List Of All The Trillion Dollar Companies Of The World In 2023


Apple achieved the remarkable milestone of becoming the first trillion-dollar company in the United States on August 4, 2018. Following Apple’s achievement, an exclusive group of five additional companies has since joined the trillion-dollar club: Amazon, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), and Tesla. It is worth noting that Saudi Aramco’s inclusion in this elite group stands out, as it represents one of the few non-American corporations on the predominantly US-dominated leaderboard of trillion-dollar market value companies. This showcases the global influence and exceptional success of Saudi Aramco in the business world.

List of World’s Trillion Dollar Companies


$3 trillionU.S.1976

In a groundbreaking feat that stunned the business world, Apple emerged as the first company to surpass the momentous $1 trillion mark. This extraordinary achievement, combined with its consistent placement on Fortune’s prestigious World’s Most Powerful 50 list for consecutive years, cemented Apple’s status as an unparalleled industry powerhouse. However, its triumph was short-lived, as external factors, including the turbulence of the US stock market, led to a decline that saw Apple’s valuation dip below $800 billion by 2019.

Nonetheless, Apple demonstrated an impressive resurgence in 2019, with its stock soaring and market capitalization surging to a staggering $1.3 trillion by early December. To put this astronomical figure into context, it marginally falls short of Australia’s GDP, standing at $1.4 trillion, yet surpasses that of Mexico, which amounts to $1.2 trillion.

Continuing its trailblazing trajectory, Apple made history once again on August 19, 2020, becoming the first company in the United States to achieve a mind-boggling $2 trillion valuation. This awe-inspiring milestone solidified Apple’s position as an unrivaled titan in the corporate realm. As if that wasn’t enough, on January 3, 2022, Apple shattered all expectations, becoming the inaugural US company to surpass the unprecedented $3 trillion mark.

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$1.68 trillionU.S.1994

In an extraordinary turn of events, Amazon achieved the remarkable feat of reaching a trillion-dollar valuation merely a month after Apple. However, it too faced significant setbacks due to the market slump of 2018, which impacted numerous American enterprises. Undeterred, Amazon swiftly rebounded, surpassing analyst expectations in January 2020 with impressive earnings and an astonishing revelation: the Amazon Prime subscription service boasted a staggering 150 million members.

Amazon’s growth trajectory has been nothing short of exponential in recent years, culminating in a recent milestone where it became evident that former CEO Jeff Bezos’s net worth would soon exceed $100 billion. This phenomenal success is a testament to the company’s unparalleled dedication to customer service and an ever-expanding catalog that encompasses nearly every imaginable genre.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its customers, Amazon has ascended to unprecedented heights, transforming into an industry juggernaut. 

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$2.31 trillionU.S.1975

In a pivotal year, 2018 witnessed Microsoft ascending to the coveted title of the world’s most valuable company. The following year proved to be equally momentous, as Microsoft experienced an astounding surge that added a staggering $950 billion to its market capitalization.

The triumphs for Microsoft did not end there. In the latter half of 2020, the company joined an exclusive league, comprising only three companies globally, with a valuation surpassing $1 trillion. Following in the footsteps of its formidable rivals, Amazon and Google, Microsoft’s cloud computing services, particularly Azure, played a pivotal role in driving its accelerated growth rates.

Azure, with its cloud computing prowess, served as a catalyst for Microsoft’s meteoric rise, propelling the company to unprecedented heights. This remarkable success mirrored the achievements of its industry counterparts, solidifying Microsoft’s position as a dominant force in the realm of cloud computing.

As Microsoft continues to innovate and expand its technological prowess, the company demonstrates an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and transforming the digital landscape. Its remarkable journey stands as a testament to the immense possibilities and extraordinary accomplishments that await those who embrace the power of cutting-edge technology.

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Saudi Aramco

$2 trillionSaudi Arabia1933

In a groundbreaking spectacle, the world’s most profitable company, Aramco, achieved two astounding milestones on its inaugural day of trading. Within a single day, Aramco’s value soared to an unprecedented trillion-dollar mark, instantly securing its place in history as the largest initial public offering (IPO) ever witnessed.

The momentum continued to surge as Aramco’s market value defied expectations yet again, surpassing a staggering $2 trillion on the following day. This remarkable feat propelled Aramco into an elite league of its own, solidifying its status as a global powerhouse.

Notably, Aramco stands as the sole member of this exclusive club to be listed outside of the United States. Currently trading on Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange, the company presents a rare and alluring opportunity. However, the exclusivity of its shares poses challenges for non-institutional investors who yearn to participate in this highly lucrative market.

Aramco’s remarkable debut epitomises the extraordinary potential of a company fueled by unparalleled profitability and industry dominance. Its groundbreaking achievements redefine the notion of success, establishing Aramco as an iconic exemplar of triumph in the world of business.

While Aramco’s shares remain a coveted asset accessible mainly to institutional investors, its groundbreaking journey continues to captivate the imagination of the global market, forever leaving an indelible mark on the annals of financial history.

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$1.84 trillionU.S.1998

In a remarkable turn of events, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, etched its name in the annals of financial history by becoming the fourth US tech company to enter the exclusive “four-comma club” in January 2020. This prestigious achievement saw Alphabet’s market capitalisation soar to a staggering trillion-dollar mark, cementing its position among the world’s most valuable companies.

Notably, this milestone coincided with another significant event as Amazon, in a triumphant resurgence, reclaimed its one-trillion-dollar market capitalisation. This remarkable occurrence marked the first time that four US tech stocks had simultaneously reached this historic level of valuation, signifying the immense prowess and influence of these tech giants.

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