Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Delhi NCR


Delhi NCR is home to some of the top manufacturing companies. These companies are diverse and produce different things that are spread all across the state and the country. We have done the research and listed down some of the top manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR that will help you understand the manufacturing market of the state altogether.3 


As a partnership company, United Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1987 under the creative leadership of Gurpreet Singh, Partner, and serves as a producer and supplier of fire fighting/special purpose and rescue vehicles and equipment. In the year 1968, Hazur Singh and Amarjeet Singh, two aspiring businessmen, built the groundwork for United Manufacturing Corporation. Manufacturing loom and car parts were the company’s initial focus. The company’s future success was paved by a humble beginning that served as a trailblazer. Today it stands as one of the top manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR.

Richa Industries Limited

The pre-engineered building, EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction), and textile industries are served by Richa Industries Limited, ane of the top manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR. Richa Industries Limited is a Bombay Stock Exchange-listed business with ISO 9001:2015 certification. In 2015, Richa Industries became the first PEB company to receive OHSAS 18001:2007 certification from IRQS. Mr Sushil Gupta (Chairman) and Dr Sandeep Gupta provided energetic leadership in the establishment of Richa (Managing Director). The company has expanded greatly under their direction.

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Glel Electronics

In order to create various lighting products that provide dazzling yet economical lighting solutions, Glel company is affiliated with highly qualified and experienced individuals who have a wealth of information about this industry and are eager to learn more. They specialise in providing a variety of led products, including LED bulbs, LED tube lights, LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED street lights, solar lighting items, and LED TVs, among others making them one of the top LED manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR.

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd

In the world of Namkeen & Food Items, Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. is well-known. With the exquisite taste, unmatched quality, and affordable prices, they have established themselves as one of the most favoured producers of Indian traditional Namkeen and food items including potato chips, puffs, rings, sticks, and namkeen. A prosperous and growth-oriented future is what we anticipate with the mix of ethical business practices, effective service, and high-quality products. They carry out all of the operations in a professional manner with credibility as their top concern. They have developed a solid name in the market as a result of producing products of exceptional quality; undoubtedly becoming one of the best manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR.

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CMI Limited

The primary activity of CMI Limited, an ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified company, is the production of cables for a variety of industries, including railways, oil and gas, telecommunications, energy, industrial, power, petrochemicals, etc. They are involved in every step of the wire and cable industry’s value chain, from cable design and development to manufacturing and marketing. They satisfy the needs of a wide range of industries and customers with the diverse range of cables. When it comes to cables they are one of the top producers and manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR.

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Naveen Manufacturing Co

Naveen Manufacturing Co. is a major producer and one of the best manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR of heater elements, electrical goods, home appliances with iron and fans, microwave ovens, room heaters, water heaters, submersible coolers, and heating elements. Each product in the semi-automatic system is designed by talented engineers following national standards. Due to their attractive designs, low power consumption, great durability, and excellent performance, all of the company’s heaters, fans, and ovens are in high demand in the market. Furthermore, the exceptional success is attributed to the capacity to fulfil urgent or high-quantity orders in a short amount of time and to the customer-based practises.

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Asahi India Glass Ltd

Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is the top provider of integrated glass solutions in India and a market leader in both the architectural and automotive glass industries. They have now become one of the top manufacturing companies in Delhi NCR. In India, it controls more than 70% of the market for vehicle glass. Since its founding in 1984, AIS has expanded to encompass the complete value chain for both automotive and architectural glass. AIS offers complete solutions, including glass manufacture, processing, fabrication, and installation services. It is a company that offers both retail customers and institutional clients a variety of glass products and services.

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Shakti Pulley

Established in 1954, Shakti Pulley Mfg. Co. is one of India’s top producers of mechanical power transmission accessories. Mr Dharam Batra, the managing director of this company, is a mechanical engineer. Since the beginning, our group has been steadily and continuously expanding. They produce all of the components in-house, unlike other well-known manufacturers like Fenner. In the production of pulleys and couplings, they have more than 50 years of experience.


Superior quality and accuracy are the hallmarks of BENSON MFG CO. They produce and supply corporate gifts, awards, mementoes, and trophies to the clientele, who are spread out across India. (Which includes businesses, educational institutions, colleges, and local, religious, and nonprofit groups.) The goods are well-known for their beauty and originality on a global scale, and their worth is assured. The products have a timeless appearance thanks to intriguing designs and beautiful finishing. They are made to draw attention with their beauty and majesty and have no equal in terms of style.


Manufacturer of laundry equipment and dry cleaning equipment or plants: Matharoo Manufacturing Company Since its modest beginnings in 1979, Matharoo Manufacturing Company has grown into a production firm that takes pleasure in offering a full line of industrial laundry machine plants. The company has risen to become one of India’s most reputable manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment under the leadership and backing of the honourable CEO Mr. Jarnail Singh. The company has also received a great deal of praise from the market because we specialise in selling top-notch detergent and fabric softener.