Renewable energy market – Industry snapshot

Renewable energy has gained due recognition over the last two decades owing to depleting fossil fuel reserves as well as constraints in the related delivery mechanisms. In addition to supplying energy in a sustainable way, renewable energy decreases the country’s carbon footprint and aids in achieving a low carbon intensive energy mix.

This snapshot of renewable energy sector has been prepared through extensive secondary research supported by detailed analysis and focuses on market details, growth trends, major players, recent developments and key drivers in India.

This snapshot can be used as an “Information & Management Tool” and is ideal for investors to get the first feel of the renewable energy sector.  Senior managers can also use this report for making presentations to internal audiences, customers, collaborators and channel partners.

Table of Contents
S.No   Topics
1. Introduction
1.1. Classification of renewable energy
2. Overview of renewable energy sector in India
2.1. Break-up of grid interactive Installed capacity by segments, 2016-17
2.2. Capacity addition by segments 2016-17
3. Segment details
3.1. Wind energy
3.2. Solar energy
3.3. Small hydro power
3.4. Biopower
4. Recent developments
5. Future outlook