How to choose the right logistics partner?


The logistics companies are the backbone of your D2C business. If the product is not delivered or delivered late; it is not revenue for your D2C businesses, that is the reason logistics companies play a very important role in the whole journey of the D2C businesses.

Choosing the right logistic partner is another big task for e-commerce companies because if the product is not delivered on time or not delivered in good condition; it hammers your brand reputation.

So; when you are searching for a logistic partner; you will have to choose the best suit for your business & need. You should choose a courier partner; who is experienced, delivers on time, fits into your budget, delivers in your target locations, and at the same time, takes care of your brand by behaving well to the end-users as they become the face of your brand while delivering the package. 

Here are a few of the bullets suggested by leaders of the logistics industry; that you should keep in mind while selecting your D2C logistics partner

Serviceability of the partner: The main point to keep in mind is the serviceability of your logistics partner. How many PIN codes or cities they are covering? In case you want to do a pan India business or want to expand your business globally; they will be able to extend support to your need. Hence, you need to see what is the service bandwidth of the particular players you have kept on your list.

The multi-channel offerings: Another important point is; How versatile the mode of transport is? Because that affects the speed of the delivery of your product to the end user. Check with them that they offer only surface mode or air mode of logistics services.

Customization & flexibility of services: Yes, while selecting a logistics partner you might need some customization according to your need or flexibility to save cost. You should also explore the range of customized services offered by your logistics partner; you might not know that you were badly in need of that service and it might turn out as a major breakthrough for your business.

Timely communication: How easy the tracking your package? If you are able to track your package easily; that’s another positive point that goes to your partner. If you know the status of your parcel, it will save a lot of energy and effort for your team.

Reliable customer support: Last but very important point to check is the reliability of the customer support centre of your logistics partner. How well they are equipped to take you out of any unknown problematic situation.

The above-mentioned points have been curated out of the real-time experience of users. Keeping a check on these points will definitely going to help you access the capability and choose the best suitable logistics partner for your D2C business and take your business to next level.