Best Honey Brands In India That You Must Try


One common pantry staple that is utilised in the preparation of several cuisines and drinks is honey. In addition to being utilised in these recipes, this substance is frequently used in DIY remedies. Honey is a well-known alternative to sugar and has a wealth of antioxidants, minerals, and other antibacterial and antifungal characteristics. You can find a variety of honey if you search around and investigate. While some honey varieties have a darker texture, others tend to be lighter in colour. To understand honey better and various components of it; let’s see some of the top honey brands in India that you must try. 

Dabur Honey

The first company that springs to mind when we discuss top best honey brands in India is Dabur. With its pure and unadulterated honey, Dabur honey is renowned as being the top brand globally. In the Sunderbans and the Himalayas, Dabur obtains its honey from pristine, natural locations. Once obtained, it is delivered to the company’s own production facility to preserve its sacredness.

In facilities approved by the USFDA, every single drop of honey is analysed before being packaged. This disproves any assertions that Dabur honey is impure. Without any added sugar, you receive pure honey. Due to IRMS testing, you can be sure of its purity. Additionally, it is free of sugar syrup and antibiotics. Through procedures like LCMS/MS and LCMS/MS-SMR, all of these parameters are evaluated.

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Zandu Pure Honey

An additional pure and sugar-free choice is the Zandu Pure Honey. It is one of the top honey brands in India from years now. This honey has been scientifically examined, which ensures its complete purity. Since Sunderban is the source of this honey, you can rely on its high calibre. It also contains a special mixture of honey and tulsi. This makes it the preferred honey for boosting immunity and preventing illnesses.

It is abundant in antioxidants, according to research. In other words, you may use this every day to shield your body from viral infections and seasonal illnesses. Every batch of this honey is subjected to testing in German labs for the addition of sugar. By doing this, you may be confident that every container contains just pure honey.


INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey’s name itself is one of its primary selling points. No adulteration, filtering, or pasteurisation has been applied to this native honey, making it entirely raw. In its wooden beehives, which are constructed using science, the firm makes honey. The honey produced is pure and natural as these boxes are made specifically to provide honeybees with a natural environment.

To ensure that no honeybees are harmed during nectar extraction, this company instructs their workers in beekeeping techniques. By using specific methods, you may obtain honey that is completely unprocessed, raw, and healthy. You won’t discover any chemicals combined with the honey because the bee yard is kilometres distant from the industrial facility. This organic honey is one of the best honey brands in India and has undergone NMR testing, making it one of the most trustworthy choices. In addition, it is accredited by the FSSAI, APEDA, Jabik Bharat, and OneCert.

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Saffola Honey

Saffola Honey is created entirely naturally and without any chemical additions. In facilities that are registered with the USFDA, this honey is produced and packaged. This makes sure that no humans have ever touched this honey during production. That is to say, it is entirely unadulterated, unfiltered, unprocessed, and natural. It is one of the best honey brands in India. 

Sugar is not added during production. Through the use of NMR technology, this natural sweetener is examined for adulteration. To ensure that you and your family receive a nutrient-dense and real source of food, every batch is individually analysed. You can aid in weight loss by consuming this honey. To decrease stomach fat, sip on one glass of warm water that has been blended with honey and lemon. In addition, you may pour it on your cereal to sweeten your meal.

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THE HONEY SHOP – Raw Organic Forest Honey

The purity and consistency of the raw organic forest honey sold by THE HONEY SHOP are unparalleled. A particular kind of honeybee known as Apis Dorsata is used to produce honey. Only in Southeast Asia can you find them. No wonder it is one of the finest honey brands in India. 

You get all the health advantages and nutritional value since the honey is organically collected from 18 distinct tree families. Without any human intervention, it is taken straight from these wild bees. As a result, the honey is not only completely pure and unadulterated but also safe for the bees. Because this honey contains a lot of pollen, it is excellent for digestion, immunity, and general health.

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Nature’s Nectar Select Forest Honey

From a company with 50 years of proven reliability comes Nature’s Nectar Select Forest Honey. Because of this, this honey can be trusted and is really real. The Sunderbans forest’s certified beekeepers are where the honey is obtained. Both the company’s lab and Intertek Garman labs test each batch for C3/C4 sugars, chemicals, antibiotics, and pesticides. It is only sent for packing after passing the test.

Even the sourcing is lawful and kind to bees, as is the production process. It is one of the largest and most popular honey brands in India. Due to its antiviral and antibacterial qualities, you can use it to prevent infections of all types. Your body’s immune system will get stronger as a result of its antioxidant content. Additional advantages include increased energy, a lack of joint discomfort, improved heart health, and weight loss.

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Fresh honey from the DADEV All types of skin disorders and health problems can be lessened by using honey. This honey is completely pure and was made using only natural, unadulterated methods. In the German laboratory, the honey is examined before it is sent to you. For any signs of toxicity, adulteration, or chemical contamination, it is examined.

The honey is contained in a robust, spotless glass jar, giving it a beautiful appearance. It is strong and resilient despite being made of glass. When the honey is gone, you may use it to store other things. The ideal application for this honey is to promote weight loss.

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