Alcoholic beverages market in India – Industry snapshot

Alcoholic beverage is a highly regulated and licensed sector in India with restrictions on the movement of both raw material and finished products. Despite stringent rules and taxes, India has emerged as one of the leading alcoholic beverages market in the world. In India, alcoholic beverage sector is a leading revenue generator for many states. Burgeoning population with around 50% of the population under the age of 24 as well as rising disposable income are considered as the key drivers for alcoholic beverages market in India.

This snapshot on alcoholic beverage market has been prepared through extensive secondary research supported by detailed analysis and focuses on market details, growth trends, major players, recent developments and key drivers in India.

This snapshot can be used as an “Information & Management Tool” and is ideal for investors to get the first feel of the Indian alcoholic beverages market. Senior managers can also use this report for making presentations to internal audiences, customers, collaborators and channel partners.

Table of Contents

S.No Topics
I Introduction
1.1 Product classification
1.2 Industry structure
1.3 Alcoholic beverage: Distribution Models in India
II Market overview
2.1 Alcoholic Beverages: Break Up by product segments 2016-17
2.1.1 Indian Made Indian Liquor
2.1.2 Indian Made Foreign Liquor
2.1.3 Beer
2.1.4 Others
III Major players and brands
IV Recent developments
V Future outlook