Wipro Ltd – History, Divisions Of The Company, Directors & Products


The flagship business of the Azim H Premji group, Wipro Ltd., was established in 1945. Vegetable ghee/vanaspati, refined edible oils, and other products were initially produced by the company. The business has gradually expanded into many industries. Today, Wipro Limited is the first IT services company in the world to be PCMM Level 5 and SEI CMM Level 5 certified. Systems integration, package implementation, information systems outsourcing, software application development and maintenance, and research and development services are just a few of the comprehensive IT solutions and services that Wipro offers to businesses worldwide.


Wipro is a market leader in India for offering system integration, network integration, software solutions, and IT services for the corporate section of the market. In the specialist markets for consumer goods and lights, Wipro is also a profitable player. Wipro offers IT services and solutions to multinational organisations in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. ADSs for Wipro is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and equity shares are traded in India on the National Stock Exchange, Mumbai, and other exchanges.

In India, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, Wipro is the top strategic IT partner for businesses, providing integrated IT solutions. Using their full outsourcing, consulting services, business solutions, and professional services, they plan, deploy, sustain, and maintain your IT lifecycle. Regardless of the industry you are in, Wipro InfoTech assists you in creating momentum within your business. They align IT strategies with your business goals thanks to their robust quality processes and wealth of experience managing international clients across different business sectors. Wipro InfoTech assists you with your hardware and IT infrastructure requirements in addition to working with the best-of-breed technology partners.

The numerous accreditations they have received for each service they provide demonstrate their dedication to quality control. Wipro InfoTech was the first multinational software company to achieve Level 5 SEI-CMM, the first IT company in the world to achieve Six Sigma, and the first business to achieve Level 5 PCMM.

Due to their strict application of quality processes, they continue to be successful in completing projects. You will gain the advantage of a seamless and transparent transition while supplying full IT lifecycle management by deploying high-quality frameworks to correspond with your business. Their dedication to these quality norms has been their main differentiator, serving to both fuels the growth of the firm and ensure reliability and perfection.

To assure their dedication to providing their customers with competitive solutions, the company’s knowledge and competence are evaluated against widely accepted standards. By upholding high standards for service and product offerings, as well as internal procedures and personnel management, Wipro InfoTech is the very definition of quality. By increasing our efficiency across the board and going beyond their core IT services, they feel that quality standards may be scaled up continuously.

Innovation is seen differently by different people. Based on your business expectations, Wipro InfoTech’s creative thinking aids in the adoption of additional business lines and solutions. They have adjusted to the changes brought about by business and technology, which has aided us in enhancing the client experience through process optimization and service delivery.

Different Divisions of the Company

Wipro Technologies 

The Wipro Limited subsidiary offering global IT services is known as Wipro Technologies. Wipro Technologies, with more than 20 offices worldwide, is the leading supplier of integrated business, technology, and process solutions on a global delivery platform.

Wipro Infotech 

For businesses in India, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, Wipro Infotech is the top strategic IT partner, providing integrated IT solutions. Our entire outsourcing, consulting services, business solutions, and professional services enable us to plan, deploy, sustain and support your IT lifecycle.

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting 

The Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting business unit, which is a division of Wipro Limited, enjoys a successful presence in the branded retail market for lighting, baby care, and branded soaps. In particular industries like healthcare and retail, it is also a market leader in institutional lighting.

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering 

The initial branch of Wipro Limited, established in 1975, was Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, which catered to the hydraulic equipment needs of Indian mobile original equipment manufacturers. The Wipro Infrastructure Engineering business unit has risen to the top of the hydraulic cylinders and truck tipping systems markets in India during the past 25 years, and it plans to expand its operations to meet the world’s needs for these products on a worldwide scale.

Wipro GE Medical Systems

A joint venture between Wipro and General Electric Company is known as Wipro GE Medical Systems. It serves the needs of customers and patients as a division of GE Medical Systems South Asia with a dedication to unwavering excellence. The largest exporter of medical systems from India is Wipro GE, with unrivalled distribution and servicing capabilities throughout South Asia. Wipro GE is a supplier of all GE Medical Systems goods and services in South Asia and was a pioneer in the manufacture of ultrasound and computed tomography systems in India.

Products Of Wipro Ltd

The ISRE, IT Services, and IT Products segments make up Wipro Ltd Products. IT services provided to ISRE Customers make up the ISRE segment. The products and services offered by Wipro are listed below. The products of Wipro Ltd are listed below.

  • IT Services Offerings
  • Application Services
  • Digital Services
  • Cloud Enterprise Platforms (“CEP”)
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Services (“CIS”)
  • Industrial and Engineering Services (“IES”)
  • Data, Analytics and AI (“DAAI”)
  • Cybersecurity and Risk Services (“CRS”)
  • Digital Operations and Platforms (“DOP”)