List Of Top 10 Textile Companies In India


Along with China, India is one of the nations with the most success in the textile sector. The textile manufacturing sector in India has made an impact globally in garment manufacturing using cutting-edge technology in today’s competitive market. The best textile companies in India have been attempting to expand their clientele of creative customers and develop a competitive product line. Companies work hard to maintain and improve product quality in the worldwide market. Check out the top 10 textile companies in India in this article.


Arvind Ltd

1931 saw the founding of Arvind Ltd. Its main office is in Ahmedabad. The company provides a wide variety of products, such as knits, woven goods, retail, telecom, sophisticated materials, and agribusiness, among others. Through its statewide retail network, the company sells its own brands, including Flying Machine, Newport, and Excalibur, as well as licenced foreign names, like Tommy Hilfiger and Arrow. It is among the top 10 textile companies in India because of its world-renowned reputation.

Revenue: Rs 7,229 Cr

Processing Capacity: 240 mmpa

Employees: 42,000

Market Cap: 1,345 Cr


Vardhaman Textiles Ltd

Based in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, the Vardhman Group is one of the best textile companies in India. The Vardhman Group was founded by Lala Rattan Chand Oswal. The organisation produces and trades yarn, greige fabrics, processed fabrics, sewing thread, acrylic fibre, and alloy steel. The Vardhman Group was founded as Vardhman Spinning & General Mills in 1962. (VSGML).

Revenue: 6,706 Cr

Processing: 140 mmpa

Employees: 22,939

Market Cap: 5,160 Cr


Welspun India Ltd

According to sales, Welspun India is the third-largest textile firm in India and one of the best textile companies in India. 2.8 billion division of the Welspun Group, which leads the world in home textile production. Out of the top 30 global retailers, this company supplies 16 of them. This organisation is situated in India and produces top-notch goods. Currently, exports account for 70% of total revenue. At the moment, 22,194 people work here. In terms of turnover, it is third among the top 10 textile companies in India.

Revenue: 6,828 Cr

Employees: 22,194 

Market Cap: 5,265 Cr


Raymond Ltd

In addition to significant investments in the textile and garment industry, Raymond is a diverse corporation with operations in a number of domestic and international areas, including FMCG, engineering, and prophylactics. The best fabrics in the world are produced by this business as a Raymond Textile Vertically and Horizontally Integrated Manufacturer. In more than 380 cities, it has more than 1100 exclusive stores. Raymond and its brands are offered in outlets in Tier Four and Tier Five Cities thanks to the 20,000 point-of-sales that make up Raymond’s broad network in India. This biggest corporation has performed admirably in the denim industry. The greatest jeans wear brands in the world source their high-quality ring denim from Raymond.

Revenue: 6,767 Cr

Processing: 110 mmpa

Employees: 7087

Market Cap: 3,443 Cr


Trident Ltd

In 1990, Trident Group founded their company. Trident’s founder and chairman Rajinder Gupta’s imaginative leadership has helped the company grow to become the biggest producer of home textiles worldwide. This company produces a variety of yarns, linen, paper products, chemicals, and captive energy. A significant portion of the market is held by Trident Company, one of the biggest exporters of textiles for the home. 

Revenue: 5,394 Cr

Employees: 13,816

Market Cap: 2,979 Cr


K P R Mill Ltd

One of India’s largest vertically integrated textile manufacturers, KPR Mills Limited creates yarn, knitted grey fabric, coloured fabric, and ready-to-wear. On a list of the top 10 textile companies in India, it comes in at number six. With 3,53,616 spindle machines, the Yarn Division produces 90,000 metric tonnes of yarn per year (capacity doubling work in progress). KPR uses cutting-edge machinery of the highest international standard to produce combed, grey, carded, and compact yarns for clothing from the top brands in the world. With a 95 million piece annual manufacturing capacity, the garment production facility is one of India’s biggest.

Revenue: 3,384 Cr

Employees: 13,424

Market Cap: 4,015 Cr


Page Industries

Speedo International Limited has granted Page Industries the sole right to produce, distribute, and promote the Speedo brand in India. The company’s flagship brand, JOCKEY, is the industry leader in the innerwear sector. They have a significant impact on how inner wear develops. The most well-known swimwear company in the nation is Speedo. This company operates 384 exclusive brand outlets across India, including 286 High Street stores and 98 stores in numerous malls. In the UAE and Sri Lanka, it has launched four Jockey Exclusive brand stores.

Revenue: 2,872 Cr

Employees: 19,419

Market Cap: 20,243 Cr


Nitin Spinners Ltd

The company was established with a clear need for high-quality goods and services in the Indian textile sector in mind. The business has established itself as India’s biggest and most reputable producer of 100% cotton yarn and fabric. It employs 3130 employees and has a 240 MMPA processing capability. The business has received ISO 14000 and ISO 50001 certifications for its energy and environmental management systems.

Revenue: 1,226 Cr

Employees: 3,130

Market Cap: 287.01 Cr


Rupa & Company Ltd

The most popular knitwear brand in India right now is Rupa & Company Ltd. They offer both casual and innerwear in their apparel selection. Rupa began as a dream in the creative imaginations of three guys, and it has since grown into a dominant force in the worldwide market with millions of happy customers in India and pioneering and far-reaching footprints.

Market Cap: 1,472 Cr


Himatsingka Seide Ltd

A leader in vertical integration in the home textile industry with a global presence is The Himatsingka Group. The company’s primary business activities are the manufacture, sale, and distribution of textiles for the home. Its retail and wholesale distribution department is widely dispersed throughout Asia, Europe, and North America and is a supplier to some prominent home textile brands. The company is growing its product line and enhancing its competencies in the home textile industry with a team of more than 5,000 individuals.

Market Cap: 1,403 Cr