Top 10 Facility Management Companies in India


Facility Management (FM) services are outside providers who professionally care for a portion or complete building facility. Due to modernity, accelerated urban growth, and growing knowledge of the benefits of outsourcing non-core company tasks, it is becoming increasingly popular with both commercial and residential clients.

Small and medium-sized business owners concentrate on their core strengths rather than spending time and energy maintaining facilities thanks to facility management services. The facilities management market in India has been snowballing. Large-scale industrial parks and contemporary office buildings are increasing; corporate houses are demanding more integrated facilities management services, and small and medium-sized businesses are becoming more likely to outsource their work, all contributing factors to the growth of facility management services.  The companies listed below are India’s best facility management firms, providing nationwide hard and soft facilities management services.

Secure Parking Solutions Private Limited

“Secure Parking” is a world leader in the car parking sector. With an international presence in 12 nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Cambodia, and the USA, our engagement in Parking began 40 years ago. Twelve years ago, Secure Parking was founded in India. 

It has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi NCR. There are 1.2 million parking spots and around 1700 car parks operating worldwide. It manages over 1,10,000 parking spaces in India in prestigious malls, office buildings, five-star hotels, commercial complexes, hospitals, and railways, among other locations. It offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for managing Parking and traffic.

Revenue INR 1 cr – 100 cr
Net Worth ^4.20%

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Checkmate Services Private Limited

CSPL is Pan India company with a presence in India and neighbouring countries. Its  Corporate Office at Vadodara,  Mr Vikram Mahurkar is MD of the company. The business offers security guards, facilities management, cash processing, fire safety training, and logistical services.

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^ 1.68%

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Nouvel Facilities Private Limited

To revolutionise the operationalization of multiple areas, Nouvel Facilities was founded in 1997. By providing its clients with top-notch services, Ambient Scenting has differentiated itself as a provider of integrated solutions for facilities management. With over 200 locations and 3,000 employees nationwide, Nouvel reinvents facilities in many ways.

Revenue INR 1 cr – 100 cr
Net Worth ^95.51 %

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ISS Facility Services India Private Limited

One of the top facility services businesses in the world, The ISS Group was established in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1901. ISS provides a wide range of expert services. The world’s fourth most significant private employer today, ISS serves thousands of clients in the public and private sectors and is present in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and the Pacific. It also has more than 370,000 workers.

Since 2013, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), a global organisation that ranks providers of outsourced services, has named ISS the “World’s Best Outsourcing Service Provider” for seven years. The Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award in India and the Asia Pacific has also given ISS multiple instances of recognition.

Revenue                     Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^10.44 %

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ServiceMax Facility Management Private Limited

ServiceMax, a leading housekeeping and facility management company that has earned ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications, strives to provide affordable and customer-focused solutions to assist its Business Partners and Society in creating a more eco-friendly and clean environment. It employs over 750 people and offers comprehensive facility management services to large and medium-sized businesses throughout Delhi-NCR, Northern India, and Eastern India. Service Max will shortly begin running over all of India.

Revenue INR 1 cr – 100 cr
Net Worth 6.43%

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BVG India Limited

One of India’s most prominent integrated services companies, BVG (Bharat Vikas Group), was formed in 1997 to provide rural youngsters with employment. BVG started with an 8-person team and employed more than 56,000 employees nationwide. Mechanized housekeeping, landscaping and gardening, civil and electrical maintenance, fabrication services, turnkey solutions, logistics support, and many other services needed by any organization are all provided by BVG. 

Revenue       Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth                       ^15.85%

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Tops Security Private Limited

The biggest and most prominent services group in India, TOPSGRUP, has provided specialised services to many customers for the past 48 years. The business offers services to a growing community of 9,700 clients, including well-known organisations like IBM, Airtel, Microsoft, Tata Group, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. In surveys of consumers and media outlets, TopSGRUP consistently rates as one of India’s most trusted service brands. TOPSGRUP services clients in various industries, including manufacturing, technology, retail, government, infrastructure, banking, e-commerce, and entertainment, by leveraging its 48-year record of success.

Revenue                                             – 
Net Worth NA

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Walsons Services Private Limited

A corporate conglomerate, Walsons Services Pvt Ltd. offers technology, engineering, and facility management solutions, personnel verification, and workforce guarding. It provides facilities management solutions in metre reading, telecom services, and other specialised services, as well as security services such as specialised guarding, event security, executive protection, transport security, and pre-and post-employment verification.

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^12.55%

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A La Concierge Services Private Limited

A La Concierge Services Pvt. Ltd. (ALC) is a full-service support service provider offering large enterprises and apartment complexes Concierge Services + Facilities Management.  The coveted LOKMAT award for “Best Facilities Management Company in India” has also been given to it.  Representing includes 75 significant businesses in India, with a total workforce of over 250,000 end users. These end customers depend on the company to complete their daily jobs successfully and efficiently.  

Revenue       INR 1 cr – 100 cr
Net Worth ^7.17 %

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Updater Services Limited

Founded in 1985, India’s leading and largest integrated facilities management and business services company is Updater Services Ltd (UDS). Over the past three decades, it expanded via organic growth and acquisitions, creating a broad range of integrated facilities management and business services capabilities. Updater Services Private Limited offers property management services. The company provides services for cleaning, pest treatment, lawn and garden upkeep, security, office administration, personnel, plumbing, water, payroll, and vending of food and beverages.

Revenue Over INR 500 cr
Net Worth ^ 11.98 %

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