Top 10 FMCG Companies in Bangalore


The largest industry in the world is the FMCG sector in India. More than 10 million people are employed in India’s FMCG industry, which is projected to contribute 15% of the country’s GDP. Due to rising urbanization, a growing middle-class population, increasing disposable incomes among consumers, and changing lifestyles, the FMCG sector has been expanding quickly over time. This sector’s expansion is responsible for many causes, such as rising disposable income levels, changing lifestyles, and increased consumer buying power.

Also, because internet shopping is more convenient and less expensive than physical options like supermarkets or hypermarkets, customers are increasingly choosing it over going to traditional grocery stores.

Garuda Polyflex Foods Private Limited

A joint venture between the Polyflex Group of India and Garuda Food of Indonesia, was formed in 2011 and is known as Garuda Polyflex Foods Pvt. Ltd. Garuda Food is a $25-year-old, $500-million food and beverage company. It belongs to the Tudung Group, which produces and distributes food, drinks, and agricultural products. 

Garuda Food has a strong portfolio in the food and beverage industry, offering a wide variety of snacks, confections, biscuits, liquid milk drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, and juices that are sold in many countries throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Australia, and the Pacific Ocean countries.

Revenue INR 1 cr – 100 cr
Net Worth -112.63%

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Happilo International Private Limited

Bangalore-based Happilo, with FSSAI certification, is a gourmet, healthy food brand. Their extensive selection includes delicious & nutritious nuts, berries, trail mixes, roasted and salted mixes, chickpeas, peanuts, corn, and aromatic seeds. Since 2016, Happilo has established a solid reputation by providing its clients with quality healthy gourmet snacking options. The company’s unique selling point is its cutting-edge tastes combined with the dry roasting method without additional oils.

The trail mix flavors are naturally sweet, and the roasted varieties—which come in various flavors like jalapeno, peri peri, cheese, tomato, salted, and pepper—are dry roasted without adding oil. The goods are also free of gluten and have no cholesterol.

Revenue INR 100 cr – 500 cr
Net Worth ^ 5092.36%

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Wipro Enterprises Private Limited

Founded on August 17, 2010, Wipro Enterprises Private Limited is an unlisted private corporation. It is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, and is categorized as a private limited business. A privately held Indian corporation, Wipro Enterprises Private Limited, specializes in manufacturing aerospace components, fast-moving consumer goods, lighting, hydraulic cylinders, industrial automation, and industrial water treatment.

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^8.96 %

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WIPRO Consumer Care Limited

One of the fastest growing FMCG firms in India, Asia, and Africa is Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, which was initially founded in 1945 as a vegetable oil company. The organization employs more than 10,000 people and is in more than 60 countries, mainly in India, SAARC, ASEAN, MENA, South Africa, and the UK.

Revenue Under INR 1 cr
Net Worth -9.89 %

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Wildcraft India Limited

With its headquarters in Bangalore, Wildcraft is an Indian manufacturer of footwear, apparel, travel items, and outdoor gear. It was founded on 27 April 1998. Over 200 exclusive stores and 5,000 multi-branded outlets in India and overseas sell the company’s products. Co-founders Siddharth Sood and Gaurav Dublish are in charge of the business.

Revenue INR 100 cr – 500 cr
Net Worth ^ 8.33 %

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Premier Tissues (India) Limited

Premier Tissues (India) Ltd was established on March 19, 1998 and is an unlisted public business. It is a public limited corporation and is based in the state of Karnataka. One of the top producers and exporters of tissue goods in the Indian market is Premier Tissues, headquartered in Bangalore. Premier is a leader in tissue goods and a fully integrated company with a paper mill and a converting facility.

In Mysore, Karnataka, Premier has a fully integrated, cutting-edge building that houses a tissue paper mill and a conversion factory. Their facility is one of the largest in India, having been erected across 11 hectares of land and covering around 100,000 square feet.

Revenue INR 1 cr – 100 cr
Net Worth ^ 9.72 %

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Vidya Herbs Private Limited

An unlisted private firm called Vidya Herbs Private Limited was established on May 13, 2004. It is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, and is categorized as a private limited business. One of the top producers of plant extracts and essential oils is Vidya Herbs. Vidya has access to the most powerful and uncommon herbs in the world and more than a decade of experience producing extracts, giving her a significant understanding of the industry.

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^30.54 %

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Karnataka Soaps And Detergents Limited

In 1918, a foreign visitor gave His Highness, the Maharaja of Mysore a rare gift set of soaps made with sandalwood oil produced in our nation. It gave rise to the notion of using the natural sandalwood oil readily available in Mysore for soap production. Industrial chemist Sri S.G. Shastri was transferred to London for higher instruction in soap and perfumery technologies. The business produces and sells agarbattis, cosmetics, detergents, toilet soaps, sandalwood items, etc.

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^ 6.82 %

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Wipro Consumer And Personal Care Private Limited

One of the fastest growing FMCG firms in India, Asia, and Africa is Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, which was initially founded in 1945 as a vegetable oil company. From INR 3.04 billion in sales revenue in 2003–2004 to INR 77.4 billion (USD 1.09 billion) in 2019–20. Most of the 20 countries where Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting is present are India, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In India, it has 16 manufacturing facilities. Almost 60% of the workforce is made up of female workers.

Revenue                             –
Net Worth 

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3M India Limited

The most prominently listed subsidiary of 3M Corporation USA in India is 3M India Limited. One of the top producers of goods for many sectors it serves, 3M Company USA maintains a 75% equity position in the business.  It is a diversified technology and science organization with a global presence in industrial, consumer, transportation & electronics, and health care. Most of its products need knowledge of technology and entail product development, manufacturing, and marketing. These items compete with those made and sold by other technologically focused businesses. Ahmedabad, Pune, and Bangalore are the company’s manufacturing locations. 

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^ 12.03 %

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