Top 10 Tractor Manufacturers in India


The tractor is one of the most dependable methods to facilitate and complete many agricultural activities, making it an integral part of farmers’ daily lives. Competition among India’s many tractor manufacturers is heating up in tandem with the country’s rising demand for tractors.

Companies in the tractor industry are always innovating to give farmers the finest tractors possible. Here, therefore, in 2023, are the top 10 Indian tractor manufacturers that have earned the respect and affection of India’s farmers.

Mahindra & Mahindra

The company began in 1964, and its headquarters remain in Mumbai. If you need help finding a tractor, you may contact one of the many Mahindra-affiliated businesses throughout India. As the manufacturer of the best-selling tractor in the world, Mahindra & Mahindra enjoys widespread recognition and acclaim. The Yuvraj 215 NXT, a tiny tractor from Mahindra, is a fan favorite among farmers. Its horsepower ranges from 15 to 75.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA8.24 %
Networth12.92 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.17
Return on Equity12.67 %

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Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited 

Chennai, Tamil Nadu headquarters of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited dates back to 1960. For agricultural equipment, TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited) is the brand that farmers have relied on for decades. 

The four companies that makeup TAFE—Eicher, Massey Ferguson, TAFE, and IMT—are all well-known in India and consistently rank among the country’s top 10 best-selling tractor brands. The company TAFE is the cusp of becoming one of India’s top 10 tractor makers.

The horsepower of available Massey Ferguson tractor models may be anywhere from 28 to 75. Among Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited tractors, the 1035 DI and 241 DI Maha Shakti are the most well-liked options.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA-30.68 %
Networth10.35 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.00
Return on Equity10.32 %

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Sonalika Farm Equipment Private Limited

Sonalika Farm Equipment Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 22 December, 2004. Tractors manufactured by Sonalika International are always prepared to meet or exceed the needs of its purchasers. Sonalika produces large tractors with engine sizes as large as 90 horsepower and compact tractors like the GT 20 RX. Sonalika DI 35, Sonalika DI 750 III, and Sonalika 42 DI Sikander are the most popular tractors of them.

Operating RevenueUnder INR 1 cr
EBITDA-4.65 %
Networth-16.41 %
Debt/Equity Ratio-52.86
Return on EquityN/A

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Escorts Agri Machinery

The team at Escorts Agri Machinery understands the value of machinery. This firm produces some of the best tractors in India. Powertrac, Farmtrac, Digitrac, and Escort are four of India’s top 10 tractor manufacturers, and they’re all housed under the same roof at Escort Agri Machinery. Escort Agri Machinery manufactures tractors with horsepower ratings from 25 to 60. 

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John Deere India Pvt. Ltd.

John Deere uses the slogan “Nothing Runs Like a Deere” as its tagline for the corporation. Additionally, the John Deere brand is characterized by its catchphrase. In addition, in India, John Deere tractors have a strong reputation for their high level of professionalism as well as their performance, power, and reliability. The benefits that John Deere tractors provide more than makeup for the higher cost of ownership and the company is consistently ranked among the top 10 tractor manufacturers.

John Deere offers a variety of tractors, including tiny tractors, with horsepower ratings between 28 and 120. Some of the best Deere tractor models include the 5105, 5050 D, and 5310.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA-20.14 %
Networth17.57 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.26
Return on Equity15.65 %

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New Holland

The New Holland Company’s headquarters are in Turin, Italy. In 2008, the business had its start. The company’s tractor is user-friendly, and its dedication to its customers sets it apart from competitors. Power outputs for New Holland tractors may be found anywhere between 35 and 90 horses. Among the leading tractor manufacturers, New Holland is a strong contender.

Indo Farm Equipment Limited

Indo Farm Equipment Limited was established at Solan, Himachal Pradesh, in 1994. The foundry in Indo Farm is well-established, and it has four furnaces to provide both high quality and a consistent supply. Because of its widespread distribution throughout the country, Indo Farmworks has built a reputation for excellence and reliability among Indian consumers. Indo Farm conducts operations and maintenance throughout its 15 locations and 300-strong dealer network.

Operating RevenueINR 100 cr – 500 cr
EBITDA14.09 %
Networth2.26 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.57
Return on Equity2.21 %

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Preet Tractors

Nabha, Punjab, is home to Preet Tractors’ headquarters, which were established in 1980. The company has long been recognized as a go-to source for tractor parts and accessories. Eventually, Preet will become one of India’s top 10 tractor producers. The Preet 3549 and the Preet 955 are the two most common choices for tractors there. PREET is India’s leading manufacturer of combine harvesters, tractors, and other farm equipment.

Operating RevenueINR 100 cr – 500 cr
EBITDA19.87 %
Networth32.51 %
Debt/Equity Ratio2.29
Return on Equity26.09 %

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Kubota Agricultural Machinery

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India has always been dedicated to the goal of making equipment with the best in class tractor pricing. Their goal is to provide high-quality machinery that enables farming to be carried out in an easy and cost-effective manner.

In addition to producing tractors with horsepower ranging from 21 to 55, Kubota also provides tiny tractors that are among the best in the world. The Kubota NeoStar B2741, the Kubota MU 5501, and the Kubota MU 4501 are some of the company’s most popular models.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA-26.89 %
Networth33.86 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.00
Return on Equity25.51 %

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Captain Tractor

The most popular brand of the micro tractor in India is called Captain. In addition to manufacturing tractor models, the Captain brand produces miniature tractors. In addition, they manufacture tools and tractor accessories, and attachments that are specifically designed for various types of crops. 

In addition, the ease of use and reasonable price of the tractor model is the distinguishing and defining characteristics that contribute to the brand’s success. In India, these Captain tractors are known as Chota tractors and consistently ranked in the country’s top 10 best-selling tractors. The Captain 120 DI 4WD and the Captain 250 DI are the two types of tractors manufactured by Captain that are the most often purchased.

Operating RevenueINR 100 cr – 500 cr
EBITDA-14.30 %
Networth7.64 %
Debt/Equity Ratio2.59
Return on Equity7.10 %

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The intense rivalry and constant innovation in the Indian tractor industry have spurred a flurry of activity on the part of tractor manufacturers, all of whom are working to ensure that their products provide farmers with the greatest possible chance of success.