List Of 8 Best Perfume Brands In India


Do you have a thing for diverse perfumes? Or are you a compulsive perfume hoarder who must purchase at least one scent from each and every brand on the market? If both of your answers are “yes,” then you definitely need this list! In this article, we’ll tell you all about some amazing perfume brands in India that have amazing scents that we can’t get enough of. Read on to learn more.

Bombay Perfumery

When it comes to the best Indian perfume brands in India; each scent is made with the best ingredients and a tonne of love by the kind people at Bombay Perfumery! Every time you open a bottle, they want to bring back a pleasant experience. In addition, their perfumes have a rich history that dates back 30 years. Awesome! So seriously, go order yours! Some of our personal favourites are Calicut, Chai Musk, Madurai Talkies, and Sulawesi.


A Fragrance Story

We couldn’t agree more with this made-in-India brand’s assertion that a truly exceptional scent begins with a delightful aroma and finishes with innumerable memories! Each exquisite bottle they produce is of the highest calibre and amply supports their ideas. You’ve had to believe us when we tell you that a bottle of perfume from this brand needs to be on your vanity! We can’t stop raving about their Pink City, City Of Lakes, Goa, and Ladakh! Do check out this one of the best perfume brands in India today. 



Rajiv Sheth, the man behind ALL GOOD SCENTS, combines cutting-edge French perfumery techniques with centuries-old Indian traditions to create a line of reasonably priced fragrances that are perfect for everyday wear. Everyone adores their Rose scent, Jasmine, Tender, Chic, Flirty, and the Love & Joy Bloom since they were made with distinctive elements that endure for a very long time. It is indeed of the best perfume brands in India today!


With Good Earth’s most recent launches, “Zagros” and “Isfahan,” founder and creative director Anita Lal sought to take people on a sensory journey from locations that offered her calm and harmony. “These colognes evoke my fondest and most priceless travel memories, including seeing the mountains, luxuriant forests, or visiting water gardens. Through a whiff of these citrusy scents, I hope to take individuals to these locations and inspire them to relax and nurture their minds, body, and soul simultaneously.” We are sure everyone will love this one-of-a-kind perfume. 

Forest Essentials

The requirement for Forest Essentials was very clear: single-flower fragrances with a distinctly Indian flavour. Whether it is the “Kashmiri Nargis” or the “Madurai Jasmine,” new scents had to be a logical expansion of our current ranges, according to the company’s creator, Mira Kulkarni. Even in her fragrances, she aimed to preserve the long-standing Indian customs and hence it became of the best ethnic perfume brands in India. She wanted the perfumes to smell like fragrant moonlit nights from her childhood because she is a firm believer in all things Ayurveda and was raised around wonderful ayurvedic traditions.


Olfa Originals

In contrast to others, the creator of Olfa Originals, Pallavi Bhatia, draws inspiration from her mentor and grandfather, Dr KL Bhatia. She only had a few journals on his traditional attar formulas and memories of selling his mixes out of a tiny store in Old Delhi. “Little did my grandfather know that he had written some of his best-selling works during that time. My first oud edition was released with five scents: “Oud D’or,” “Oud Noir,” “Oud Roséate,” “Oud Obsédé,” and “Oud Féroce” since I knew it had to include an oud foundation to honour my grandfather’s enthusiasm. Even now, the smells make me think of the mixtures my grandfather would produce and how much I cherished spending time in his tiny laboratory.” Olfa is one of the best perfume brands in India because of its strong storytelling power and of course the perfume smell!


Aastha Suri of Naso felt that her debut scent should honour her heritage. As a result, “Oud Mud” was created. “It was a traditional memory of the ‘geeli mitti’ smell near the centre of Lucknow, Kanauj, the region of India where I was raised. Everything that my home means to me is in one bottle, she says. “I feel that this perfume takes me back to my hometown; it brings back memories of my childhood, playing in the rain at school, and trudging back home through the muddy ground during the monsoons. Even now, the two fragrances from the Naso x Jade partnership, Celeste and Novellino, still have a hint of oud to honour her background.

Sugandh Co

An indigenous company called Sugandh Co. has given the world of fragrance a new perspective by fusing old wisdom with contemporary trends. The nicest thing about Sugandh Co is that you may customise your own perfume, which is amazing, isn’t it? They offer a huge selection of perfumes for women and men. Visit their website to explore aroma and learn the fundamentals of perfumery while creating your own fragrance. This business started small and today it is one of the finest perfume brands in India. 


Aamod Luxury Fragrances

These lovely perfumes from Aamod Luxury Fragrances may be purchased without breaking the bank because they are made with the highest-quality components that are sourced from all over the world and combined to perfection in India. You’ll thank us afterwards for recommending products like Champagne Du Roses, Tropical Voyage, and Vibrant Vetiver to let you lose yourself in their aromatic world.