Top 10 Aerospace Companies In India


The aerospace sector employs advanced technology. An organisation that produces aerospace products includes those that are involved in designing, producing, testing, selling, and maintaining spacecraft, missiles, rockets, and aircraft, as well as their parts. The top 10 aerospace companies in India will garner greater attention in the coming years. Learn more about them in detail below.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Indian government-owned aerospace and military firm Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Bangalore, India is home to HAL’s corporate headquarters. The 23rd of December 1940 saw the founding of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited which today stands as one of the top aerospace companies in India. It is among the oldest and biggest aerospace and defence producers in the world. Hindustan Aeronautics is the new name for the firm, which was formerly known as Hindustan Aircraft in 1940. In India, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited operates 11 R&D facilities and 21 manufacturing divisions over 4 production facilities. The aerospace business is something they want to dominate on a worldwide scale. In addition to designing and producing fighter planes, helicopters, jet engines, and marine gas turbine engines, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited also develops software and produces replacement parts.

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BrahMos Aerospace

A joint venture between the Russian Federal State Unitary Enterprise NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) and the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is called the BrahMos Aerospace Limited. The business was established in 1998 in New Delhi, India. Mr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra serves as the company’s CEO and Managing Director. The Brahmaputra and the Moskva rivers served as the inspiration for the BrahMos missile’s names. On June 12, 2001, BrahMos successfully launched for the first time. The business produces the BrahMos-II hypersonic cruise missile. Hyderabad was the birthplace of the BrahMos Aerospace production facility. The second unit, which was built in Kerala in 2007 and transformed into a second missile-making unit for a top-notch missile facility with system integration and testing, was established there. It is undoubtedly one of the best aerospace companies in India.

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Indian Space Research Organisation

The Indian Space Research Organization serves as the country’s national space agency. In Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, the ISRO has its headquarters. Founded on August 15, 1969, the Indian Space Research Organization. There will be 17,099 employees working for ISRO as of 2021. One of the six government space agencies in the world with full launch capabilities, cryogenic agencies, extraterrestrial mission launches, and large fleets of man-made satellite operations is ISRO. The company creates and distributes the nation’s satellite tools and products tailored for particular applications. The founding father of ISRO is VIKRAM Sarabhai. The ISRO has an Rs. 13,949 Crore annual budget. The moon’s water was first discovered by ISRO, the first space agency in history. Its continuous achievements and work make it one of the top aerospace companies in India & world.

Bharat Electronics

India’s government owns the aerospace and defence electronics business known as Bharat Electronics. In 1954, Bharat Electronics was established and today it is one of the largest aerospace companies in India. Bharat Electronics corporate headquarters are in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. This business produces cutting-edge electrical equipment for use on the ground and in the air. The Indian government has conferred Bharat Electronics NAVARATNA status. BEL manufactured germanium semiconductors in 1962, receiving valves in 1961, and radio transmitters for AIR in 1964. As of 2020, Bharat Electronics Limited’s revenue was Rs. 12,921.11 crores. It is a leading aerospace business in India.

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Antrix Corporation

The Department of Space has administrative responsibility over the Indian-owned business Antrix Corporation Limited. On September 28, 1992, the business was established. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India is home to the Antrix Corporation’s headquarters. The promotion of ISRO’s goods, services, and technologies is the company’s main goal. In 2008, the Indian government granted Antrix corporation the status of MINIRATHNA. Antrix Corporation’s mission is to empower Indian businesses and clients around the world to fully utilise Indian space technology. Antrix Corporation offers comprehensive solutions for a variety of space products, such as the provision of hardware and software, earth observation and scientific missions, space-related services like remote sensing data services, and transponder lease services.

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Bharat Dynamics Limited

One of India’s leading producers of ammunition and missile systems is Bharat Dynamics Limited. In 1970, Bharat Dynamics Limited was established. Hyderabad, Telangana serves as the location of Bharat Dynamics Limited’s corporate headquarters. It was built to serve as a factory for guided missile systems. A public sector enterprise under the ministry of defence of the Government of India, Bharat Dynamics Limited serves as the base of production for guided missile systems and related equipment for the Indian armed forces. It is one of the most fierce aerospace companies in India. Four manufacturing facilities make up Bharat Dynamics Limited, three of which are in Telangana and one in Andhra Pradesh. 3,030 people are employed by this company. The world-class “Beyond Visual Range” Astra weapon system will be produced by Bharat Dynamics Limited for the Indian Armed Forces.

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Mahindra Aerospace

The Mahindra Group includes the Indian aerospace firm Mahindra Aerospace. In 2003, Mahindra aerospace was established. Anand Mahindra is the organization’s founder. The firm is the first private manufacturer of smaller civil aircraft in India for the domestic general aviation market. The NAL NM5 light aircraft was created by Mahindra Aerospace and National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL). Mahindra Aerospace has production facilities in Kolar district, Karnataka, and Morwell, Australia. Manufacturing of utility aircraft and aerostructures has been spearheaded by Mahindra Aerospace for the Mahindra Group.

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BAE Systems India

One of India’s top aerospace firms is BAE Systems India. They are a part of the British multinational aerospace, defence, and security corporation BAE Systems plc. Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, Integrated Systems & Solutions, and many other products and services are available from BAE Systems India, which was founded in 2006.

The highly qualified and experienced staff at BAE Systems India is committed to giving their customers the best services possible. To their customers’ satisfaction, they are dedicated to offering high-quality goods and services.

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Bharat Dynamics Ltd

One of the top aerospace businesses in India is called Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL). It is a manufacturer with a focus on the development and manufacture of missiles and missile systems. BDL’s headquarters are in Hyderabad, India, where it was established in 1970. The organisation has a wide network of offices and industrial facilities spread throughout India. It has a workforce of over 5,000 and an annual revenue of more than $1 billion USD. The Indian Armed Forces and a number of other nations employ BDL’s products.

The firm has successfully exported its goods to a variety of nations, including Israel, France, and the United States. For the Indian market, BDL has been working on creating new missiles and missile systems recently.

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Aroon Aviation Private Ltd

One of the top aerospace companies in India is Aroon Aviation Private Ltd. They are a component of the Aroon Group, a collection of companies having ties to the aviation, construction, and hotel industries.

In Mumbai, India, there is a business known as Aroon Aviation Private Ltd. Captain Arun Kumar Rai started it in 2010. The business offers a range of aviation services, including charter services, aircraft management, sales and leasing, and more. Additionally, it features a training centre where prospective pilots and cabin crew personnel can take classes. Aroon Aviation, one of the top aerospace businesses in India, is dedicated to giving its customers high-quality services.