Top Battery Manufacturing Companies In India


It is interesting to see how India’s top battery manufacturing companies in India respond to customer needs and what their future EV battery plans are; given the rapidly changing global landscape of battery utilisation technology. It should be noted that numerous battery types have been employed over time to supply an automobile with the power it needs. Eventually, lead-acid batteries took over. Now, lithium-ion batteries pose a threat to them, particularly in the mobility and steadily expanding stationary storage segments.


Only a few major competitors in the market are currently manufacturing lithium-ion batteries along with others. Find out more about the leading battery manufacturing businesses in India in this article.


Exide Industries Ltd

Exide Industries Ltd. produces the largest variety of storage batteries in India, ranging in capacity from 2.5 Ah to 20,400 Ah and serving the widest range of uses. Its seven strategically placed plants are spread out across the nation: three are in Maharashtra, two are in West Bengal, one is in Tamil Nadu, and one is in Haryana which makes it one of the most popular battery manufacturing companies in India.


The business first produced storage batteries before expanding to become one of the subcontinent’s top producers and exporters of batteries today. Since then, it has steadily expanded, modernised its manufacturing techniques, and undertaken audacious service-related initiatives. The company’s ongoing advancements have enabled it to produce the widest variety of industrial batteries in the globe as well as numerous technology configurations. The business creates and produces premium submarine batteries, and automobile, industrial, and automotive batteries.


Amara Raja Batteries

The main producer of standby valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim is Amara Raja Batteries Ltd (ARBL), which works with Johnson Controls Inc, USA. In the sacred city of Tirupati, A.P., the company boasts a top-notch production facility that is fully integrated. Amara Raja is a well-known producer of car batteries, selling them under the names Amaron and Tribal. These batteries are sold throughout India through a sizable sales and servicing network. With its cutting-edge engineering, research, and design, ARBL has quickly risen to the top thanks to its ability to provide customer-focused solutions that are tailored to the needs of the end customers. The incredibly durable Amaron maintenance-free batteries were invented in India by ARBL. The company serves the power, oil, and natural gas industries in addition to being a preferred supplier to key telecom service providers, telecom equipment makers, the UPS sector (OEM and replacement), the Indian Railways, and other industry segments. It is definitely one of the top players and battery manufacturing companies in India


Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd

Luminous, a reputable business that provides high-quality power supplies for residential and commercial purposes, was founded in 1988. Power backup, industrial batteries, renewable and alternative energy solutions like solar, wind, and hybrid applications, diesel generator sets, infrastructure solutions for IT and telecom, and residential electrical goods are all included in the company’s group portfolio.


In addition to holding a commanding position in the domestic market and being one of the top battery manufacturing companies in India, Luminous is well-established abroad. It has continually received recognition and awards for its leadership in the market and the dependability of its products. With more than 3,000 employees, eight manufacturing facilities in India and one in China, 28 sales offices, and more than 32,000 channel partners, the company is making significant progress toward realising its vision of becoming a highly regarded corporation in the fields of packaged power, distributed power generation, energy optimization, and home electrical products.


HBL Power Systems Ltd

HBL Power Systems Ltd., an Indian firm with a focus on engineering goods and services, was founded in 1977 and today stands as one of the finest battery manufacturing companies in India. Finding technology gaps in the Indian market that the company might close through “indigenous efforts” was its initial business approach. As a result of the company’s initial selection and successful development of aircraft batteries, HBL is now able to offer the broadest selection of specialised batteries in the world. It has the potential to diversify due to its expertise in batteries. Following that, the corporation entered new industries and markets, including industrial electronics, defence electronics, and railway electronic signalling. Precision manufacturing, small AC and DC motors spun reinforced concrete, and green technology goods are recent diversifications that make use of the company’s engineering strengths.


Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd

With a rising presence across India and in more than 70 other countries, Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. is India’s most esteemed provider of power solutions and one of the best battery manufacturing companies in India. Su-Kam produces intelligent power backup systems that are engineered to be energy efficient and hence lower the user’s carbon footprint. Su-Kam is a truly knowledge-driven firm with innovation at its core. It has maintained its position of leadership in the cutthroat market for power backup solutions for many years. To consistently create new products, it combines its proficiency in producing conventional power backup systems with its emphasis on R&D. It has seven cutting-edge production facilities spread across three locations: Gurgaon, Nepal, and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. For operational health and safety, all of its manufacturing facilities have received OHAS-18001 certification.


Automatic conveyor lines and automatic testing systems are installed in its top-notch manufacturing infrastructure to increase the reliability of products. It produces a wide range of goods, including inverters, transformers, batteries, OLU, solar items, etc., with a focus on raising output, elevating quality, and cutting waste across the board.


Base Corporation Ltd

To actively participate in the growth of the power business while utilising cutting-edge technology, Base was established in 1987 & today it is one of the top battery manufacturing companies in India. In line with its mission, the business introduced cutting-edge technology by taking on the role of only distributor of batteries under the Panasonic brand in India. In 2002, the business introduced Base Terminal as a new brand. The business has unveiled several ideas that changed the game, including the “Dial-a-Battery” service in 2003. Numerous firsts in the Indian battery market were brought about by it, including the introduction of VRLA technology. HP’s Solan, California, production facility is designed to provide only the best products in its category to its customers.


To produce some of the most effective items in the market today, it is outfitted with the most recent technology from the USA, Taiwan, Korea, China, Germany, France, Turkey, and other European nations. Along with a network of 7000 dealers, it has a highly skilled group of specialists working at 27 branches across the nation.