Major Industries in Chennai 


Chennai is one of the primary cosmopolitan and metropolitan locations in India. It is the capital of Tamil Nadu and professes enormous heritage, legacy, and economic growth. It is one of the principal center points for modern monetary development and business improvement.

The industrial and economic landscape of the city is expanding and attracting new age and young entrepreneurs. Popularly called Detroit of Asia, developments of industries like automobiles, software, data centers, hardware manufacturing, medical tourism, the fintech industry, and more head the city’s industrial development. 

Chennai is highly renowned for its high quality and excellent standards of living, endless opportunities, welcoming nature, and technologically advanced methodologies. It is among the top cosmopolitan cities for the young population. 

There is a wide variety of industries in Chennai. Here are the top industries you can find in the metropolitan city: 

Banking and Finance 

Banking and Finance is another popular industry in Chennai. It serves as the headquarters or central hub for a greater number of important private and government financial institutions, banks, and other buildings. Its financial operations cater to a high transaction volume serving up to 1.5 billion people globally. Some of the popular banking/ financial institutions include Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Asian Development Bank, Goldman Sachs, etc. 


Chennai is the hub for a diverse variety of automobile companies renowned for their technologically advanced machinery and ethics. Some popular companies in Chennai include Yamaha, Ford, Mahindra and Mahindra, Nissan, PTV, Royal Enfield, etc. It is home to the manufacturing units of popular and top automobile companies worldwide. 

There are various small-scale, wide-scale, domestic, and international companies located in Chennai. It also comprises Mahindra Research Valley, which is the second-largest research valley. 

Medical Tourism 

Lakhs of medical tourists, researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts from worldwide come to Chennai to experience top-quality healthcare, the best medical amenities, and super specialty centers. It amounts to over 45% of the medical tourists and patients globally who come to Chennai for treatment.  Chennai comprises highly esteemed medical institutions and hospitals offering economical healthcare facilities, experienced and highly acclaimed doctors, and other supporting personnel with the latest techniques. 

Some key areas of focus include treatments like Cancer, Heart Surgery, Plastic surgery, Orthopaedic illnesses, and psychological and neurological issues. The capital adds to the economy through its unparallel services attracting foreign patients to gain premium care. Some of the esteemed healthcare institutions include Adyar Cancer Institute, Apollo Hospitals, and Fortis Healthcare. 

Entertainment Industry 

Entertainment of the film industry flourishes in Chennai. It is one of the primary industries in the city and primarily focuses on Kollywood, which is a dominating industry.  Koi Some of the key entertainment types included the music industry, motion pictures, direction studios, Choreography,  and television. The Tamil filmmaking industry has a significant effect in India and is widely loved by a diverse audience. 

The Entertainment industry in Chennai is recognized as second to the Hindi cinema and has a global presence covering countries like Oceania, Japan, North America, Sri Lanka, and Singapore to name a few. 

Garments and Textiles 

It is another crucial industry in Chennai. Chennai is among the top supply chain operations and management sectors for the production and circulation of textiles and garments. It comprises the leading exporters in garments and experiences a bulk supply of goods like Kanchipuram saree, ethnic wear, and authentic and organic cloth. 

It primarily focuses on traditional wear, however, ready-made clothing items, accessories, and clothing to compliment the outfits, digital garment goods, etc, are also picking up pace with high demand among consumers. 

Small Scale Industry 

Chennai is a self-sufficient city, and due to this, various small and medium-scale industries flourish in the area. The small-scale industries in the city enhance the state employment rate and induce development with a low investment rate for the project. Small-scale companies and manufacturing units have a vast potential and significantly improve the country’s development. They have a direct effect on the GDP and economic development of a country and are usually labor-intensive. 

Software Services or IT Industry 

Software services are crucial to the development of science and technology in a country. Chennai software industries have developed into a major pillar for financial development. Chennai’s software services fall second to India’s IT hub, i.e Bangalore. Companies like Infosys and TCS have the largest operations and management control in India via their central hub in Chennai. 

However, there are other regional, national, and international companies and head offices in Chennai, such as PayPal, Amazon, Tata Consultancy Services, eBay,  IBM, Infosys, Ford Sync, Honeywell, Ramco, Wipro, etc. These software industries offer financial and technological solutions, publicize software applications for the public good, etc. 

Food and Beverages 

Agriculture, food processing, ready-on-the-go food items, and beverages are other important industries in Chennai. Chennai attracts potential businessmen and food manufacturers through various food projects, agricultural gains investments, and Food awareness and propagation parks. The Chennai government’s keenness to produce the highest quality, hygienic food items and beverages within the optimum food standards has developed the Food and Beverage industry manifolds. 

One of the key positive impacts of such an industry is the improvement and change in the eating habits and lifestyle of the population. Modern technologies enable higher food production and enhance the capacity to reach more people. The purpose of the food and beverages industry in Chennai is to promote healthy, hygienic, and flavorful products and maintain consistent quality and nutritional values. 

Electronics Hardware 

The electronic hardware industry is crucial to the economy and growth in India. Chennai has developed into an extravagant zone to provide optimum resources and tools to supplement the electronic industry. It is deemed one of the nation’s key electronic hardware exporters and the largest electronic machinery and equipment dealer. 

Some of the major electronic and software corporations include Alcatel, Nokia Corporation, Texas Instruments, Texas, and Xerox, to name a few. The electronics and software industry is flourishing in Chennai due to the ever-increasing electricity consumption. 

Chennai welcomes entrepreneurs, well-established companies, and enterprises to unleash the highest potential and produce optimum results. To get more details on the key industries, their turnover, net worth, and crucial details on their financial statements, click on this link.