Top 10 FMCG Companies in Ahmedabad


Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are products that are highly in demand and are readily available also. They are considered “quick” as they rush to leave a store or supermarket racks as consumers use daily. Companies look for customer items that are reasonable and promptly accessible, and FMCG items are used by the vast majority every day of the week. And this industry is expanding rapidly with new growth opportunities. 

However, these companies have introduced a market that is convenient for consumers. With new advanced technology, it has become easier for the producer and consumer to meet each other’s needs. FMCG companies are also building a base platform where product availability is easily accessible. 

Understanding the market to know about emerging companies and their products is important. Here are the ten FMCG companies in Ahmedabad offering quality products to their customers. 

Parle Agro Pvt Ltd

Parle Agro has been the fastest-growing beverage company since 1985. Its founder was Shri Prakash Jayantilal Chauhan. Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. uses strategies that connect with the product. Its subsidiary brands are Frooti, Appy, Bailley Soda, Dishoom, and Frio. In addition, the company’s paid-up capital is INR 8200 Lacs, and its authorized share capital is INR 1500 Lacs. The major products and services of the company include fresh lemon drinks, orange drinks, sparkling grape drinks, etc. 

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^ 14.95%

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Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd

It is the leading producer of starch, cotton yarn, and soya derivatives. It has been into the agro-processing sector since 1991. Its founder was Vijaykumar Gupta. The company has other plants in other parts of India, rendering ingredients to various food industries, pharma groups, and animal nutrients industries. Some of the accompanying products of Gujrat Ambuja Export Ltd are Vanaspati Ghee, Refined Palm Oil, Cotton Seed Refined Oil, MaltoDextrin, etc. The products are now obtaining a new position in international markets also. Apart from its significant success in the FMCG field, the company also has an increased EBITDA rate of 29.00%. Moreover, the company’s authorized capital is around INR 5000 Lacs. and paid-up capital is around INR 2293 Lacs. 

CIN    L15140GJ1991PLC016151
Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth                 ^ 27.72%

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Havmor Ice Cream Ltd 

The venture started on a small scale and expanded its network in almost all parts of India. It was a part of Lotte Confectionery, which began in 1945. It was founded by Satish Chona’s. Havmor Ice Cream Ltd started in 2006. It offers products in 18 states and five union territories in India. It is known to be the biggest manufacturer of ice cream in the food industry. Starting from a small set-up, the company has expanded its supply in domestic and international markets. In addition, the company’s authorized and paid-up capital is around INR 1 Lac each. 

CIN    U15200GJ2006PTC048016
Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth                 ^ 33.75%

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Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd

This venture was started in 1993 by Jayeshbhai Chandubhai Patel to offer premium quality food products to the consumer. It deals in various products, such as cottonseed, corn, mustard, and rice soybean. It is a subsidiary of Vimal Group. It is expanding its business into different regions by introducing products that fulfill the customer’s needs. With the variety of products, the company is now expanding the product chain on different platforms and markets. Along with an increased EBITDA of 102.2% the company has a paid-up capital of INR 1502 Lacs. and authorized capital of INR 3300 Lacs. 

CIN      L15400GJ1992PLC017626
Revenue INR 1Cr- 100 Cr
Net Worth                   -1.79 %

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Mishtann Foods Ltd

They have offered the best quality product since 1981. One of its directors is Ashish Agarwal. These are the leading producers and distributors of species, rice, flour, wheat, oilseeds, and vegetables. The company encourages farmers to use the latest farming techniques. The company’s star product is basmati rice, significantly boosting its market share. The company has now covered most of the part of the domestic market. Moreover, the company’s authorized and paid-up capital is around INR 10000 Lacs each. 

CIN        L15400GJ1981PLC004170
Revenue INR 100 cr – 500 cr
Net Worth                         1.06 %

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Rasna Pvt Ltd

It offers various flavors. Rasna Pvt Ltd. manufactures a wide range of cold drinks with superior taste. It was established in 2002 by Areez Khambatta. It also deals in the production of Rasna Beverages. Rasna Pvt Ltd. delivers its products in more than 53 countries. The company is also part of the Make In India project. With a paid-up capital of INR 52.2571 Lacs. and authorized capital of INR 251.0 Lacs, it has become one of India’s most trusted FMCG companies.

CIN        U15499GJ2002PTC040538
Revenue INR 1 cr – 100 cr
Net Worth                     8.79 %

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Vadilal Industries Ltd

Vadilal Industries Ltd. deals in ice cream and processed food. It established its market in 1907, and its founder was Vadilal Gandhi. It is the biggest producer of frozen food items such as frozen curries, bread, snacks, etc. Moreover, the company’s paid-up capital is INR 718.783 Lacs and authorized capital is INR 1500 Lacs. 

CIN    L91110GJ1982PLC005169
Revenue Over INR 500 Cr
Net Worth                     4.60 %

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Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd

These are the leading producers of the best quality tea in the market. Its well-known subsidiary product is the Wagh Bakri Tea Group, known for its premium tea. It was Established in 1980 by Shri Narandas Desai. The company has 15 tea lounges across the country. Some of its other brands are Good Morning, Mili and Navchetan. 

CIN    U01132GJ1980PLC003946
Revenue Over INR 500 Cr
Net Worth                   16.02 %

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The company deals in edible and non-edible oils and meals. It deals with the manufacturing and exporting of industrial products like castor oil and its derivatives. The company set up its market in 1992, and Mr. Kanubhai J. Thakkar founded it. It has now expanded its network in domestic and international markets with optical supply chains. In addition, the company’s authorized capital is INR 550 Lacs. and paid-up share capital is INR 340 Lacs. 

CIN    L91110GJ1992PLC017661
Revenue Over INR 500 Cr
Net Worth                           –

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The company offers the option for wholesale products that include personal and household. The company was started in the year 1987 by Sachin Chopra. The company also deals in other products like motorcycles and motor vehicles, both in retail and wholesale. In addition, the company’s paid-up capital is INR 95.48326 Lacs. and authorized capital is INR 100 Lacs. 

CIN            U51909GJ1987PTC009908
Revenue Over INR 100 Cr- 500 Cr
Net Worth                           267.08%

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