Fogg Marketing Strategy That Changed The Industry Dynamics


The entry of Fogg, a deodorant brand that exclusively uses spray instead of gas, in 2010 was a game-changer for the market. It is a subsidiary of the Vini Group of Companies, founded by Darshan Patel, who came up with a unique idea for Vini Cosmetics. In a crowded Indian deodorant industry with over 500 brands, a new brand must have multiple selling points and be tailored to the needs of consumers.

Fogg’s distinctive marketing strategy and consistent commitment have resulted in a market share of over 12%, a remarkable achievement given the stereotype-breaking nature of the product. Even after 20 years, the brand continues to lead the category. This article will delve into Fogg’s marketing strategy, which played a significant role in elevating the brand’s value to its current pinnacle

Unique Selling Point of Fogg

To stand out in a competitive market, it’s crucial to have a unique selling point while pitching a new company. Fogg’s success can be attributed to its founders’ extensive market research to identify untapped market niches, which helped the company gain market share and category dominance.

Fogg’s non-gaseous sprays were groundbreaking and set them apart from other deodorant brands. Their marketing pitch was focused on addressing a seemingly insignificant but significant drawback in the industry that had been ignored for a long time.

By addressing this gap, Fogg not only explored new areas but also loudly showcased their differences to the audience. This strategy helped them carve out a niche market for themselves, which other brands in the industry had yet to do before.

What makes Fogg stand apart?

Word-of-mouth marketing is considered one of the most effective and trustworthy forms of advertising. Fogg recognised this and focused on providing high-quality products to its customers to generate positive reviews and recommendations. One of the key aspects of Fogg’s value proposition was its long-lasting deodorants that lasted longer than competitors at the same price point.

Fogg also provided customers with a transparent and authentic experience by guaranteeing 800 sprays per bottle and ensuring that each deodorant was dermatologically tested. This commitment to quality and transparency helped Fogg build a strong brand image and gain a loyal customer base.

Fogg Campaigns like no other

Fogg’s marketing strategy began with familiarising customers with its brand through extensive campaigns targeting young men, women, and older individuals. As their target audience was the middle class, they advertised through electronic and print media extensively.

Fogg’s advertising campaigns were highly effective, with their ads becoming the talk of the town upon release. They utilised all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and their website, to promote their brand and products. Their tagline “Kya Chai Raha Hai” became a popular trend during their launch, along with other taglines such as “Bina gas wala body spray,” “Phir Khatam,” and “Doesn’t Get Blown Away.”

Fogg set a new standard by releasing specific products for both men and women simultaneously and launching combo packs. Their ads effectively highlighted how their competitors’ deodorants were wasteful in comparison to their own products.

Fogg’s Marketing

An effective distribution channel is crucial for the success of any product in the market. Fogg deodorant recognised this and adopted a marketing strategy that directly penetrated the Indian market. The distribution network of its parent company played a significant role in helping Fogg establish a strong presence in the markets across the country.

Fogg products are now easily accessible at grocery stores, corner shops, supermarkets, and malls, as well as through e-commerce and online stores. By ensuring a constant presence in the vicinity of consumers, Fogg was able to dominate the market and win over consumers’ loyalty.


Fogg has emerged as a dominant player in the deodorant industry within just two years of its launch. This remarkable success can be attributed to its meticulously crafted marketing strategies, which targeted an untapped niche in the market. Fogg’s innovative approach to advertising, characterised by unique and consistent messaging across all media channels, serves as a testament to the power of effective marketing in transforming a business model. The success story of Fogg is a compelling example of how novel ideas can revolutionise an entire industry.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the USP of Fogg perfume?

Fogg deodorants’ unique selling point (USP) is that they last longer than other brands.

Who manufactures Fogg Deo?

Fogg deodorants are manufactured by Vini Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd in India.

Why is Fogg so successful?

Fogg deodorants success can be attributed to their distinctive marketing strategy and their longer-lasting formula compared to other brands.