List Of 10 Manufacturing Companies In Coimbatore


Any industrialised nation’s manufacturing sector contributes significantly to that nation’s growth. Their effective operations contribute to a nation’s economic expansion. The manufacturing industry has received the much-needed boost to the “Make in India” initiative under Prime Minister Mr Modi’s leadership. 

Numerous highly trained professionals may be found in India, and a quickly expanding industrial base will boost the nation’s dominance on the world stage. Such high-quality exports will provide 100 million new employment in addition to the many other advantages they will bring. Today we will see the list of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Coimbatore that are flourishing and have added value to the city and its economy. 

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Coimbatore

Laxmi Machine Works Limited

Laxmi Machine Works Limited is a well-known machine manufacturing company in Coimbatore. It is a decades-old company that specialises in the manufacture of all types of spinning machines and today it stands as one of the best manufacturing companies in Coimbatore. It is world-renowned and ranks third in this industry. Laxmi Machine Works Ltd additionally serves the national market as well as the Asian and oceanic regional markets. 

CNC machine tools are important among their production items. Its Advanced Technology Centre produces a variety of machine parts for the aerospace sector. Quality and on-time delivery are fundamental characteristics of the organisation, which has been devoted to servicing the demands of the national and worldwide markets.

CRI Pumps

CRI Pumps is a worldwide renowned firm that specialises in the fluid management service market. The brand is well-known around the world for its high-quality manufacturing items hence becoming one of the finest manufacturing companies in Coimbatore. Pharma, gasoline, defence, chemicals, metals, and even gas and oil rely on its diverse goods. CRI Pumps is regarded as one of the top manufacturing enterprises in Coimbatore, with a revenue of over 1,500 crores.

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Bannari Amman Group

The Bannari Amman Group is one of the top manufacturing companies in Coimbatore that ranks among the top 10 MNC manufacturing enterprises in Coimbatore. This organisation is also well-known for its diverse exports. The organisation obtains goodwill as a result of its constant manufacture of items and other humanitarian endeavours.

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ELGI Equipments

ELGI Equipments is one of the top & world-class compressor manufacturing companies in Coimbatore. Lakshminaickenpalayam Govindaswamy Naidu founded the firm.

It also makes body shop tools. According to Wikipedia, the company’s income in 1999 was eighteen thousand million rupees. It is certainly one of the top manufacturing enterprises in Coimbatore. According to the economic times, the entire income of this firm as of the 29th of January 2021 is one thousand one hundred crore rupees.

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This is a firm that manufactures automobile parts and precise engineering tools. Coimbatore is the company’s headquarters. N. Damodaran and L.G. Varadarajulu are the company’s founders. Today due to its popularity and service; it has become one of the best manufacturing companies in Coimbatore.

It manufactures parts for motorcycles, cars, scooters, trucks, tractors, buses, and off-road vehicles. Furthermore, the company manufactures sintered components for fleet management applications. According to money control, the entire revenue as of March 2020 is one thousand two hundred crore rupees.

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KPR Mill

This firm manufactures 100% innerwear as well as athlete leisure wear-related clothes. Its headquarters are in Coimbatore. For the past thirty years, the company has provided high-quality items in the fashion garment business.

It has now begun operations in Ethiopia as well. It is probably one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in Coimbatore.

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LG Balakrishnan & Bros 

This company makes the highest roller chains in India. And when it comes to the roller chains market; it has become one of the best manufacturing companies in Coimbatore. It is now famous for the phrase ‘Rolon,’ which is the brand name for automobile chain items.

It has seventeen units and is headquartered in Coimbatore. According to the firm website, three additional units have begun operations in the United States.

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Sakthi Sugars 

Sakthi Sugars has been manufacturing commercial sugar since the early 1960s. It operates in nations such as the United States of America, China, and the Middle East, in addition to home markets. Sakthi Sugars is also well-known for its extensive social projects, which include, among other things, education, sustainability, rural development, and healthcare.

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Hirotec India

Hirotec India is a worldwide leader in the automobile sector. It is well-known around the world for providing high-quality manufacturing solutions. It offers cutting-edge engineering, body-in-white closures, and exhaust systems. It has deliberately positioned itself to fulfil the different demands of its global consumers. This award-winning organisation believes in and practises the concepts of Kaizen (continuous change) and Kaikaku (change that triggers and aids advancements in the technology employed and the processes involved). Its high-quality goods have won it a place among Coimbatore’s top ten industries.

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Suguna Foods

Suguna Foods is a multinational corporation. Its headquarters are in Coimbatore. It was established in the 1980s. For the poultry industry, the company provides high-value items such as broiler chicken, frozen chicken, and chicken eggs.

It is involved in initiatives such as the broiler farm, hatchery, feed mill, processing plant, and vaccination. This company exports food. It is India’s largest chicken company.

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