Top Multinational Companies In India


In 1991, after globalisation, liberalisation, and privatisation, the Indian market environment underwent a radical transformation. Multinational corporations grew rapidly in our nation as a result (MNCs). After nearly 30 years and in the twenty-first century, we have witnessed the expansion and success of MNCs in India. These businesses have a reliable and accessible labour pool. These businesses not only offer jobs but also have substantial infrastructural investments that have boosted the expansion of foreign exchange. This blog lists top multinational companies in India where one may consider working.


A well-known American multinational corporation, Microsoft Corporation, was founded in 1975. Many people have been impressed by the company’s progress through its inspiring history. Microsoft established its subsidiary firm, Microsoft Corporation India, with its headquarters in Hyderabad in the year 1990. It has collaborated with the Indian government and continues to be the most respected IT company & is one of the top multinational companies in India. The business is renowned for its cutting-edge software, electronics, internet explorer, operating system, and personal computer goods.

The Internet Explorer browser and Microsoft Windows operating systems are the most popular products it provides to its consumers. In addition to Microsoft IT, Microsoft Global Services India, Microsoft Research India, Microsoft Global Technical Support Centre, Limited (Marketing Division), Microsoft Corporation India (Pvt.), and Microsoft India Development Center, the corporation has established numerous more business entities.


Apple India

Who hasn’t heard of Apple Inc.? The iPhone, MacBook, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch were all released by this powerful international corporation. However, despite having a substantial client base in India, it is an American global corporation that was founded in 1976. It is also one of the biggest multinational companies in India that offers internet services, laptops, software, and computers.


HP India

One of the biggest multinational companies in India is HP, which is mostly known for its laptops, desktop computers, and other electronic gadgets. An American IT and electronics firm, Bangalore where its Indian headquarters are located. It is unquestionably one of the biggest and most influential MNCs in India based on its market value. Our lives have been easier thanks to the brand’s selection of intelligent computers and software. It divided into two sectors in 2015, one focusing on personal computers, 3D printing, and other technologies, and the other on banking and commercial services.


P&G (Procter & Gamble)

Even if you don’t think you’ve heard of this multinational corporation, chances are you have used P&G products in India. The name has been connected to a variety of consumer goods, including detergents, shampoo, sanitary napkins, and diapers. The P&G logo can be seen on a variety of goods, including Arial, Tide, Pantene, Gillette, Olay, and many more. It focuses on a variety of items for personal care, household maintenance, and wellness. P&G is one of the greatest multinational companies in India thanks to the variety of products it offers.


Coca Cola India

The company that pioneered the promotion of non-alcoholic beverages in this nation was Coca-Cola. With its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, it is an American global beverage partnership. Since 1886, it has dabbled in the sale, production, and marketing of syrup and non-alcoholic beverages. The company first entered the nation in 1993, and currently, it ranks among the top multinational companies in India.


An American multinational company called PepsiCo makes a variety of meals, drinks, and snacks. The business handles the production, promotion, and distribution of goods made from grains. The MNC Company collaborated with Frito Lay and Pepsi-Cola. The latest revenue figures show PepsiCo to be India’s second-largest beverage and food company & one of the biggest multinational companies in India.

Sony Corporation

A worldwide corporation with its headquarters in Japan, Sony Corporation is a market leader in consumer electronics products. In 1994, it made its debut on the Indian market. It has carved out a place for itself among the wide range of gadgets, which also includes cameras, televisions, play stations, mobile phones, and many more. It is without a doubt one of the top international corporations in India today.

Aditya Birla Group

Indian company Aditya Birla Group is a member of the Fortune 500 league. Aditya Birla Group has made India proud for many years and is active in 34 nations. Over 120,000 people work for it worldwide. The Tata Birla group is involved with cement, viscose staples, and metals. Along with telecom, it also has other branded clothing, chemicals, fertilisers, financial services, and the chlor-alkali industry. The group, top multinational companies in India, surpassed the Tata Group in 2019 to become the country’s most significant private enterprise. It is a major player in asset management and life insurance.



Nestle is the next company on our list of top MNCs in India. It is among the oldest and biggest international corporations in the nation by turnover. With better products, Nestle joined the market in 1912 and is presently one of the top MNCs in India. Numerous locations, including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkatta, are home to its offices. The business is well-known all around the world for its high-quality food offerings.



Seoul serves as the home base for the South Korean multinational company Samsung. They concentrate on industries such as retail, textiles, food production, insurance, and securities. It divided into the Shinsegae Group, CJ Group, Samsung Group, and Hansol Group, four distinct corporate organisations. Samsung’s products and gadgets have quickly gone global, and its main sources of revenue now are semiconductors and mobile phones. Samsung ranked sixth in terms of worldwide brand value in 2017.


One of the top international corporations in India is Deloitte. It belongs to the group of Big Four accounting companies as well. With professionals around the world, Deloitte provides audit, financial advice, risk advisory, consulting, tax, and legal services. when comparing revenue and the number of professionals, the most extensive network service professional in the world. The fourth-largest privately owned corporation in the United States as of 2019 is Deloitte.