Top Manufacturing Companies In Banglore


Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, depends on its manufacturing sector largely. This metropolitan hub’s growth has been facilitated by a wide spectrum of international manufacturing companies. This Indian metropolis has experienced exponential growth since industrialisation. Thanks to the manufacturing enterprises that have set up shops in the city, the development of the country is advancing. They work arduously to satisfy the growing demand for their items on a global scale.

The number of raw materials, the reasonable cost of labour, and other important aspects are highlighted in this article along with a thorough list of top manufacturing companies in Banglore.

3M India Ltd.

With its headquarters in India, 3M India Ltd. was established in 1987. Among other markets, 3M India Limited produces goods for the electronics, telecommunications, industrial, consumer and office, health care, and safety sectors. Cable connections, discrete modular and heat-recoverable closures, electrical termination and splicing devices, specialist pressure-sensitive coated tapes, and speciality chemicals are among the company’s offerings. It is undoubtedly one of the manufacturing companies in Banglore.

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ABB India Ltd

One of the top manufacturing companies in Banglore, ABB India Ltd. was established in 1949. It is a leader in industrial technology around the world. The Company works on projects related to energy generation, power transmission, transportation, process automation, and pollution prevention.

Power Products, which manufacture, engineer, and supply essential components to transmit and distribute electricity, Process Automation, Discrete Automation & Motion, and Low Voltage Products are among the company’s segments. Power Systems provides turnkey systems and services for transmission and distribution for the power grid and power plants. Frequency-regulated motors and flameproof motors are some of its offerings.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Established in 1940 by Seth Walchand Hirachand in collaboration with the Mysore government, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. is a state-owned manufacturer. There are 11 R&D facilities spread around the nation for this industrial enterprise. It works on the creation, improvement, manufacture, servicing, and repair of a variety of items, such as the following:

  • Helicopters and aircraft
  • Avionics accessories
  • Aero-engines
  • Aerospace structures

The Indian Ministry of Defence is in charge of HEL. The business, which has its headquarters in Bangalore, brings in an average of $2.8 billion annually. Over 30,000 experts and professionals are employed nationwide.

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Bharat Electronics Ltd

Bangalore, Karnataka saw the establishment of Bharat Electronics Ltd in 1954 which turned out to be one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Banglore today! The aerospace and defence firm is owned by the Indian government. Design, production, and supply of electronics systems and products for both non-defence and defence industries are the core business activities of Bharat Electronics Limited.

Weapon systems, radar, and fire control systems, as well as communication, are among the company’s main goods and services. In addition to other services, it provides electronic manufacturing in the areas of offsets, precision machining, fabrication, and optoelectronics. It also provides printed circuit board assembly and testing services.

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Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd

The year 1996 saw the establishment of Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd. The business offers services in research and development, information technology, and contact centres. The business provides a range of clients with architecture, application planning, design and development, and testing services. Customers from all over the world can access Dell International Services India’s services hence today it has become one of the best manufacturing companies in Banglore. The Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd corporate family consists of 171 businesses. The business is among the top ten manufacturers in Bangalore.

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Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd

Manglore Chemical & Fertilizers ltf was founded in 1974 & today it stands as one of the manufacturing companies in Banglore. It provides a wide range of goods, such as chemicals and fertilisers. The company produces both nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilisers. Urea and Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), including imported DAP, are among the company’s goods. Its fertilisers include Mangala Urea, Mangala Muriate of Potash (MOP), Mangala DAP, and Mangala Single Superphosphate (SSP). Soil Conditioners, Micronutrients, Organic Products, Specialty Agri Products, Crop Specific Soil Products, Water Soluble Fertilizers, and Wetting and Spreading Agent are just a few of its plant nutrition products.

Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde, Ammonium Bicarbonate, and Sulphuric Acid are some of its further compounds. The business is among Bangalore’s top 10 manufacturers.

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Titan Company Ltd

The Titan Company Ltd. was established in 1984 and slowly became one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Banglore. The Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation are partners in the endeavour. The business is the fifth-largest watch manufacturer in the world and the top watch manufacturer in India. The company makes timepieces, jewellery, eyewear, precision engineering, and other products. They manufacture timepieces for the Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, Nebula, RAGA, Regalia, Octane, and Xylys brands.

About 32 nations receive timepieces from the company each year. Under the Tanishq brand, they produce priceless jewellery. The subsidiaries of the company are Favre Leuba AG, Titan Engineering and Automation Limited, and Titan TimeProducts Limited. The business is among the top ten manufacturers in Bangalore.

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Bharat Earth Movers Limited

A reputable manufacturing business with its headquarters in Bangalore is none other than BEML Ltd. or Bharat Earth Movers Limited. BEML Ltd. is a public-sector organisation that was founded in 1965. The company is the second-largest producer of earthmovers in Asia. The company is renowned for designing and creating a variety of products to fulfil the demands of the construction, mining, irrigation, power, cement, fertiliser, rail, and steel industries. It is one of the top manufacturing companies in Banglore.

An estimate of the company’s yearly revenue puts it at more than $450 million. In several BEML Ltd. manufacturing facilities across the nation, there are more than 11,000 experts at work.

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