Vedanta Group of Companies


Vedanta Limited is an Indian multinational company based in Mumbai, India.  The company was founded in 1976 by Anil Agarwal and has grown rapidly over the years to become a leading player in the metals and mining industry. The company has its main operations in iron ore, gold, and aluminium mines in Goa, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Odisha.

Vedanta Limited has eight directors – Navin AgarwalDindayal Jalan, and others.

Vedanta Limited owns, leases, and operates in India through the following entities:

Bharat Aluminium Company: BALCO was one of the leading public sector companies that had a crucial role to play in the sector of aluminum. BALCO has a wide range of products for household utensils to aerospace and defense sectors. Vedanta and 51 percent in BALCO.

BALCO is also involved in various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and has partnered with local NGOs and government organizations to implement social programs in the areas of education, healthcare, and rural development.

BALCO has implemented various measures to ensure sustainable and responsible production practices, including energy efficiency measures, water conservation, and waste reduction.

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Hindustan Zinc: HZL is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of zinc-lead with a global market share of approximately 6%.

HZL is one of the world’s largest integrated zinc-lead producers by volume. HZL is headquartered in Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. Vedanta Resources has a 64.9 percent stake in Hindustan Zinc. In addition to its mining and smelting operations, Hindustan Zinc is also involved in various community development and sustainability initiatives, including education, healthcare, and environment conservation programs.

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Sterlite Copper: Sterlite Copper is a copper smelting and refining company located in Thoothukudi (also known as Tuticorin), Tamil Nadu, India. It is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Limited, a global natural resources company. Sterlite Copper is one of the largest copper producers in India and produces copper cathodes, continuous cast copper rods and other by-products such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and copper slag. Vedanta owns 53.9% of Sterlite and has management control of the company.

The company has been actively involved in various community development programs, focusing on education, healthcare, and infrastructure development in the local area.

Vedanta Aluminium: Vedanta Aluminium Limited is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Limited, a global diversified natural resources company. It is one of the largest producers of aluminium in India and operates a smelter plant in Jharsuguda, Odisha. The company produces primary aluminium, extrusion billets, wire rods, rolled products, and also has a captive power plant.

Vedanta Aluminium is also actively involved in community development programs and has undertaken various initiatives in the areas of healthcare, education, livelihood, and infrastructure development in the local area.

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Sesa Sterlite Oil & Gas operations: Sesa Sterlite Limited (now known as Vedanta Limited) is a natural resources company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Its oil and gas operations are carried out by its subsidiary Cairn India Limited, which is one of the largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in India. Crain is India’s largest private-sector crude oil producer, contributing to over 25% of India’s crude oil production.

The company’s flagship asset is the Rajasthan block, which is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan and is the largest onshore oil discovery in India in the last two decades. Cairn India also has exploration and production assets in other parts of India, including the Krishna-Godavari basin in the east coast and the Cambay basin in the west coast.

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Talwandi Sobo Power Limited: Vedanta Group has a presence in the power generation sector through its subsidiary Talwandi Sabo Power Limited, which operates a 1,980-megawatt thermal power plant in the Indian state of Punjab.

TSPL supplies electricity to the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) and other state distribution companies. The company is committed to sustainable power generation practices and has implemented various environmental and social initiatives to mitigate its impact on the environment and the communities in the surrounding areas.

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