List Top 10 Best Paint Companies In India


In search of the top Indian paint brands? To assist you in choosing the best out of all of them, we have compiled a list of the best paint companies in India that offer a wide variety of paint quality and materials. Primers, wood finishes, and enamels are a few examples of supplementary items that fall within the two primary categories of paints, such as interior and exterior wall paints.

Asian Paints

Asian Paints is undoubtedly one of the top paint companies in India today. It was founded in 1942 and is currently ranked as Asia’s third-biggest firm and India’s largest paint manufacturer. Four friends, Chimanlal Choksi, Champaklal Choksi, Suryakant Dani, and Arvind Vakil, founded it. As a partnership venture, the four of them together founded the business with the goal of making it the largest paint manufacturer in the world at the time. Mumbai, India is home to the company’s headquarters.

One of the largest paint companies in India is Asian Paints, with a revenue of 193.50 billion. Asian Paints produces a wide range of paints for both decorative and industrial use. The parent business of Berger International is Aian Paint. The business has locations in 19 different nations and has established the Asian Paint Color Academy, which provides a training course for paint applicators.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA +2.11 %
Networth +10.40 %
Total Assets +13.23 %

CIN number: L24220MH1945PLC004598

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Berger Paints

With its headquarters in Kolkata, Berger Paints India operates 16 strategically placed manufacturing facilities (including subsidiaries) in India, two in Nepal, one in each of Poland and Russia, and over 162 stock sites. The business also has operations in four additional countries altogether (Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland, and Russia).

It is among the fastest-growing businesses each quarter & stands amongst the best paint companies in India. The company’s products include Berger Metal & Wood Paints, Undercoats, Express Painting, Construction Chemicals, Exterior Wall Coatings, and Interior Wall Coatings. With a reputation for being one of the nation’s fastest-expanding paint companies, Berger Paints India Limited is the second-largest paint company in the nation.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA+14.53 %
Networth+24.94 %
Total Assets+23.61 %

CIN number: L51434WB1923PLC004793

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Kansai Nerolac Paint

One of the top paint companies in India operating since 1920 is Kansai Nerolac Paint Ltd. The company’s main office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company sells a variety of goods, including decorative paints, industrial (re)finishing products, coatings, basic and industrial chemicals, and other things. It develops and disperses paint systems for the finishing lines of the cycle, containers, bus bodies, material handling, electrical components, and furniture industries.

Nerolac has appointed the very famous Indian actor Shahrukh khan as its brand ambassador. For the manufacture of Cathodic Electrodeposition primers and other cutting-edge coatings for automotive applications, GNPL and Kansai Paints Co. Ltd. of Japan signed a TAA in Osaka in 1986. In India, GNPL was the first business to use this technology.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA -22.30 %
Networth +2.21 %
Total Assets +3.58 %

CIN number: L24202MH1920PLC000825

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AkzoNobel has had a presence in India for almost 60 years hence becoming one of the oldest paint companies in India. The paint and coatings company is well-known even today. The company has offices and depots spread out over India, where it runs operations out of five different locations. The best paint brand in India is Akzo Nobel. AkzoNobel NV acquired Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., the holding company of ICI India Limited, through a scheme of arrangement in accordance with section 425 of the UK Companies Act 1985. AkzoNobel India Limited became the new name of the organisation.

The only integrated Paints and Coatings company in India with a minor Chemicals portfolio was formed in 2012 when three more AkzoNobel Group companies with operations in India were merged under the AkzoNobel India Limited banner.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA +26.88 %
Networth -2.24 %
Total Assets +2.42 %

CIN number: L24292WB1954PLC021516

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Indigo Paints

When it was established in 2000, Indigo Paints had a modest beginning but today it stands as one of the top paint companies in India. The company first produced inexpensive cement paints before progressively expanding its product line to encompass the majority of water-based paints, including interior emulsions, exterior emulsions, distempers, primers, and so on.

