List of 9 Best Helmet Brands In India


Some people view helmets as fashion accessories, while others see them as a genuine need. Additionally, there are many different shell forms, materials, graphics, and helmet ratings to choose from while looking for the best helmets. For good reason—if you crash, your helmet’s structural integrity and design will determine whether you survive. To make it easier for you, we have listed down the best Helmet Brands in India. 


Vega produces the most affordable helmets on the market & hence stands as one of the top Helmet brands in India. Due to its wide range of products, the Karnataka company founded in 1982 is currently one of the leading sellers of helmets in India. The company has expanded its product selection throughout the years, and as of now, it also sells accessories including motocross goggles, side boxes, and scarves. The costs are quite affordable. The internal names of many Vega products include Breeze, Cliff, Crux, Edge, and Evo. In the open-face category, they go by names like Aster, Atom, Blaze, and Cruiser. Additionally, the women’s range features Atom and Verve, two well-known brands.



Studds was one of the first companies in India to develop motorcycle helmets. Their two product lines are the more economical Studds and the more pricey SMK. The range of Studds helmets includes flip-up, full-face, and half-face models. The Shifter, which may cost up to INR 2,000, is the most often used of them. Among its many features are up to five chin vents, a comfort lining, and an inside sun visor.  However, studded helmets are often heavier. Today it stands as one of the top Helmet brands in India.


Aerostar Helmets

Since about 2007, the SAI Global Group has been producing Aerostar helmets. One of the fastest-growing Indian helmet manufacturers in the country and one of the top Helmet brands in India, the business has a group turnover of about 40 million USD.

You can rely on Aerostar for its affordable prices and top-notch, durable products. SUZUKI, TVS, and ROYAL ENFIELD received helmets from the corporation in 2017–18. In addition to helmets, they have a variety of motorcycle accessories. There are numerous full-face, half-face, and open-face helmets available. The Compac, Eagle, Evo, Golfi, GTS, Kissler Plus, and Spyno are a few of the more crucial models that fall under this brand.


Royal Enfield Helmet Brand

A range of motorcycle accessories is available from Royal Enfield in addition to its two-wheelers. The helmets nevertheless have a very fantastic design despite not being as pricey or heavy as their motorcycle-wearing counterparts. The designs are comparatively typical, but one key distinction is a thicker inner layer that incorporates an extra foam shell. The extra padding helps with impact absorption and thermal insulation despite giving the helmet a strange appearance. Additionally, all RE helmets are all-purpose, weatherproof helmets. It is indeed one of the top players standing as the best Helmet brands in India. 


Fastrack, a Titan company that makes funky, hipster watches, has just forayed into the helmet market with its incredibly relatable helmets. The fashionable design components and the cosy interiors of the helmets, which support and cushion the head, are what keep them in style.

It has a non-allergic cotton interior and is made of polystyrene EPS and an outer shell made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Half-face and full-face motorsports helmets are available from them. So how did Fastrack end up on the list of the top Indian helmet manufacturers? It has to do with the company’s emphasis on bespoke designs and modern appearance. Fastrack helmets are quickly becoming the top sellers on Flipkart and Amazon, where they are marketed to the country’s youth.


Steelbird products are known for being reliable, affordable, and lasting. The product lines offered by the company are Steelbird, Steelbird Air, Ares, and Ignyte. The primary brand, Steelbird, creates modular, full-face, and half-face helmets at competitive prices. Steelbird Air helmets are designed for kids and offer a sleek, aerodynamic appearance. The American and European manufacturers’ sharper-chin, more rounded designs are similar to the formation of Ares helmets. Ignyte is a brand of motorcycle riding apparel.

LS2 Helmet

It can be challenging to get an LS2 helmet because there are so many identical ones available. Just by doing this, you can see how well-known the brand is in India. Since it has been in operation for some time, LS2 has built a strong reputation for creating helmets that are reliable, comfortable, and secure. The LS2’s sturdy construction, user-friendly locking mechanisms, and cosy lining have received praise from users. Finding the distinction between an original and a fake continues to be the most difficult task. By the way, LS2 has started creating a number of authorised stores and also produces motorcycle gear. 

THH Helmet

Taiwanese helmet maker THH is one of the top Helmet Brands in India. The helmet is a lovely, rounded, and very comfortable helmet. THH helmets’ early poor sales were largely caused by the fact that customers in India could only purchase them online when the brand first opened a shop there. The majority of motorcycle riding gear stores now sell THH helmets, nevertheless. The smaller, more rounded shell of helmets, as we mentioned before, makes them easier to store and lighter than most other helmets in the same price range. Users are proud of the durable construction and long lifespan of THH helmets.


The two most important watchwords for the SMK brand are style and safety. Though it was originally conceived in Europe, the brand was developed by Studds in Faridabad. Because it successfully marries Indian production with Italian design, this helmet manufacturer is one of the best Indian helmet brands.

The helmets come in a thermoplastic series and are composed of carbon fibre composite. Numerous well-known brand names, such as Glide, Hybrid Evo, Gullwing, Titan, Twister, Force, Stellar, Sirius, Derby, Phoenix, and Cooper, are part of the SMK group of enterprises. The brand is closely associated with originality and excellent design. Since these products were created in Italy, you can be sure that you are receiving the best quality for a price that is comparable to that of India. Undoubtedly it stands as one of the best Helmet Brands in India.