List Of Top Entrepreneurs In India


India, known as the world’s largest democracy, has experienced rapid economic growth in recent decades. With its vast population, second only to China, the country has seen the rise of numerous billionaire entrepreneurs.

While income inequality remains a challenge, India has a rich history of entrepreneurship and wealth generation, contributing to its vibrant business landscape. Despite the existence of poverty, the entrepreneurial spirit in India continues to drive economic progress and create opportunities for growth.

Top Entrepreneurs In India

Ritesh Agarwal, the visionary behind OYO Rooms

Ritesh Agarwal is the ingenious mind behind OYO Rooms, a prominent chain of affordable hotels in India. At the young age of 17, Ritesh embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by dropping out of college to launch his first startup. Recognizing the untapped potential in the traditional hotel industry, he focused on providing budget-conscious travelers with affordable and high-quality accommodation options.

Anand Mahindra, the visionary leader of the Mahindra Group

Anand Mahindra holds the esteemed position of Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of the Mahindra Group, a renowned conglomerate in India. With his astute leadership, the Mahindra Group has grown into a prominent player in various industries, driving innovation and shaping the country’s business landscape.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, the driving forces behind Flipkart

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, the entrepreneurial duo, are the co-founders of Flipkart, a leading e-commerce platform in India. Starting from a modest apartment in Bangalore back in 2007, the Bansal brothers set out to revolutionize the way Indians shop online. Their relentless efforts and innovative approach have propelled Flipkart to new heights, making it a household name across the nation.

Uday Kotak, the entrepreneur behind Kotak Mahindra Bank

Uday Kotak, the enterprising mind, is the Founder and CEO of Kotak Mahindra Bank, a leading private sector bank in India. With humble beginnings in 1985, Uday Kotak started Kotak Mahindra Bank with limited capital but boundless determination. Today, the bank has an extensive national presence and is recognized for its exceptional growth under Uday Kotak’s guidance.

Shradha Sharma, the founder of YourStory

Shradha Sharma, the visionary founder, is the driving force behind YourStory, a prominent media platform focused on startups and entrepreneurs in India. Shradha established YourStory in 2008 at the age of 23, and since then, it has become a trusted source of information and inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and a respected media brand in India.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the pioneering force behind Biocon Limited

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, an influential figure in the biotechnology sector, serves as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Biocon Limited, a leading biotechnology company headquartered in Bangalore. Kiran founded Biocon in 1978 at the young age of 23, and through her visionary leadership, the company has achieved remarkable success, with a current valuation exceeding US$11 billion.

Bhavish Aggarwal, the entrepreneur behind Ola Cabs

Bhavish Aggarwal, the enterprising mind, is the Founder and CEO of Ola Cabs, a leading ride-sharing platform in India. Starting with a meager investment of US$250 in 2010, Bhavish transformed Ola Cabs into one of the most popular ride-sharing platforms, revolutionizing the way people commute across the country.

Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, the dynamic co-founders of Zomato

Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, the dynamic duo, are the co-founders of Zomato, a renowned restaurant discovery platform. Their entrepreneurial journey began in 2008 when they embarked on a mission to revolutionize the restaurant industry. Today, Zomato is a trusted platform that connects food enthusiasts with a plethora of dining options.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the visionary behind Paytm

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the ingenious mind behind Paytm, one of India’s foremost digital payment platforms. Under his leadership, Paytm has risen to prominence and become a household name in the country, revolutionizing the way people transact and make payments.

Sudhir Sethi, the trailblazing entrepreneur behind IDG Ventures India

Sudhir Sethi is the enterprising founder and chairman of IDG Ventures India, a distinguished venture capital firm in India. With the establishment of IDG Ventures India in 2006, Sudhir Sethi has played a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting the growth of numerous successful startups, contributing significantly to the Indian startup ecosystem.

Radhika Aggarwal, the driving force behind ShopClues

Radhika Aggarwal is the driving force behind ShopClues, one of India’s leading e-commerce platforms. With her entrepreneurial spirit and vision, Radhika founded ShopClues in 2011, carving a niche in the competitive e-commerce industry and building a platform that caters to the diverse needs of Indian consumers.

Kunal Shah, the innovative leader of CRED

Kunal Shah is the innovative founder and CEO of CRED, a pioneering financial technology platform in India. With the launch of CRED in 2016, Kunal Shah has redefined the way people manage their credit card payments, offering a seamless and rewarding experience for users.

Anil Agarwal, the founder of Vedanta Resources

Anil Agarwal is the visionary founder and chairman of Vedanta Resources, a global leader in natural resources. Through his entrepreneurial acumen, Anil Agarwal has steered Vedanta Resources to become a prominent player in the industry, with a focus on sustainable development and responsible business practices.

Rajesh Sawhney, the driving force behind GSF Accelerator

Rajesh Sawhney is the driving force behind GSF Accelerator, a renowned startup accelerator in India. With the establishment of GSF Accelerator in 2012, Rajesh Sawhney has provided invaluable support and mentorship to numerous startups, helping them navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve success.

Deep Kalra, the visionary founder of MakeMyTrip

Deep Kalra is the visionary founder and CEO of MakeMyTrip, a leading online travel agency in India. Deep Kalra founded MakeMyTrip in 2000, introducing a disruptive concept that revolutionized the way Indians book travel, and under his leadership, the company has flourished into a trusted platform for travelers.

Albinder Dhindsa, the enterprising mind behind Grofers

Albinder Dhindsa is the enterprising founder and CEO of Grofers, a prominent online grocery platform in India. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Albinder Dhindsa has transformed the grocery shopping experience, making it convenient and accessible for Indian consumers.

Yashish Dahiya, the visionary founder of PolicyBazaar

Yashish Dahiya is the visionary founder and CEO of PolicyBazaar, a leading online insurance platform in India. Yashish Dahiya’s entrepreneurial journey began with the establishment of PolicyBazaar in 2008, and his innovative approach has revolutionized the way people compare and purchase insurance policies in the country.

Supam Maheshwari, the dynamic leader behind FirstCry

Supam Maheshwari is the dynamic founder and CEO of FirstCry, a prominent online platform for baby products in India. With his entrepreneurial drive, Supam Maheshwari has built FirstCry into a trusted destination for parents, offering a wide range of products to cater to the needs of babies and young children.