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Tofler reports Citrus Payment revenue which grew 3 times

Citrus Payment records 200% growth in Revenues in FY 2014-15 (at INR 15 crores Losses) #IndianStartupData |Tofler

Born out of a requirement of higher online payment success rate, Citrus is a key player in…

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Tofler reports OYO Rooms' FY14-15 financials

OYO Rooms had a turnover of INR 2.4 crores in FY 2014-15 #IndianStartupData | Tofler

If you have been around in your city any time recently, more likely than not, you would have spotted…

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Tofler explains the Year-on-year Analysis of Financial Statements

In this article in the Financial Statement Analysis Series, we will discuss the first basic method of analysis, the…

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TinyOwl’s Financial Data – Rs. 24,000 Revenue From Operations At 25 Crores Loss #IndianStartupData | Tofler

Incorporation yr 2014

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CommonFloor – From 3 Lacs to 44 Crores in 7 Years

The Real Estate sector is amongst the fastest growing sectors in India. Housing, a sub-sector of Real Estate, has…

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Tofler: Zopper grew 17 times in FY 2014-15

Hyper-local seems to be a buzz word in the Start-up ecosystem in India. So we decided to explore the…

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