Top 10 Cycle Brands In India in 2022


The cycle was created in Europe in the 19th century for use in transportation. Since a bicycle has two wheels, the name “bicycle” is derived from the words “bi” for two and “cycle” for a circle. India is the world’s second-largest producer of cycles, behind China. The majority of the bicycles are shipped to industrialised countries, mostly those in Africa. Today, in the market you will find many brands but in this article, we will focus on the top cycle brands in India in 2022. 

Contemporary cycles come in a variety of styles for kids, women, adults, fitness enthusiasts, mountain bikers, tourers, roadies and BMX riders. Let’s check out the top 10 cycle brands in India in 2022

Hero Cycles

Hero is a well-known brand among Indian cycle manufacturers; it has a total of 48% of the market. The company started out making tiny cycle parts before opening a cycle manufacturing facility in Ludhiana in 1956. Hero Cycle is a well-known bicycle brand in India and is the top cycle brands in India and the top manufacturer in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Its main office is in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Based in Punjab, it not only exports to more than 70 nations but has been functioning in India for 60 years with a variety of models. It won’t let you down; it is renowned as the “Cycle of Life.”

Atlas Cycles

In 1951, Atlas, a reputable and well-known cycle brand in India with ISO 9001-2008 accreditation, began producing bicycles. With a capability to produce more than 40 lac bicycles every year, some of its key product lines include fancy bikes, ladies’ bikes, children’s bikes, and roadsters. The corporation has the ability to produce 4 billion bicycles annually and ignited an unending zeal. In 1965, Shri Janki Das Kapur founded the company and elevated it to the status of one of India’s largest automakers.

Avon Cycles

Avon Group includes Avon Cycles Limited, which was established in 1951. In the nation, Avon distributes its goods through 2000 authorised dealers and 12,000 sub-distributions. Its bicycle manufacturing facility is in the Punjabi city of Ludhiana. Since 1948, the company has been making high-quality bicycles and has enlisted Tiger Shroff for its marketing campaigns. The Pahwa family founded the business to provide accessible mobility to the average person, and they have succeeded in realising their goal for the nation hence today Avon is one of the finest cycle brands in India.


The Birmingham Small Arms Company is a market leader in the production of bicycles, weapons, and steel casting. The company was established in 1861 and began operations in India in 1949. TI Cycles and the Murugappa Group are in charge of managing and distributing the cycle business in India. BSA and Hercules brands are among the prominent bicycle manufacturers there. Hercules cycles, which share their name with the Greek hero, are designed for fierce battles and safety. It is a member of the Murugappa group and boasts amazing, hospitable stores all throughout the nation.


The product lineup for Firefox comprises kids’, mountain, road, BMX, and all-train bikes. It began operating in India in 2005, became the top brand in the world for the production of bicycles, and partnered with the USA’s Trek Bicycle Corporation in 2006. This business offers the greatest accessories and technician assistance to each customer, with shipping to the majority of the country. Their sincere “Everyday Ability” campaign is a significant societal movement.


Trek is one of the oldest cycle brands in India that has been in business since 1976. The company offers a wide range of products, such as gear bicycles, mountain bikes, and high-tech bicycles. It was established in 1976 and has its headquarters in Waterloo, Iowa, the USA.


A division of India’s TI Cycles (Tube Investment), which was founded in 1949, is Monta Cycles. TI Cycles also produces bicycles under the Philips, Hercules, and BSA brands. One of the more well-known bicycle manufacturers in India is Montra, which offers products in the blues, country Titanium, jazz A, and techno genres, among others. This is a well-known brand in India and is well-known for its incredible selection of hybrid bikes. This brand is a part of India’s TI Cycles. They have designs that work best in cities. Mountain bikes are also available. The RTB versions from Montra are specifically made for roads and mountains.

La Sovereign

One of the top bicycle manufacturers in India, La Sovereign is well known for producing high-tech bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, off-road bicycles, and road bicycles. It is a partnership between businesses with roots in Thailand and India.

This particular brand, from Thailand, has been doing business in international markets for the past 40 years. It strives to reduce pollution and provide customers with the newest designs through innovation.

BSA Lady Bird

BSA Ladybird, one of the most well-known brands among Indian ladies and definitely one of the top cycle brands in India, is unavoidable if you’re looking for a bicycle for your young girl. A component of the BSA shop is the Ladybird. This brand’s bicycles are made specifically for ladies in India. The elegant and attractive bicycles are made with complete comfort for women while riding them in mind. The fashionable BSA Ladybird bicycles aid the girls in making a fashion statement as well.

Mach City

2015 saw the launch of the Mach City brand of bicycles in Indian markets. These cycles were created in a way that will make people want to start cycling once more. This brand’s intended market is the metropolitan populace. Hybrid types of bicycles are available in Mach City for use on city streets. The iBike W Single Speed is one of their best-selling bikes. Steel is used in this model’s lightweight frame. These tyres are made of sturdy nylon. For cities with frequently poor road conditions, this is a need. 

This model’s seat is padded with foam. It includes handlebars in the shape of birds, allowing for comfortable riding while seated. The handlebar has grips made of thermoplastic rubber. One can hold the handlebars comfortably as a result of this. It features a crossbar that is angled. Women can easily sit on the cycle thanks to this. Despite being relatively new, Mach City has successfully entered the top 10 cycle brands in India. Due to the exceptional quality of its cycles, it has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian markets.

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