Top 10 Best Logistics Companies In India


The top logistics Companies in India provide, among other related services, assistance with shipping, warehousing, supply chain management, finance transit, and customs clearance. A small number of the top logistics companies in the world have a market share of over 10% of the global GDP and produce revenues exceeding $8 trillion yearly. In 2017, the Indian logistics market generated revenues of around $150 billion, and by 2022, it is projected to reach more than $210 billion.


Over 20 million people living in India are employed in the Indian logistics sector, which has increased at a CAGR of 7% over the last five years. This development has paved the way for greater performance from Indian e-commerce logistics service providers and enhanced the rank index on the country’s logistics sector in six aspects.




Another international airline, BlueDart, has a vast network of resources both domestically and internationally. Through scheduled and slot-based delivery, the company gives clients the choice of choosing their desired delivery date and time. The Blue Dart API can also ask for customised services like computerised and automated proof-of-delivery updates or shipment packing that can withstand the elements. They provide a variety of wallet alternatives in addition to cash-on-delivery, online payment (both prepaid and postpaid), and other delivery payment methods. In the past few years, Blue Dart’s staggering growth has made it one of the top logistics companies in India.




One of the biggest and most well-known logistics companies in India is Delhivery. They manage logistics for more than 7,500 e-commerce companies in India. They are well renowned for their on-demand delivery options, which include scheduled deliveries in addition to next-day and same-day options. In addition, Delhivery offers COD services and reverse and exchange logistics. They are prepared to transport a larger range of commodities, including hazardous, expensive, and heavy ones. The choosing, packing, creation of shipping labels, and delivery of items are all expedited by the integration of the Delhivery API.




Before offering its logistics services to eCommerce companies, FedEx established itself on the global market. To handle high-value materials, large or light products, and even risky goods like dry ice and lithium batteries, FedEx is well-equipped with trained staff and top-of-the-line transportation services. Additionally, they assist in managing customs clearance for intrastate and interstate shipments. In order to provide international deliveries to more than 200 countries including India and keep consumers informed of the progress of their orders in real-time, the FedEx API can be integrated with the company’s business processes. Today it is one of the top logistics companies in India and the world.



  • Ekart Logistics


Ekart is one of the top logistics companies in India as it began as a Flipkart effort and has expanded to offer logistical services to numerous other eCommerce businesses. Because of their affordable prices and ability to offer rapid delivery in some places, they have particularly gained popularity. In 13 locations around the nation, same-day delivery is possible, and 50 places in the country offer next-day delivery. The Ekart Tracking API can be useful for eCommerce businesspeople seeking comprehensive logistical solutions. 




Here is another logistics provider that offers complete eCommerce logistics services to some of India’s largest online retailers. They are a top choice for businesses that deal with expensive products like jewellery since they provide additional security and monitoring services. With its increasing popularity, Ecom has become one of the finest logistics companies in India.


Ecom Express guarantees that Express delivery orders will be fulfilled within 72 hours of the order being manifested and is open even on Sundays and public holidays. Similar to how they offer doorstep quality checks for returned goods and reverse logistics, they also promise that the item will be returned within 72 hours.




Another reputable multinational logistics business with extensive operations in India is DHL. In order to maximise supply chain and logistics solutions both domestically and internationally, they have a very extensive distribution network. For its warehousing services, DHL Logistics is well-liked by SMEs. Their extensive network enables them to minimise environmental impact and cut down on the quantity of waste that occurs during delivery.




In the logistics industry, XpressBees, which first emerged about the same time as Shadowfax, is still active and works as one of the best logistics companies in India. In order to assure delivery efficiency, they have set up more than 100 distribution centres throughout India that work in tandem with more than 2800 offices. The logistics company XpressBees offers quick delivery for specific packages and can handle a wide range of goods, from heavy machinery to pharmaceuticals. They are also equipped to assist in completing customs clearances for deliveries made across international borders.




For hundreds of brands, both domestically and internationally, Shadowfax manages logistics. They offer market and warehouse pickups in addition to alternatives for in-transit storage for the first and last miles of delivery. Shadowfax is renowned for its quick delivery services and provides rapid and hyperlocal delivery options making it one of the best logistics companies in India. They also accept contactless payment for doorstep deliveries in addition to providing cash-on-delivery (COD) services.




DTDC was established in Bangalore in 1990, making it one of the top logistics companies in India. It currently serves 10,000+ clients throughout 17,500+ pin codes, with big eCommerce companies making up approximately 75% of its clientele. DTDC offers consumers storage and COD (cash-on-delivery) services in addition to various simple and adaptable payment methods. Accurate tracking updates for numerous orders can be provided simultaneously through the DTDC Tracking API. It also aids in the management of Non-Delivery Reports (NDR). Additionally, the DTDC API can offer comprehensive data on courier performance.




Gati entered the logistics industry for the first time in 1989, about 40 years ago. It is one of the oldest logistics companies with its headquarters in Mumbai and operates across India using more than 17,000 pin numbers. You will also need to decide which of Gati’s various packages you wish to take advantage of if you choose them.


To serve a variety of sectors, variously priced packages of different services are made available. Express delivery, scheduled and time-based delivery, automated proof of delivery, delivery of heavyweight items, and bespoke weather-resistant packaging are some of the main Gati courier services.