Top 10 Housing Finance Companies in India


Buying a house for you is not only exciting, but it is one of the biggest achievements of your life. It is a very crucial decision as there are multiple factors you might be looking at, like the location, area, and comfort, and the most important factor is budget. Many times, it might be challenging to buy a house from your savings.

To fulfill your dream of buying a house there are many housing finance companies that help the in buying your dream home by financing the particular property. The housing Finance company has one of the largest market shares in the Indian market especially, as per the data published in March 2022 banks hold 62% of the share in the market.

If you are looking for a housing finance company to help you finance a home; you can have a look at these housing finance companies that are financing individuals or groups.

1. HDFC Housing Finance

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Ltd.) is one of the largest Indian private development finance providers in India. HDFC ltd was listed on 17 Oct 1977 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. HDFC ltd is the parent organization of HDFC bank and expected in the year 2023 that HDFC bank will be merged with HDFC ltd.  After this merger, the market cap of HDFC is expected around $160 Billion.

The company helps in providing housing loan, other home loan products, non-housing loans, affordable housing, refinance, non-resident Indian(NRI).

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
EBITDA  21.20%
Networth 25.98 %
Debt/Equity Ratio4.92
Return on Equity12.45 %

CIN number : L70100MH1977PLC019916

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LIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD (LICHFL)  is one of the largest housing finance loan mortgage company in India. This company was listed on 19 June 1980 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company provides loans for purchase, construction, repair and renovation etc.

Net income of LICHFL is approx. INR 2288 crores in India. Company helps in finance on existing property for business or personal needs; loans to professionals for buying office space and equipment; and finance to individuals engaged in the business of construction and sale of houses or flats for residential purpose

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
EBITDA  -1.53%
Networth 12.80 %
Debt/Equity Ratio10.13
Return on Equity13.32 %

CIN number : L65922MH1989PLC052257

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3. Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (IHFL) is one of the leading home finance companies in India. This company was formed on 10 May 2005 in Delhi. Company has a market cap of INR 6442Cr in India. IIHFL has 10 directors mainly Gagan Banga, Siddharth Achuthan, and others.

Company helps in providing home loans, loans against property, and residential construction finance, as well as lease rental discounting.

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
EBITDA  36.58 %
Networth 33.88 %
Debt/Equity Ratio 5.91
Return on Equity21.61 %

CIN number : L65922DL2005PLC136029

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4. PNB Housing Finance Limited

Punjab National Bank Housing Finance limited (PNBHFL) is a registered housing finance company with National Housing Bank. It was incorporated on 11 Nov 1988 in New Delhi. PNBHFL has the market capital of INR 79.21 billion.

The company operates as a deposit-taking housing finance company. Financial Planning, Private Equity Services, Corporate Finance Consultant Service

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
EBITDA  40.11%
Networth 17.89 %
Debt/Equity Ratio10.24
Return on Equity14.54 %

CIN number : L65922DL1988PLC033856

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India Info Finance Limited HOME FINANCE LIMITED (IIFL) is an diversified financial services company in India. The company was formed on 26 Dec 2006 in Thane, Maharashtra. The companies market capital has reached INR 174.36 billion. IIFL has 8 directors in which mainly Kranti Sinha, Srinivasan Sridhar, and others.

The company provides housing finance primarily in which mainly new loans, swaraj, and NRI home loans; and home improvement loans and home loan balance transfer services.

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
EBITDA 67.57 %
Networth 84.10 %
Debt/Equity Ratio7.80
Return on Equity8.76 %

CIN number : U65993MH2006PLC166475

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6. Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd

Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO) is one of the premier financing public sector company in India. The owner ship of this company is with Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs, Govt of India. This company was incorporated on 25 April 1970 in New Delhi.

The company provides loans for housing and urban infrastructure projects. housing finance loans into loans for social housing, residential real estate and HUDCO Niwas.

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
Networth %
Debt/Equity Ratio
Return on Equity %

CIN number : L74899DL1970GOI005276

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7. Can Fin Homes Ltd

Can Fin Homes Ltd is one of the top players in providing the home finance to India buyers. The company was formed on 29 October 1987 in Bangalore, Karnataka. CAN Fin hold the market capital of INR 65.78 Billion. Canara bank holds 29.99% of shares in Can Fin Homes ltd. Company has listed 8 directors in which mainly Satish Kumar Kalra, Ajai Kumar, and others.

The company provides housing finance services like Housing loans, non-housing loans.

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
Networth96.60 %
Debt/Equity Ratio3.90
Return on Equity41.36 %

CIN number : L85110KA1987PLC008699

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8. Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited

Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited is the flagship financial services company of TATA group and is subsidiary organization of Tata Sons. This company was formed on 15 October 2008 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company provides financial and investment services which include home loans for self-construction, plot plus self-construction, home improvement/renovation, and home extension, personal/educational/business needs against existing property; loans for the acquisition of commercial property; and loans against future rental receivables. The company serves salaried and self-employed individuals, builders, corporates, and others.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA36.26 %
Networth24.13 %
Debt/Equity Ratio11.53
Return on Equity13.15 %

CIN number : U67190MH2008PLC187552

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9. Sundaram Home Finance

Sundaram Home Finance is one of the another home finance company in India. This company was formed on 02 July 1999 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Sundaram Home Finance Limited has eight directors – Thiruvallur Thattai Srinivasaraghavan, Ayalur Natarajan Raju, and others.

The company provides long-term finance for the acquisition/construction of residential properties like home, extension, improvement, land, and NRI loans, as well as loans to professionals

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
EBITDA12.33 %
Networth11.58 %
Debt/Equity Ratio6.44
Return on Equity11.62 %

CIN number : U65922TN1999PLC042759

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DEWAN HOUSING FINANCE Limited  (DHFL) is taken over by  Piramel Capital & Housing Finance Limited on 30 Sep 2021. DHFL helped Indian buyers over 3 decades in providing the financial assistance in loans. Piramel Housing was formed on 11 April 1984 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company operates as a housing finance company in India. Plot Loans, Home Construction Loans, Home Loan Balance Transfer, Home Extension Loans, Home Renovation Loans, Plot & Construction Loans, NRI Home Loans, Non Housing Loans, Loan Against Property, Business Loans, Plant and Machinery Loans, Property Term Loans, Medical Equipment Loans.

Operating RevenueOver INR500 cr
EBITDA15.62 %
Networth10.00 %
Debt/Equity Ratio11.07
Return on Equity13.33 %

CIN number : L65910MH1984PLC032639

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