Top 9 Bangalore based pharmaceutical companies


India is rising player in global pharmaceuticals industry. India is one of the world’s largest supplier of generic medications, accounting for 20% of the supply by volume and supplying about 60% of the global vaccination demand. In pharmaceutical companies profit margins varies widely, from less than zero to more than 40 percent, depending on the size of the company.

We have listed down the leading pharmaceutical companies with key details like revenue of the company:

  1. Anglo French Drugs & Industries Ltd.: It has built an impressive identity for itself with over 300 products selling across the world in nutraceuticals, CNS, skin and respiratory segments.
  • Revenue: Over INR 150 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 01 February, 1923
  • CIN: L24230KA1923PLC010205

2. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd: It was founded with a vision to emerge as a leading integrated research-based, global pharmaceutical company. They provide high quality branded and
generic medicines for global markets over 65 countries.

  • Revenue: Over INR 7500 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 18 November, 1977
  • CIN: L24299MH1977PLC019982

3. Indoco Remedies Limited : It is a fully integrated, research-oriented pharma company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Formulations & API. It was founded by Mr. Govind Ramnath Kare in year 1945.

  • Revenue: Over INR 1200 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 23 August, 1947
  • CIN: L85190MH1947PLC005913


4. GSS Pharma is the youngest and an emerging pharmaceutical company. The main products they offer are tablets, eye and ear drops, injectables, cream ointments, liquid

  • Revenue: Over INR 10 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 07 August, 2015
  • CIN: U51102KA2015PTC082095

5. Medford Pharmaceuticals is an emerging pharmaceutical company based in Bangalore, the wide range of products are casrdiology, orthopaedics, diabetology, antibiotics and injectable snit-infectives.

  • Revenue: Over INR 10 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 19 December, 2018
  • LLPIN (CIN): AAN-8052

6. Bal Pharma is a leading Indian Pharmaceutical Company with 25 years of experience, specialized in Prescription Drugs, Generic & OTC Products, Intravenous Infusion and Bulk Actives.

  • Revenue: Over INR 250 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 19 May, 1987
  • CIN: L85110KA1987PLC008368

7. Biocon Limited is an Indian biopharmaceutical company that is based in Bangalore, India. It was founded by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw in 1978. Their 4 global businesses include generics, biosimilars, research services and novel biologics.

  • Revenue: Over INR 2000 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 29 November, 1978
  • CIN: L24234KA1978PLC003417

8. SESA Care Private Ltd is a private limited company based in Bangalore, India and was incorporated on 23/08/2018. is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of ayurvedic hair care products.

  • Revenue: Over INR 90 cr
  • Directors
  • Incorporation date: 23 August, 2018
  • CIN: U24247KA2018PTC115638

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