Top 10 Tea Franchises in India


The British introduction of tea cultivation to India has cascaded into an integral component of our daily lives. Whether it’s casual banter, deep discussions, or moments of introspection, tea plays a silent yet comforting role. This has catapulted the tea industry into a booming domain.

With the climatic and topographical intricacies limiting tea cultivation, franchising emerges as a crucial marketing strategy, especially for the world’s second-largest tea producer.

Given the expansive consumer base and minimal capital requirements, tea franchises today stand as low-risk yet high-return ventures. Dive in to explore some of the leading tea franchises in India.

Franchise NameKey Highlights
Tea TrailsCafé franchise with 80+ tea varieties
Darjeeling Tea BoutiqueQuality tea since 2012
MBA Chai WalaRenowned among college-goers
Tea Villa CaféHigh quality, diverse offerings
Golden Tea CoFour-decade legacy
The Tea PlanetQuality blends across India & Sri Lanka
Chai Sutta Bar150+ outlets in 70 cities
Chai PointIndia’s largest chain retailer
Chai GaramHomely, diverse offerings
Chai TapriInnovative since 2016

Tea Trails

Tea Trails stands out with its offering of over 80 varieties of tea complemented by tea-infused delicacies. Their meticulous process, from selecting hand-picked tea leaves to delivering the final brew, ensures unparalleled quality.

Prospects: Leveraging its reputation in the beverage sector, Tea Trails provides end-to-end support to franchisees, promising low investments and swift ROI. Entrepreneurs have two franchise models to choose from: a standard café or a dining café.

Darjeeling Tea Boutique

Established in 2012, this brand swiftly carved a niche through its high-quality tea offerings, gaining nationwide recognition.

Prospects: The brand’s credibility alone assures potential returns on investments. Partnering with them offers an opportunity to be associated with quality and legacy.

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MBA Chai Wala

A name that resonates with college aficionados, MBA Chai Wala, has grown exponentially since its inception in 2017, delivering top-tier chai.

Prospects: Those with managerial acumen and innovative ideas would find this franchise a worthy investment. Potential partners should approach through the official website.

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Tea Villa Café

Determined to serve premium tea in a nation synonymous with the beverage, Tea Villa Café is expanding its footprint.

Prospects: Their unyielding emphasis on quality ensures robust support to franchisees. They also entertain master franchise opportunities based on regions, making the deal sweeter.

Golden Tea Co

A family business with a 40-year legacy, Golden Tea Co offers a spectrum of teas, including Assam, Darjeeling, and Green tea.

Prospects: Alongside guaranteeing top-notch quality, they provide marketing and advertising support, ensuring a swift ROI for franchisees.

The Tea Planet

Despite its relatively recent inception a decade ago, The Tea Planet offers exquisite tea varieties, not only within India but also in Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Russia.

Prospects: With their holistic approach, including direct raw material procurement and rigorous quality testing, partnering with The Tea Planet promises stability. They present three business models: Express, Café, and Metro café.

Chai Sutta Bar

Embracing India’s eclectic chai culture, Chai Sutta Bar boasts over 150 outlets across 70 cities.

Prospects: Offering impressive margins and steady growth, CSB presents varied models like FOCO, FOFO, and COCO, catering to diverse entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Chai Point

Chai Point, India’s premier chain retailer, is revolutionizing the chai experience, ensuring quality from leaf to sip.

Prospects: Given their unwavering focus on expansion and quality, partnering with Chai Point guarantees a part in their vision, coupled with considerable returns.

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Chai Garam

Echoing the comfort of a homemade brew, Chai Garam offers a diverse tea experience through its 60 outlets.

Prospects: Being a budget-friendly café, investments are minimal, reducing risks. Their various formats, from indoor kiosks to shop-in-shop models, cater to different entrepreneurial tastes.

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Chai Tapri

Since 2016, Chai Tapri has been redefining tea consumption with its innovation, spanning over 15 outlets.

Prospects: Aiming to penetrate tier I and II cities initially, investments in Chai Tapri promise substantial growth, given India’s vast beverage market.

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Tea, in India, transcends being just a beverage; it’s an emotion. The current trend of elevating tea over its caffeinated counterparts suggests an accelerated industry growth. Investing in tea franchises during this surge ensures maximum benefits with minimal risks.


  • Is tea franchising profitable in India?
    • Yes, given the robust growth and vast consumer base, franchising in the tea sector promises substantial profits.
  • Are tea stalls profitable?
    • Absolutely. Proper market research and strategic positioning can turn small tea stalls into profitable ventures.
  • Which is the most expensive tea in India?
    • Among the premium varieties, Manohari Gold Tea stands out as one of the costliest.
  • Which is India’s largest tea estate?
    • Gatoonga Tea Estate in Assam ranks among India’s most expansive tea estates.