1. M. J. BIOPHARM PRIVATE LIMITED: The company is biopharmaceutical company offering human insulin, analogue insulin, GLP1 agents. It was established in year 2002 and has four directors – Amol Jashvant ShahPheroze Kersasp Mistry, and others. [[U24234PN2002PTC158855]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 100/- cr
  • CIN: U24234PN2002PTC158855
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 27 June, 2002
  1. NULIFE PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED: It is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Pune, founded in 1975. The main products are ointment, eye, ear drops, capsules & more. It has two directors – Umesh Jayantilal Trivediand Anuradha Umesh Trivedi. [[U99999MH1975PTC018356]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 10/- cr
  • CIN: U99999MH1975PTC018356
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 31 May, 1975
  1. GENNOVA BIOPHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED: The company is manufacturer of over 1000+ products under pharmaceutical formulations. It was founded in 2001 and has seven directors – Sunil Rajanikant MehtaSatish Ramanlal Mehta, and others. [[U24231PN2001PLC016253]]
  • Revenue: Over INR 300/- cr
  • CIN: U24231PN2001PLC016253
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 19 June, 2001

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