Top Shipping Companies In India


In today’s world of business, globalisation, and rapid technological improvement, the transportation of goods from one place to another is essential. A business or industry can select from a wide range of transportation choices, including aircraft, trains, roads, and more. The basis of international trade is overseas shipping. In the industrial world, shipping’s importance has increased. To understand this better let us see some of the top shipping companies in India & some more details about them below:

  1. Cochin Shipyard Limited

In 1972, Cochin Shipyard Ltd. (CSL) was founded as a fully owned and run Government of India corporation. The Government of India presently owns 75.21% of the Company’s equity share capital following the IPO in 2017 and the buyback in 2018. One of the largest shipbuilding and shipping companies in India is Cochin Shipyard Limited. The Company has established itself over the past forty years as a pioneer in the Indian shipbuilding and ship repair sector as well as a well-known player on the international shipbuilding scene. 

The company upgrades ships used in the oil exploration sector and lays up repairs and life extensions for Navy, UTL, Coast Guard, fisheries, and port trust ships, as well as commerce ships owned by SCI & ONGC. Tankers, aircraft carriers, dredgers, bulk carriers, electric autonomous ships, passenger ships, special purpose ships, marine ambulance high bollard pull tugs, Ro-Ro ships, and air defence ships are among the company’s many products. Additionally, the business offers staff training for marine engineers and graduate engineers. Cochin, Kerala, India, serves as the headquarters of CSL.


  1. Dredging Corporation Of India Ltd

The business was first established on March 29 as a private limited company, then on March 10, it underwent a conversion to become a public limited company. The company’s primary goal is to perform capital and maintenance dredging for ports to create new sections and/or enlarge the current ports. The Government of India made the decision to form a completely owned Government firm under the Companies Act, 1956, in response to the challenges encountered in meeting specialised dredging requirements. 

The most up-to-date technology is used in the complex equipment on marine dredging ships. There are three cutter section dredgers with pumping capacities ranging from 1000 to 3640 cubic metres per hour, eight trailer suction dredgers with hopper capacities ranging from 3450 to 6500 cubic metres per hour, and three inland dredgers with pumping capacities ranging from 100 to 200 cubic metres per hour. – The corporation has acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out capital and maintenance dredging, land reclamation, desiltation of lakes and ponds, salvage, and towage, among other tasks. All of this new technology gathered and implemented by the company makes it one of the top shipping companies in India.


  1. Essar Shipping Ltd

Essar Shipping Ltd. is a subsidiary of the global juggernaut Essar Group. The business offers integrated logistics solutions and has made investments in oilfield drilling and shipping services. The company’s integrated business approach offers its customers very cost-effective end-to-end logistics, shipping, and oilfield services. The company operates a diverse fleet of 26 boats, including tugs, small bulk carriers, Supramaxes, and VLCCs. The Oilfields Services company works with oil and gas businesses all over the world to provide contract drilling services. One semi-submersible rig and twelve land rigs are owned by this company.

From ships to ports lighterage services to plant intra-plant logistics and transferring finished products to the final consumer, the logistics industry offers end-to-end logistics services. To offer lighterage support services and onshore and offshore logistics services, this company has transhipment assets. The affiliated businesses include Essar Logistics Ltd. Energy Transportation International Ltd, Essar Oilfield Services (India) Ltd, and Energy II Ltd are some of these companies. Essar Ports & Terminals Ltd, the original name of Essar Shipping Ltd, was incorporated in the State of Gujarat on April 16, 2010. It currently employs around 7000 individuals, which is a sizable number given the high unemployment rate in the nation. All these exceptional qualities make it one of the best shipping companies in India.


  1. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd

The GRSE was founded in 1884 as a small workshop to maintain the vessels of the River Steam Navigation Company. Today it is one of the oldest shipping companies in India, it began its new chapter as Garden Reach Workshops (GRW) Limited after being registered under the Companies Act, 2013. The Shipyard has constructed a vast range of ships, including superior Frigates and Fast Attack Crafts. With a product portfolio that includes pre-fabricated steel bridges, various deck machinery items, and assembly/testing/overhauling of marine diesel engines, GRSE is the only Defense Shipyard to have ventured into the engineering industry.

The Virtual Reality Lab was built by GRSE to improve ergonomics and provide a thorough understanding of the Ship’s details even during the Design Stage itself. The shipyard has the capacity to produce 20 ships (eight large ships and twelve small ships) at once after modernization and revitalization.


  1. ABG Shipyard Limited

One of the biggest private shipbuilding yards offering shipping services in India and the surrounding nations is ABG Shipyard Limited. It is the largest & one of the top shipping companies in India. A corporation with an ISO certification exports dry bulk using specialised trunks and vessels. It produces a variety of large commercial boats, such as driving ship containers, self-loading and self-discharging bulk carriers, container ships, and floating cranes. It received a contract to construct vessels for pollution control.

The corporation operates facilities for ship repairing, building, and designing in addition to providing shipping services. Western Shipyard Limited and Bharat Shipyard Limited are two of the company’s well-known competitors. The company has a market value of 12 C INR. The current order is for roughly 16,000 C INR. 149 special vehicles have been delivered by it.