Top 10 Multiplex Movie Theater Chains in India


Multiplexes have revolutionized the way audiences perceive and enjoy movies, whether in a small town or a bustling metropolis. These theaters simultaneously screen multiple movies, offering viewers a range of choices. This transformation began in the mid-1990s with India’s first multiplex, PVR Anupam. Today, multiplex chains have expanded both domestically and internationally, significantly impacting the single-screen theater business.

PVR: Pioneer in Multiplexes  

PVR, short for Priya Village Roadshow, stands as a pivotal player in the success of multiplexes. Established in 1997 through a joint venture between Village Roadshow Limited and Priya Exhibitors Private Limited, PVR is one of India’s largest movie theater chains. It introduced the concept of simultaneous screening on multiple screens, reshaping the cinema experience in India.

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INOX: A Grand Cinematic Experience  

INOX Leisure Limited, among India’s largest multiplex chains, is renowned for hosting the International Film Festival of India in Goa since 2004. A subsidiary of Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd and part of the Inox group, INOX has expanded to 151 screens and 40 multiplexes across India, offering a grand cinematic experience.

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SRS Cinema: Rising Star  

SRS Cinemas, a part of SRS Ltd., has made a prominent name for itself as a rapidly growing multiplex chain in India. With a presence in six cities, SRS Cinemas is on the path to becoming one of the leading multiplexes in the country, providing entertainment that resonates with audiences.

Big Cinemas: A Global Reach  

Big Cinemas, a division of Reliance MediaWorks Ltd., belongs to the Reliance ADA Group. Operating in India, the United States, Netherlands, and Malaysia, it caters to over 40 million consumers. Established in 2001 with headquarters in Mumbai, Big Cinemas boasts a chain of 515 screens, of which more than 260 are in India.

Esquare Talkies: Fun and Entertainment  

Esquare Talkies, launched in 2003 and headquartered in Pune, offers a fun and exciting environment for families to enjoy movies. In just four years, it secured the top position in cinema exhibition. Esquare Talkies continues to provide thrilling cinematic experiences.

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Cinepolis: A Global Giant  

With a presence in over 360 screens across India, Cinepolis, a Mexican cinema chain, has a significant impact on India’s multiplex industry. As the world’s fourth-largest multiplex chain, it operates under various brand names, including Cinepolis, Fun Cinemas, and Cinepolis VIP. Cinepolis is the first international exhibitor in India, offering an extensive network of theaters.

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Mukta A2 Cinemas: Affordable Entertainment  

Established in July 2011, Mukta A2 Cinemas aims to provide affordable movie tickets to the Indian public. With a chain of 48 screens in 18 Indian cities, it is committed to making movies accessible to a broader audience.

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SPI Cinemas: A South Indian Sensation  

Sathyam Cinemas, known as SPI Cinemas, began in Chennai and expanded its presence across several states in India. It has a significant reputation in the Tamil Nadu movie market. In 2019, SPI Cinemas was acquired by PVR Cinemas, further enhancing its reach and influence.

MovieTime Cinemas: A Great Movie Experience  

MovieTime Cinemas is a well-known multiplex chain in India, operating in major cities. With advanced projectors and a commitment to providing a great movie experience, it has gained popularity among audiences seeking high-quality cinematic entertainment.

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Miraj Cinemas: Expanding Horizons  

Miraj Cinemas entered the Indian multiplex industry by launching four large multiplexes in Delhi NCR and Gujarat. Today, it boasts 116 screens in 42 locations across India, marking its remarkable growth in the entertainment landscape.

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In conclusion, the multiplex industry in India has seen significant growth and technological advancements. PVR Cinemas, INOX, and SRS Cinemas have made substantial contributions to the Indian theater market. These multiplexes have revolutionized the movie-watching experience, offering audiences the luxury of choosing from multiple movie options.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the top multiplex chains shaping the cinematic landscape in India. These theaters have redefined the movie-watching experience and continue to provide diverse entertainment options for audiences across the country. 

FAQ Section 

Which is the biggest multiplex in India?

The largest multiplex in India is the 16-screen Mayajaal in Chennai.

Which city has the most theaters in India?

Mumbai leads with the most number of multiplexes in India, boasting 259 multiplexes and 65 single-screen theaters.

Which is the biggest movie theater company?

AMC Global cinema is one of the biggest movie theater companies globally, with approximately 11,000 screens.