Top 6 laptop brand in India


In today’s digital era; having a laptop is a necessity rather than luxury. There are handful of best laptop companies in India that provide you with the best laptop models. There is a huge market growth in budget laptop segment, due to rise in work from home culture.

Choosing the best one according to your need is always a tough job. Still, you can consider a few of the prominent names for best-selling laptops in India mentioned below:

APPLE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: Apple is the most dependable and in-demand brand in India. Apple laptops’ OS is error free, advantages of the brand are exceptional performance, a quick and responsive system, a long battery life, and unmatched display and colour reproduction. Apple India has four directors – Gaurav DuggalMukund Saraf, and others.

  • Revenue: Over INR 20,000/- cr
  • CIN: U30007KA1996PTC019630
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 19 January, 1996

HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: HP is one of the most popular laptop brands in India. HP constantly strives to innovate & upgrade to the latest technology and offering variety of laptop suitable for students, avid gamers, regular or professional use. Hewlett Packard has two directors – Kiran Ramaswamy Belavadi and Som Prakash Satsangi.

  • Revenue: Over INR 3000/- cr
  • CIN: U72200KA2015FTC079699
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 07 April, 2015

DELL INTERNATIONAL SERVICES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: Dell is a well-known brand in world of gadgets. They design laptops for all from business people, students, professionals and regular users. Dell laptops are elegant in designs, lightweight and budget-friendly. Dell India has five directors – Alok OhrieMahadevan Subash, and others.

  • Revenue: Over INR 20,000/- cr
  • CIN: U74999KA1996FTC055568
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 21 May, 1996

LENOVO (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED: Lenovo stands in one of the premium segments of laptop brands in India. The Lenovo laptops come in variety of price range & appreciated for its longer battery life and smoother performance. Lenovo India has four directors – Nitin GargShailendra Katyal, and others.

  • Revenue: Over INR 10,000/- cr
  • CIN: U72900KA2005PTC035783
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 08 March, 2005

ACER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: Acer offers range of affordable laptops; they offer amazing display and powerful performance. Acer laptops are very famous among professional gamers because of its smooth performance. Acer India Private Limited has three directors – Harish Kumar KohliChen Yu Ling, and others.

  • Revenue: Over INR 2,000/- cr
  • CIN: U31909KA1999PTC025698
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 09 September, 1999

ASUS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: Asus laptops have an excellent designs, unmatchable screen-to-body ratio, powerful performance in affordable laptop segments. Asus India has two directors – Sy Ru Hwang and Chien Liang Yu.

  • Revenue: Over INR 2,454/- cr
  • CIN: U72300MH2011FTC219446
  • INCORPORATION DATE: 05 July, 2011