It is among India’s top ten paint manufacturers. The company’s main office is in Pune. The leading paint company sells primers, enamels, putties, primers, interior and exterior emulsions, enamels, and other goods. The business is now considered one of the most competitive rivals in the Indian paint industry, and it has a reputation for being a creative paint manufacturer that consistently introduces unique products that were previously unavailable in the nation.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA +10.99 %
Networth +15.33 %
Total Assets +13.40 %

CIN number: L24114PN2000PLC014669

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Nippon Paint India Pvt Ltd

The paint and product manufacturer Nippon Paint India Pvt Ltd is situated in India. It is a premier paint firm and the seventh-largest paint manufacturer in the world. The business was founded in 1881 by Komyosha and Jujiro Moteki. For the automotive, industrial, and decorative markets, the company produces premium paints and coatings. Among the company’s environmentally friendly products are marine coatings, automotive coatings, industrial coatings, and fine chemicals.

Originally known as “Komyosha,” Nippon Paint was established in 1881 by brothers Haruta and Jujiro Moteki as Japan’s first paint manufacturer. The company’s main office is in Osaka.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA -297.61 %
Networth -8.22 %
Total Assets +7.64 %

CIN number: U74999TN2006PTC069356

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Shalimar Paints Ltd

Shalimar Paints was established in 1902, in Gurgaon, Haryana and is home to the company’s headquarters. The founders are AC Wright and AC Turner. The business manufactures and distributes decorative paints and industrial coatings. Many of India’s iconic buildings, including Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Vidyasagar Setu, Howrah Bridge, Salt Lake Stadium, and others, were painted by Shalimar Paints Ltd.

The company increased its reach throughout India in 1992 by opening a second manufacturing facility in Nashik, Maharashtra, to serve the Western area. The third manufacturing facility for Shalimar Paints was established in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh, in 2002.

Operating RevenueINR 100 cr – 500 cr
EBITDA +110.86 %
Networth -19.28 %
Total Assets -6.31 %

CIN number: L24222HR1902PLC065611

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J&N Paints 

In the year 1922, J&N Paints was established in India. John Jenson and Wilfred Nicholson established it in London in 1821. The second-oldest paint company in India, it has its corporate offices in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company’s areas of expertise are architectural, industrial, and protective materials. As the first company from India to join the elite Nova Paint Club, JNIL will have access to cutting-edge equipment and manufacturing facilities.

The company was the first in India to introduce plastic emulsion paints in 1955, as well as powder coating technologies in 1986. The company offers a variety of finishes, including exterior, interior, metal, wood, undercoats, industrial, and designer.

Operating RevenueINR 1 cr – 100 cr
EBITDA +236.49 %
Networth +55.25 %
Total Assets -32.75 %

CIN number: U24110TN2015PTC102848

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Sirca paints limited

Sirca paints limited was established in 19th January 2006 in New Delhi. Initially, it was known as Sircolour wood coatings Pvt. Ltd.’, later on, the name changed to Sirca paints limited. Sirca paints primarily focus is into luxury paints, the main products manufactured by them include interior and exterior wall paints, wood primers, textured finishes, wall putty, wood coating, metal coating.

The company’s operating revenues range is INR 100 cr – 500 cr and have over 247 branches. It’s EBITDA has increased by 209.93 % over the previous year. The company is renowned name in the wood coating.

Operating RevenueINR 100 cr – 500 cr
EBITDA +209.93 %
Networth +11.68 %
Total Assets +2.99 %

CIN number: L24219DL2006PLC145092

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Snowcem paints limited

Snowcem paints limited was incorporated on 09 June, 2005. Snowcem paints was is now part of The Mehta Group’s “Saurashtra Cement Limited – Paint Division”. The company is based in Mumbai.

Snowcem has 4 manufacturing units across the country and the operating revenues range is INR 1 cr – 100 cr. Snowcem paints limited was established by Mr. George Lillington in 1959. The company is a manufacturer of water based liquid paints, unigloss, eco friendly products like interior & exterior emulsions, primers, cement paints, wall putty, etc.

Operating RevenueINR 1 cr – 100 cr
EBITDA -51.89 %
Networth -63.55 %
Total Assets +46.64 %

CIN number: U24222MH2005PTC215180

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