Exploring the Leading Top 10 Garment Companies in Delhi, NCR


The Indian garment industry is a prominent player in the global market, making a significant contribution to the country’s economy. The sector encompasses the production of various apparel categories, including traditional, western, casual, sportswear, and more. With millions of people employed, ranging from skilled and unskilled workers to designers and other professionals, it is one of the largest employers in India.

The industry’s success is attributed to India’s diverse range of textiles, such as cotton, silk, wool, and more, which are utilized in creating a broad spectrum of clothing. The industry is primarily concentrated in key regions, including Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, and Tirupur.

For those interested in the Delhi-NCR region, here are the top 10 garment companies in the area:

Fabindia Overseas Pvt Limited

Fabindia Limited, founded on 14th December 1976, is a renowned brand that specializes in producing ethnic wear, home furnishings, and personal care products. It is classified as an unlisted public limited company and is situated in South Delhi, Delhi. The brand is highly regarded for its use of natural materials and traditional techniques in crafting its products.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA 225.58 %
Networth -5.89 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.91
Return on Equity-6.81 %
Total Assets 34.43 %

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National Handloom Development Corporation Limited

NHDC is a government-owned company in Uttar Pradesh that supports handloom weavers by providing financial assistance, training, marketing support, and more. They help develop new products and designs, promote the use of natural fibers and dyes, and contribute to the sustainability of the handloom sector in India. NHDC plays a vital role in strengthening artisanal skills and knowledge, supporting rural communities, and ensuring the long-term viability of this traditional industry.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA 7.62 %
Networth -11.12 %
Debt/Equity Ratio1.91
Return on Equity-12.26 %
Total Assets 0.52 %

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National Textile Corporation Limited

National Textile Corporation Limited (NTC) is a government-owned company established in 1968 to manage sick textile mills across India. NTC’s main objective is to modernize these mills, promoting the growth of India’s textile industry through technology, infrastructure, and human resource development.  NTC’s efforts are crucial to support the textile industry, which is a significant contributor to India’s economy and employment opportunities. By reviving these mills, NTC is not only promoting industry growth but also supporting the livelihoods of textile workers. NTC’s work is helping to modernize and revitalize India’s textile industry, unlocking its potential for growth and development.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA 22.97 %
Networth -10.77 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.14
Return on Equity-16.58 %
Total Assets -7.06 %

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TCNS Clothing Co. Limited

TCNS Clothing Co. Limited is a leading women’s apparel company in India, known for its premium brands such as W, Aurelia, and Wishful. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and has a presence in international markets like the Middle East and South Asia. TCNS is recognized for its trendy designs, high-quality fabrics, and ethical practices, making it a popular choice among fashion-conscious women in India and abroad.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA 3,573.93 %
Networth 1.29 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.00
Return on Equity-0.92 %
Total Assets 17.37 %

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DCM Limited

D C M Limited is a listed public company incorporated on 26 March, 1889. It is classified as a public limited company and is located in Delhi, Delhi. The company operates in a range of sectors, including textiles, chemicals, engineering, and automobiles.

In the textiles sector, DCM is involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of products such as yarns, fabrics, and garments. The company has several manufacturing facilities across India and is known for its high-quality products.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA 199.30 %
Networth 1.19 %
Debt/Equity Ratio1.09
Return on Equity1.03 %
Total Assets -8.40 %

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TT Limited

T T Limited, a public limited company established in 1978 and based in New Delhi, is a leading player in the Indian textile industry. The company is involved in manufacturing and distributing a range of high-quality textile products, including yarns, fabrics, garments, and home textiles. T T Limited places a strong emphasis on sustainability, quality, and social responsibility in its operations, making it a trusted name in the industry.

Operating RevenueINR 100 cr – 500 cr
EBITDA 12.88 %
Networth -8.39 %
Debt/Equity Ratio3.44
Return on Equity-11.15 %
Total Assets -9.02 %

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Orient Craft Limited

Orient Craft Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality garments based in Gurgaon, Haryana. Established in 1978, the company specializes in producing a wide range of garments, including shirts, trousers, dresses, and outerwear. Orient Craft is known for its focus on design and innovation, which has contributed to its success in the global market. The company’s commitment to efficient production processes and high-quality products has helped it expand its customer base beyond India, establishing a strong presence in international markets. Overall, Orient Craft Limited’s dedication to producing fashionable and innovative garments has contributed to its position as a trusted name in the garment industry.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA -74.56 %
Networth -19.88 %
Debt/Equity Ratio1.49
Return on Equity-23.39 %
Total Assets 2.97 %

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Richa Industries Limited

Richa Industries Limited is a leading textile and garment company in India based in Faridabad, Haryana. Established in 1993, the company specializes in producing technical textiles and non-woven fabrics. They also produce high-quality clothing products, including workwear and uniforms. As a listed public company, Richa Industries is dedicated to delivering value to its shareholders and stakeholders. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has earned them a strong reputation in the textile and garment industry in India and abroad.

Operating RevenueINR 100 cr – 500 cr
EBITDA -251.10 %
Networth -81.47 %
Debt/Equity Ratio10.55
Return on Equity-439.70 %
Total Assets -30.48 %

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Shahi Exports Private Limited

Shahi Exports Private Limited is a renowned garment manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. Established in 2005, the company has become one of the largest in the country, supplying high-quality clothing to major global brands. Their extensive product range includes shirts, pants, dresses, and outerwear. What sets Shahi Exports apart is their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. They have earned a reputation for their responsible and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This has helped establish them as a trusted and respected player in the industry. In summary, Shahi Exports Private Limited is a leading Indian garment manufacturer with a strong focus on quality, sustainability, and ethical practices.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA -10.49 %
Networth 12.14 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.24
Return on Equity10.65 %
Total Assets 7.80 %

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Biba Fashion Limited

Biba Fashion Limited is a top fashion and apparel company headquartered in New Delhi, India. Established in 1988, it has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the country’s fashion industry. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing ethnic wear for women, with a mix of traditional and modern styles. Biba Fashion Limited’s product range includes dresses, skirts, pants, tops, and bottoms for women, in addition to a variety of accessories like jewelry, bags, and footwear to match their outfits. The brand has earned a reputation for its quality products and innovative designs, making it a go-to choice for fashion-conscious women across India.

Operating RevenueOver INR 500 cr
EBITDA 72.98 %
Networth 4.57 %
Debt/Equity Ratio0.29
Return on Equity4.28 %
Total Assets 4.58 %

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