List Of Top CCTV Camera Brands In India


Our lives are altering as a result of technology because we are partially reliant on it. Everywhere we go, CCTV cameras are present. These cameras capture every action, and—believe it or not—they are actually rather useful. CCTV cameras are a vital safety tool in the modern world. It could previously only be used in offices and retail settings. But today, it is frequently utilised in residences, parking lots, and other locations. Check out the various CCTV Camera brands in India that will help you choose the right one for your needs!



One of the finest CCTV Camera brands in India is the Chinese company Hikvision. They not only manufacture security cameras but also HD analogue cameras, IP cameras, alarm systems, administration and analytics software, and many more items.


These CCTV cameras come in a wide range of styles. They produce CCTV cameras with both IP and HD analogue resolutions, which aid in the right video capturing. The motion audio sensor feature on IP cameras aids in capturing fine details.


CP Plus

CP Plus, an Indian company with a range of CCTV cameras, is one of the top brands in the CCTV camera market. With its security and intelligence products, it has established itself on the international market.


With the tagline “Uparwala sab dekh raha hai,” CP Plus successfully attracted attention when it introduced its security cameras. They have security cameras in a variety of locations, including homes, corporations, hospitals, and restaurants. They have IP and HD analogue cameras, motion sensors, an integrated microphone, and Ethernet, are weatherproof and have more features than Hikvision CCTV cameras.



Japanese business Panasonic is one of the best CCTV Camera brands in India. The electronic devices made by this corporation are coveted by buyers from all over the world. This company has made a number of high-quality CCTV cameras available at affordable prices. This has many features such as a user-friendly UI, many sensors, and 4K recording.


Embrace Solar

Those who are frequently gone from home tend to use solar energy. But the problem of power outages is now pervasive across the country. As a result, recording problems could occur regularly, posing a serious threat to your possessions, shop, and house.


So long as the CCTV camera is powered by a solar panel, it won’t cause any issues, and the footage will be continuously captured. Embrace Solar; one of the top CCTV Camera brands in India helps you with this problem. 



Zicom is an Indian company that sells security products, much like CP Plus. 1995 saw the inaugural release of this brand. In light of the current market, it has increased the scope of its brand to include security products as well as installing, testing, importing, designing, programming, and numerous other tasks.


They offer CCTV cameras for both domestic and business use. Their customers are primarily from the Middle East, which has allowed them to establish a presence in the international market. Similar to other CCTV camera manufacturers, the cost ranges from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 20000. Zicom is one of the top CCTV Camera brands in India.



Sony, another highly successful and one of the most well-known CCTV Camera brands in India, offers a range of CCTV security camera products. Sony, one of the first businesses that deal with electronic products, never stopped moving forward.


When it comes to electrical equipment, they have brought the finest to the table, and they have also been successful with CCTV and security cameras. HD and 4K resolution, an IP network, a motion sensor, and many other features are all included. Additionally, they develop their products to meet the needs of the user in terms of things like price, technology, and design.



Bosch is a multinational corporation with its headquarters in Germany that offers a variety of electronic devices. Bosch manufactures analogue and IP-based cameras in addition to additional accessories like keyboards, monitors, encoders, decoders, and other items.


They have a variety of cameras, including 540 TVL and 720 TVL analogue cameras. IP cameras, however, are always favoured because they have superior characteristics to analogue cameras. In addition, these security cameras include numerous other functions including water resistance, night vision, motion and audio sensors, and video analysis. With its increasing popularity in the country, it has become one of the finest CCTV Camera brands in India.



Samsung is an electronics company whose goods are virtually ubiquitous in Indian homes. Every customer who has used it rates it as one of the most reliable brands. Like their other items, their security cameras are without a doubt excellent.


These CCTV cameras are among the best on the market and have a lengthy lifespan. They also offer devices that range from analogue cameras to IP-based cameras. When it comes to resolution, they offer both a wide range and Virtual Progressive Scan (VPS). When it comes to the cost of these security cameras, they are rather reasonable. Their costs range from 6000 to 12000 rupees.



AVTech, a leading electronics brand that was established in 1996, has built a name for itself in the market and become one of the CCTV Camera brands in India. Given that the exterior of the security camera is quite contemporary, it has a distinct design aesthetic.


Additionally, it offers nearly all of the same features as other CCTV cameras, including high-resolution images, a motion detector, little to no noise, efficient area coverage, and more. It starts off with a 12.7″ CMOS sensor that also includes a 1080p output. The camera also has low light sensitivity, which makes it possible to capture images and videos in low light while maintaining great quality.



One of the top producers & CCTV Camera brands in India in the electronics industry is SANYO. They have been successful in providing outstanding services to their clients all over the world despite being one of the oldest brands in the electronics industry. They have a wide selection of CCTV cameras, and you may pick the one that best suits your needs.


In addition to CCTV cameras, they also sell analogue and IP cameras, network recorders, encoders, decoders, and many more items.



When it comes to the production and technology of electronic devices, LG has always been there for its customers. It offers a wide variety of devices, including security and CCTV cameras. The DIY function in LG security cameras eliminates all the hassle associated with product installation. In addition, it is completely wireless and has prices that are affordable for everyone.


The LG Smart Security Wireless Camera is a fantastic interior and outdoor security tool. It performs the duties that a true IP camera is supposed to perform thanks to its IP resolution. Additionally, it features an unusual design and a 5 MP lens that can capture everything.