Top Sugar Manufacturing Companies In India


The second-largest agro-based sector in India is the sugar industry. About 50 million farmers are supported by the sector. On the other hand, the sugar sector also directly employs over 6 lakh people and indirectly supports many more.

However, the sugar sector in India has a considerably bigger worldwide role to play. India is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of sugar. After Brazil, the nation produced 29 million metric tonnes of sugar. To understand this market better, let us see the top sugar manufacturing companies in India. 

  1. Balrampur Chini Mills

India’s Balrampur Chini Mills Limited is one of the top sugar manufacturing companies in India. The business is listed on the stock market and registered with the Registrar of Companies. The company’s headquarters are in India’s Calcutta. Kamal Nayan Saraogi established Balrampur Chini in 1975. The business produces sugar of the highest quality for consumers. It offers a variety of goods, including bagasse, molasses, sugar, ethanol, and power. The business also does social work.


  1. Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Ltd

Bajaj The Hindustan Sugar Ltd. company was established in 1931 by Jamnalal Bajaj. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is where its headquarters are. It ranks among the top ten sugar manufacturing companies in India. The company produces sugar, alcohol, and power in addition to other commodities. The business is divided into four segments: sugar, distilleries, power, and others. Over 10 sugar plants are owned by the company. Golagokarannath, Palia Kalan, Kinauni, Thanabhawan, Budhana, Bilai, Barkhera, Khambarkhera, Gangnauli, Maqsoodapur, Pratappur, Rudauli, Utraula, and Kundarkhi are among the places where it has sugar mills.


  1. Dalmia Bharat Sugar

One of the best sugar manufacturing companies in India is Dalmia Bharat. The business is listed with the Registrar of Companies. India’s Uttar Pradesh is where its headquarters are located. In 1994, Jai Hari Dalmia founded it. The corporation sells a variety of goods, including sugar, hand sanitiser, ethanol, power, and organic manure. The business values client satisfaction. Export destinations for Dalmia Bharat Sugar include places like Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. The company’s goal is to rank among India’s top businesses. Integrity, respect, trust, commitment, and humility are the values of the sugar sector, which is founded on EBIDTA.


  1.  Triveni Engineering

Triveni Engineering, one of the biggest sugar manufacturing companies in India, was established in 1932. For usage in many industries, the company’s product line includes a variety of premium quality multi-grade (big, medium, tiny) crystal, refined, and pharmaceutical-grade sugar. The business operates out of 7 sites that are well-placed in Uttar Pradesh. The company can produce 61,000 tonnes per day in total.

The company also produces fuel-grade ethanol and drinkable alcohol in addition to these products. Their distillery has a 520 kiloliter daily output capacity. The company additionally intends to raise this capacity to 660 kiloliters per day.


  1. Shree Renuka Sugars

Since its founding in 1998, Shree Renuka Sugars has advanced significantly & today it is one of the best sugar manufacturing companies in India. Seven sugar mills support the company’s operations. The business can produce 36,500 tonnes of cane per day in total. Like Balrampur Chinni Shree Renuka Sugar, it produces ethanol and co-generates electricity in addition to sugar. The company also has an installed capacity of 930 kiloliters per day, making it one of the biggest ethanol producers in the nation. Even though it is one of the biggest sugar companies in India, its financial situation is problematic.

  1. Mawana Sugars Ltd

Mawana Sugars Ltd. was established in 1961. It ranks among the top ten sugar producers in India. At its facilities at Titawi Sugar Complex, Mawana Sugar Works, and Nanglamal Sugar Complex, the company manufactures and markets sugar and related by-products from sugar cane in addition to co-generating power and producing ethanol. For the pharmaceutical industry, it makes plantation white sugar, refined sugar, and speciality sugars. Siel Financial Services Limited, Siel Infrastructure & Estate Developers Pvt Ltd, and Siel Industrial Estate Limited are some of the subsidiaries of the company.


  1. Rana Sugars Ltd

In 1991, Rana Sugars Ltd. was established. It is a business that produces sugar & today it stands tall as one of the top sugar manufacturing companies in India. Power Generation, White Crystal Sugar, and Distillery are among the company’s segments. The main goods and services provided by the company are Sugar, Power, and Spirit & Others. It produces a variety of sugar types, including raw sugar, sugar from sugar beets, plantation white sugar, double refined white sulfurless sugar, and white sugar that has been refined twice. Its sugar and power facilities are situated in the districts of Moradabad, Rampur, and Amritsar in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Punjab, respectively. Its distillery is situated in Punjab’s Tarn Taran district.


  1. Simbhaoli sugar

One of the top industries in India for the production of sugar is Simbhaoli Sugar Limited. The business is listed with the Registrar of Companies. The business was founded in 1933, and Uttar Pradesh serves as its headquarters. Gurmit Singh Mann serves as the company’s chairman and managing director. This technology-based business engages in the production of refined sugar, premium alcoholic beverages, co-produced electricity, extra neutral alcohol, ethanol, bio-manure, and technological consulting. The business developed into a well-run, technologically advanced 1500cr corporation.


  1. EID Parry 

EID Parry, one of the oldest businesses in India, was established in 1788 and operates in the sugar and nutraceuticals industries. The company is noted for being one of the earliest businesses to create fertilisers and for building India’s first sugar mill. The Murugappa Group, which acquired EID Parry in 1981, now owns the business. The corporation is one of the biggest sugar producers in the nation after more than two centuries. 

Currently, the corporation operates 9 sugar factories across the nation. These facilities have a daily cane crushing capacity of 43,400 tonnes for sugar. Additionally, the distillery’s daily capacity is 234 kiloliters.


  1. Dhampur sugar mills

India’s Dhampur Sugar Mills is a producer of sugar. It is a prestigious business in India. Uttar Pradesh is where the company’s headquarters are. The businessman Lala Ram Narain was founded in 1933. The products of the Dhampur Sugar Mills include industrial gases, sugar, ethanol, alcochem, bio fertiliser, micronutrients, and organic goods. Its goal is to make and market agricultural products as well as other environmentally friendly goods. The company’s goal is to be a responsible corporate citizen by enhancing the environment. Social work also includes Dhampur Mills.