Top Speciality Chemical Companies In India


Today, the chemical industry plays an essential part in researching and developing new things. The majority of the things we use contain chemicals. It is shocking to learn that chemicals are also used in electronic devices by many of us. Whether you use a chemical product or any preservative food item, a chemical is always used during its manufacturing process. Let us see a list of top speciality chemical companies in India. 

Aarti Industries Ltd

One of the top speciality chemical companies in India is Aarti Industries, a national company headquartered in India. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is home to the company’s headquarters.

Rajendra V. Gogri founded Aarti Industries, which was launched in 1984. Aarti Organics Private Limited was the name under which it was initially founded; however, in 1994, it changed its name to Aarti Industries Limited. Because of this, the company focuses on model expansion and growth. For example, in 1986, they invested in manufacturing a plant for “Nitro Chloro Benzenes,” which was built in Sarigram, Gujarat. Then, in 2006, to meet market demand, they increased the sulphuric acid production capacity from 100 KTPA to 200 KTPA.

Aarti Industries established Anushakti Chemicals and Drugs ltd. in 2013 along with Aarti U.S.A. Inc. to create a marketing and distribution network in the United States. The corporation, which has a total market value of almost 5000 crores, coordinates its operations out of 15 distinct industrial facilities. They currently employ around 5000 people.

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GHCL, one of the top speciality chemical companies in India, specialises in the production of inorganic chemicals and home textiles. It is one of the top producers of soda ash in India and also works to make edible salt. The majority of well-known businesses, including Hindustan Unilever Limited, Ghari Group P&G, Patanjali Ayurved Limited Phillips, and others, purchase soda ash from GHCL. The company’s overall capacity for producing soda ash is around 9.75 lac Tpa.

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BASF India Ltd

In the chemical market, BASF India Ltd. is one of the top speciality chemical companies in India. It belongs to the German-based BASF corporation. They work in over 80 countries in addition to India. The largest chemical firm in the world is this one. BASF India manufactures a wide range of chemicals used in agriculture, leather, Styropor, tanning agents, and other industries. Additionally, they work on the marketing and sales of these goods. With numerous manufacturing facilities, BASF India currently employs over 1800 people. Additionally, they have their own labs for research and development.

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Atul Ltd

Kasturbhai Lalbhai created Atul Ltd in 1947; the company’s initial production facility was established in Gujarat. Atul Ltd is one of the country’s oldest continuously operating chemical enterprises. The company’s headquarters are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It extends over a vast 1250-acre area and stands as one of the top speciality chemical companies in India.

Atul Limited currently produces over 900 different goods as well as 400 chemical formulations. Additionally, the corporation made investments in the retail sector and held over 140 retail brands. 4,000 unique customers from 30 distinct business categories are served by Atul Ltd.’s goods. The corporation started its subsidiary businesses in a number of nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates, in order to expand its business in the global market.

Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd

The state government owns Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd., one of the top speciality chemical companies in India & the fastest-growing businesses. The company is engaged in the production of numerous chemicals, including caustic soda, chloromethanes, phosphoric acid, and potassium carbonate. Both of the company’s production facilities, located in Gujarat’s Dahej and Vadodara, are open right now. Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. was founded in 1973 as a result of the efforts of the Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation (GIIC); it is wholly owned by the Gujarati government. The Vadodara unit saw the beginning of the company’s first production in 1976. The combined production capacity of the two plants is currently around 4,29,050 MTPA.

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Pidilite Industries Ltd

With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pidilite is a sizable manufacturer of adhesive products in India. The business manufactures a variety of goods, including construction chemicals, sealants, textile resins, food and fabric care, and car products. Fevicol is one of Pidilite’s most popular goods; while other companies in the market produce items that are similar to it, they are unable to expand as quickly as Pidilite.

Pidilite also owns the brands Fevikwik, Dr Fixit, M- seal, Roff Cyclo, and Acron. The majority of its clients use product names as general terms. The company has production facilities around India, including those in Mahad (Maharashtra), Vapi (Gujarat), Baddi, and Kala Amb, both in (Himachal Pradesh). The business was established in 1959. The company’s assets are currently valued at over 6,500 crores, while its revenue is 7,500 crores.

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TATA Chemicals

TATA Chemicals Ltd. is a multinational corporation that produces crop protection and speciality chemical products. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is home to the company’s headquarters. It ranks among the top speciality chemical companies in India, numerous other European nations, North America, and Africa. Tata Chemicals’ corporate parent is Tata Group. Tata Chemicals currently operates around 7 production facilities across the states of Tamil Nadu, Kenya, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and the United Kingdom.

After Aarti Industries Ltd., it is India’s second-largest manufacturer of soda ash. The first production facility for Tata Chemicals, which began operations in 1944, was located in Mithapur, Gujarat. Then, over time, Tata Chemicals acquired a number of other domestic and international chemical-related businesses. British Columbia is home to some of them.

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