Cement market in India – Industry snapshot

India is the 2nd leading producer of cement in the world after China. It accounts for about 6-7% of the total global production. The industry is a significant contributor to the Indian economy and provides employment to over 1.2 million people.

This snapshot on cement industry has been prepared through extensive secondary research supported by detailed analysis and focuses on market details, growth trends, major players, recent developments and key drivers in India.

This snapshot can be used as an “Information & Management Tool” and is ideal for investors to get the first feel of the Indian cement industry.  Senior managers can also use this report for making presentations to internal audiences, customers, collaborators and channel partners.

Table of Contents

I Introduction
1.1 Industry structure
II Market overview
2.1 Trends in production of cement, 2012-17
2.2 Production break-up by segments, 2016-17
III Trends in export, 2012-17
IV Key player and premium cement brands
V Recent developments
VI Future outlook