List Of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Delhi


A big pool of prospective scientists and engineers in India can help the country establish itself in the global pharmaceuticals sector. This would propel the sector to new heights. Instead of serving as a simple drug dispenser, the pharmacist must take the lead in managing medications and serving as a programmer of total health care. And therefore today you will find many flourishing pharmaceutical companies in Delhi the capital of the country. 

Pharmacists with technical and clinical expertise are needed in the pharmaceutical practice sectors if they are to meet global problems or compete with international corporations. Despite these obstacles, a number of pharmaceutical companies that are focusing on a pipeline of specialised medications, niche compounds, and complex therapeutics have increased their R&D spending.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In India

Dr Lal Pathlabs Ltd

One of the most reputable pharmaceutical companies in Delhi right now is Dr Lal Pathlabs Ltd. This franchise was established in 1949 by the late Dr. S.K. Lal. At M/s Central Clinical Laboratory at the time, the franchise offered pathology services. Additionally, it served as the Blood Bank Transfusion Center.

Currently, Dr. Lal Pathlabs employs over 3000 individuals in India, over 55% of whom work in the company’s laboratories. The pharmaceutical company has 11 doctorate-level specialists, 8 radiologists, 13 microbiologists, 5 biochemists, and 147 pathology specialists on staff. The majority of Dr Lal Pathlabs’ services are focused on offering top-notch medical tests and services. This comprises more than 5000 diagnostic procedures!

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Hamdard Laboratories

Delhi, a charming city, has a rich past. And for almost a century, Halmdard Laboratories has played a role in it! In India, Hamdard was founded in 1906 by Hakeem Abdul Hameed Sahib. This laboratory, which has its origins in unani medicine, aims to revitalise, develop, and restore the conventional system for the benefit of people. Undoubtedly one of the oldest and finest pharmaceutical companies in Delhi. 

With its humility, openness, and goodwill, Hamdard Laboratories stands out. It primarily produces pharmaceutical creams, syrups, and ointments. Some of the Humdard brands, such Roohafza and Joshua, may be familiar to you.

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Mankind Pharma Ltd

One of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Delhi and all over India is Mankind Pharma Ltd. The franchise’s goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle in the neighbourhood by developing, marketing, and disseminating affordable, easily available medications that treat immediate needs.

R.C. Juneja established Mankind Pharmaceutical in 1986. It later became a formal corporation in 1991. In 1995, it finally started operating actively as a fully integrated pharmaceutical firm. Currently, over 14,000 people work for mankind, which is close to being valued at $1 billion.

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Nestor Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Initially known as Nectarine Pharmacy, Nestor was founded in 1917 and produced Ayurvedic goods using cutting-edge manufacturing methods. Later, it changed into something that was far more important. To develop final formulations of various medicinal and therapeutic groups, it constructed its first production facility in Faridabad in 1950. Today it stands as one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Delhi and India. 

Nestor Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was established by 1975. The goal of Nestor was to develop high-quality, reasonably priced pharmaceuticals in accordance with the policies and plans of UNICEF, WHO, and the Indian government’s social healthcare programmes.

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Morepen Laboratories Ltd

K.B. Suri founded Morepen Laboratories Ltd. in that year. With 4 manufacturing facilities, it currently employs over 2300 people and manufactures over 800 goods that are sold in more than 82 countries. Under the leadership of CMD Mr. Sushil Suri, the company is currently expanding.

It is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Delhi because its headquarters are there. Creating tools for common people to self-monitor their health is Morepen Laboratory’s main focus. Currently, it is among the top companies in the SAARC region that produce glucose metres.

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Modi Mundipharma

Belonging to the Umesh Modi group is the multinational corporation Modi Mundipharma.

It works on the creation of premium medicines that offer medications for oncology, biosimilars, pain, and respiratory issues, among other medical conditions. German doctors Raymond Sackler and Mortimer Sackler established “Mundipharma” in 1967.

With the existing Umesh Modi group in India, this pharmaceutical brand formed Modi Mundipharma. Pharma’s corporate offices are located at New Delhi’s Nehru Place.

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Jubilant Life Sciences

With the current moniker of “Jubilant PharmNova,” Jubilant Life Sciences strives to deliver innovative improvements to pharmaceutical technologies. Again, it also falls on the list of best pharmaceutical companies in Delhi because of its long history of service. 

The organisation is a part of the Jubilant Bhartiya group, which Shyam Sundar and Hari Bhartia formed in 1978. Noida is where its corporate headquarters are. Over 6000 people are employed worldwide by the franchise, which has various subsidiaries.

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Akum Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Akum Drugs and Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer that works on a contract basis. Several additional Indian businesses receive pharmaceuticals and carefully formulated healthcare products from the franchise.

Akum asserts that 140 million pills are made per day! This covers stuff like nasal drops, liquid orals, vials, and gelatins. Despite having its headquarters in Haridwar, this franchise has a significant presence across India, especially in Delhi-NCR, and beyond. One of Delhi’s top pharmaceutical makers, it.

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Centrient Pharmaceuticals India Pvt Ltd (DSM)

Centrient Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1869 and has come a long way along the way. It got its origins in the Netherlands and spread across the globe. The company Centrient Pharmaceuticals India Pvt Ltd was founded in 1993.

In its numerous branches, the company currently employs more than 2000 people worldwide. The mission of Centrient Pharmaceuticals is to enhance people’s lives by developing affordable, sustainable healthcare. One of the top companies in the world today for next-generation statins, antifungals, and antibiotics is Centrient Pharmaceuticals.

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Olympus Medical Systems India Pvt Ltd

Olympus Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., an Indian business with its headquarters in Gurugram, was founded in 2010. It is one of the newest companies that fall on the list of pharmaceutical companies in Delhi. It is a component of the Asia Pacific Olympus Corporation. This global private firm has a diverse portfolio. With the goal of utilising cutting-edge technology and creativity, it has developed pharmaceutical solutions for the respiratory, medical, and surgical departments. Included in this are medical innovations like bronchoscopy and endotherapy devices. Particularly noteworthy for their contributions to HD imaging systems are the company’s surgical divisions.

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