Top 10 Copper Companies In India


One of the fundamental chemical elements, copper is a key industrial metal used to make cables, plates, conductors, sheets, tubes, rods, and other products. Copper is a metal that is reddish-orange in colour and has high thermal and electrical conductivity.

By mining and extracting copper ore, Indian copper manufacturers participate in the production of copper. Once the metal has been extracted, it is crushed until it is reduced to a fine powder. After the extraction procedure, the ore, which is the mineral from which copper is removed, is cleaned and concentrated by the manufacturers. It is done to make sure that all impurities have been taken out of the ore. Impurities must be eliminated in order to prepare the powder for sulphur removal. The entire process is tedious yet is done one a massive scale in India by major industry leaders. In this article; we talk about the top 10 copper companies in India & further details about them!


One of the top copper companies in India; Hindalco is a division of the Aditya Birla Group and is regarded as one of the most significant and biggest. With nearly Rs. 4500 crores in revenue, 2021 was a record-breaking year for the business. The biggest smelter in the entire globe is housed by Hindalco. The business specialises in making cast copper rods and copper cathodes. They provide a variety of copper facilities and fertilisers to make sure their consumers acquire high-quality products and are happy with them. Both the business and its goods have received Grade A certification from the London Metal Exchange and National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories approval.

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Hindustan Copper Limited

The Government of India’s Ministry of Mines is the one that looks afterfor Hindustan Copper Ltd. They are also the first vertically integrated copper producer, meaning that its facilities are distributed across the nation and its supply chain is integrated. They were successful in earning the government between 1000 and 2000 crore hence becoming one of the biggest copper companies in India. The business is an expert in various cables and connection accessories. High voltage copper terminals, copper tube cables, and terminal ends are a few examples (crimping type). In contrast to their existing refined copper products, HCL has decided to start producing copper concentrated products as their main product in the near future.

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Sterlite Copper Industries

Sterlite Copper Industries, a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited, formerly held the title of largest copper companies in India in terms of smelting capacity. The Australian-based business is still active and continues to provide its services and sell its products both domestically and abroad. In order to improve the lives of millions of people, they want to grow their empires and enlist the aid of technology-focused businesses.

The company primarily manufactures cast copper rods and copper cathodes. Phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid are some of the company’s additional goods. Copper cathodes serve as the primary component in the production of copper rods. Producing alloys used in construction and defence, such as bronze, alloy steel, and brass, is another usage for copper cathodes.

Bhagyanagar India Limited

The oldest copper manufacturer in India, Bhagyanagar India Limited, was founded by Mr GM Surana in 1985. Today it stands as one of the top copper companies in India.They have earned up to 500 crores and are a renowned maker of copper items worldwide. But over time, they have expanded their range of products to include solar, real estate, and telecom equipment. The company has been listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

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Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation

The Indian government established this business in 1963. The company extracts minerals like copper, lignite, and others. They made a profit of Rs. 1700 crores. The company has owned and run a refining facility in Ahmedabad since the 1980s. They manufacture a variety of products, including busbars, copper rods, earthing tapes, profiles, strip sheets, and many others.

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Madhav Copper Limited

The company, which is a member of the Madhav Group, boasts four production facilities that are renowned for being of the highest calibre to accommodate their wide range. 4.45 crores are their profit earnings. Transformers, generators, panels, pumps, and a wide range of other devices are among the available products. No doubt it is one of the biggest copper companies in India.

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ABC Gas International

The business was founded in 1980 and was formerly known as Bracco Extrusions Limited. It is a significant producer of copper and pipe gas becoming one of the biggest copper companies in India. The company now has 157 crores in revenue. The company has acquired clients like Blue Star, BHEL, and Volta. Copper sheets, pipes, bus bars, plates, and other items are produced by ABC Gas International.

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Baroda Extrusion Limited

The business is the first copper producer in India to have a top-notch extrusion factory with cutting-edge technology. In addition to many other products, the company sells rods, copper flats, bus bars, etc. The company has generated 55 crores in revenue overall. Copper sections, pipes, tubes, wire bars, tubes, flat rods, and other copper products are among the many that the company presently offers.

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Rachna Metal Industries Pvt Ltd

Rachna Metal Industries Pvt Ltd is an additional supplier and manufacturer of Copper Products. In the year 1978, it was founded. Numerous high-quality copper alloys and semi-furnished copper goods are among the many products it produces. According to the specifications, they are able to satisfy special product requirements. They guarantee to offer the best services thanks to their highly qualified team of professionals. Products offered by this company, which has its corporate office in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, include flats, strips, wires, sheets and circles, tubes, pipes, and rods. Other items including copper rods, brass hot-rolled sheets, tin-blasted busbars, and others are also included.

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Jhagaria Copper Ltd (SWIL)

SWIL became Shalimar Wires & Industries when it was incorporated in March 1962. In 1984, a new name, Jhagaria Copper Ltd, was given to it. In addition to being engaged in other businesses like Shalimar Industries, Anil Steel, and Industries, Satya Narayan Khaitan pushed it. It seeks to offer the highest quality copper goods and has its registered office in Jhagadia, Gujarat. It has been discovered that their copper plant’s capacity includes 50,000 MT of copper cathodes each year as one of the well-known Copper Products distributors. The business has received recognition for management standards for occupational health and safety, as well as for environmental management standards and standards for quality management systems. It validates LME Grade “A.” Together with Boliden Sweden, it has a plan in place.