Top Best Packaging Companies In India


Regardless of size, packaging companies in India play a significant role in the market because their presence is necessary for all product-based businesses. For the same reason, Amazon spends a lot of money packaging each order to guarantee the products arrive safely. You might be asking what the best packaging firm in India is now that you are aware of the critical significance that packaging plays. Lets see some of them below.

Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd

Two Scots, Stephen George Balmer and Alexander Lawrie, established Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. in Kolkata, which is undoubtedly one of the top packaging companies in India. After 154 years, Balmer Lawrie is currently a Miniratna-I Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of the Government of India, with a revenue of Rs. 1593 crores and a profit of Rs. 157 crores.

It is also a well-respected international diversified conglomerate having a presence in the manufacturing and service sectors, along with its four Joint Ventures and two subsidiaries in India and abroad. In the markets for steel barrels, industrial greases and speciality lubricants, corporate travel, and logistics services, Balmer Lawrie is a market leader.


Cosmo Films Ltd

Mr. Ashok Jaipuria established Cosmo Films Ltd in 1976 and today it is one of the packaging companies in India. The corporate headquarters of the corporation are in New Delhi, India. Bi-axially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP) are produced by this international company for use in packaging, labels, laminating, and other industrial applications. It is the biggest producer of thermal lamination films worldwide and the biggest exporter of BOPP films from India. You may access more firm data, such as the number of employees, turnover, decision-makers specifics, and more, with Fundoodata subscription plans.


Jindal Poly Films Ltd

The fact that Jindal Poly Films has been a BOPP and polyester film industry thought leader for more than 20 years is what makes it one of the best packaging companies in India.

Additionally, the $ 2 billion B.C. Jindal company, of which Jindal Poly Films Limited is a member, has been providing a broad range of goods and services for more than six decades. Its applications include flexible packaging, tape & textile, lidding, print lamination, labels, and overwraps. The group is engaged in a variety of enterprises, including those involving polyester and polypropylene films, cold-rolled steel strips, power production, and galvanised sheets. PET Films, BOPP Films, Metalized Films, CPP Films, Coated Films, Non-Tearable Paper (NTR), Thermal Films, and Medical X-Ray Films are just a few of the company’s many products.


Ester Industries Ltd

Engineering plastic compounds and speciality polyester films are produced by Ester Industries. For industries like automotive, appliances, electrical & electronics, and telecom, the Engineering Plastics business processes a variety of materials. India’s National Capital Region is where Ester has its main office (Gurgaon). A modern production plant for the company is situated in Khatima, Uttarakhand, around 300 kilometres north of New Delhi. Customers of the top packaging company are located all over the world, including in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, the Americas, etc.


Polyplex Corporation Ltd

The seventh-largest capacity for polyester films (PET) in the world is thought to be held by Polyplex Corporation Ltd, one of India’s major packaging firms. Additionally, it provides services to more than 1950 clients in 75 nations in the Middle East, Asia, the Far East, the Americas, and the Indian subcontinent.

Films manufactured in cutting-edge facilities with substantial economic impact include BOPP, Blown PP/PE, and CPP films in the business areas of operations. Additional value-added products are delivered through integrated downstream capabilities of metallizing, holography, silicone coating, offline chemical coating, extrusion coating, and transfer metallized paper. It is undoubtedly one of the best packaging companies in India.


TCPL Packaging Ltd

The well-known producer of plastic cartons, standalone converters of paperboard,  litho-lamination, blister packs, printed blanks, and self-ready packaging in India is TCPL Packaging. The Kanoria family, whose diverse business interests include jute, tea, textiles, medicines, and chemicals, promotes TCPL Packaging. The Kanoria family opened a manufacturing facility for folding cartons in Silvassa in 1990. It is among top 10 packaging companies in India. 


UFlex Limited

The greatest packaging firm in India, UFlex, adheres to international standards. It has achieved various landmarks that have set the parameters for the ideal packaging company. It has been offering packaging options to consumers in order to meet their demands for safe transportation and long product shelf lives.

It serves clients from roughly 140 different nations, including consumer goods firms, and does so using cutting-edge technology to give each of them access to the highest calibre of service. With an average 20D delivery capacity of roughly 98 tonnes, the overall volume capacity is close to 16 tonnes. UFlex has a 3,761 crore total market cap and an ROE of 8.24%. They weigh 153 tonnes in total. They have a sizable workforce working toward their objective of offering people low-cost, environmentally friendly packaging options.


Mold-Tek Packaging Limited

Mold-Tek Packaging, which was founded in the year 1986, has made a name for itself in the packaging sector and is known as the top packaging firm in India. Its seven manufacturing facilities and several stocking locations ensure quicker shipping and delivery.

Around 2,000 TPA is the entire injection moulding capability. It has also spread its wings to include the acrylic and paint sectors. It is an ISO-certified company with the goal of meeting the needs of its clients with cutting-edge products & became one of the top packaging companies in India. Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd. has a market cap of 1,461 crores and an ROE of 20.8%. In eight years, the sales revenue climbed by about $100Cr, and the profit rate increased by 8% annually. The business has achieved a significant milestone in producing plastic containers for medical supplies including sanitisers and lotions.

Time Technoplast Ltd

One of the top international conglomerates is Time Technoplast Ltd. It is active in places including Egypt, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the U.A.E. It is a well-known producer of polymer goods. It provides a variety of products that target various market segments. It offers a variety of goods, including Composite Cylinders, Material Handling Solutions, Automotive Components, and Industrial Packaging Solutions. The top packaging business is renowned for its cutting-edge plastic goods. Around the world, it has more than 40 production facilities. Subscribe to one of Fundoodata’s paid plans to learn more about the company, such as the names of its top executives, its annual revenue, or the number of employees.