Best Luggage Bag Brands In India 2023


For all types of travellers, a travel bag is a need. It is a reliable companion that will make sure you have room for all your necessities and a stress-free commute. What more do you require if your bag also functions as a stylish accessory? The appropriate bag selection is a difficult challenge, nevertheless. The market is overrun with several brands and goods, giving buyers an abundance of options. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top luggage bag brands in India you can rely on to assist you in selecting the best decision and simplify your travel experience. These brands are the best ones to choose from if you’re wanting to get a travel buddy for yourself.

Our Top Recommendations

  • American Tourister
  • Safari
  • Wildcraft
  • VIP 

Best Luggage Bag Brands In India

American Tourister

Travelling is made incredibly comfortable and hassle-free with American Tourister’s renowned brand of luggage. American Luggage Works was founded in Providence, Rhode Island, by brothers Sol and Irving Koffler in 1933. Later, Astrum International, the company that owns Samsonite luggage, bought the brand. A variety of options are available here. This brand will undoubtedly satisfy all of your needs, whatever they may be. Hence; it is undoubtedly one of the best best Luggage bag brands in India.

Major characteristics of American Tourister bags:

  • The bags are made with the safety of your possessions in mind.
  • They are strong and sustain a lot of strain during transport.
  • Depending on the type and length of the trip, there are various bag types.

Why American Tourister?

Everyone can find something in American Tourister. This business features a fantastic selection of bags for all moods, including backpacks, carry-ons, hard sides, and more. The bags’ high-quality construction allows them to survive even the most trying circumstances. It provides dependable, fashionable, high-quality luggage that is enjoyable.

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As the name implies, the journey is the focus of a safari. It is one of the well-known luggage bag brands in India and the second-largest seller worldwide. In order to produce plastic-moulded luggage, Bombay Safari Industries India (SIIL) opened into operation in 1974. It changed its legal status to a private limited company in 1980 and a public limited corporation in February 1986. Safari travel bags are available to help you, whether you travel sometimes for work or pleasure.

Major characteristics of Safari bags:

  • The luggage is specifically made to provide excellent durability and prolonged use.
  • Safari bags have extended handles and wheels for convenient transportation.
  • They are made with an ergonomic design that works for both short excursions and long distances.

Why Safari?

Travel bags made of strong, scratch-resistant fabric are available from the well-known luggage company Safari. There are several options available, and they are divided into three sizes: cabin, medium, and large. These bags are the best option to make your journey simpler and easier because they come in a variety of shapes.

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Wildcraft Bags

Indian clothing and accessory company Wildcraft has its headquarters in Bangalore. More than 200 exclusive boutiques and 4,000 multi-branded retailers around the nation and abroad carry the company’s products. It provides you with a wide selection of reasonably priced, lively travel bags and baggage. They are high-quality products that are performance-driven and unquestionably a great travel companion. One of the best luggage bag brands in India that also comes with a budget. 

Major characteristics of Safari bags:

  • Made with high-quality cloth that will last for years and withstand extensive journeys.
  • Depending on your lifestyle, they can be utilised for regular or irregular travel.
  • For wise backpackers, Wildcraft offers a variety of bags at reasonable pricing.
  • It offers incredibly durable, lightweight, and small goods with a tonne of features.

Why Wildcraft?

The numerous performance features that Wildcraft Bags offer are ideal for a hassle-free and enjoyable trip because they were developed with the demands of customers in mind. You may easily select these bags based on your preferences because they come in a wide variety of themes, colours, forms, and sizes. 

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VIP Cabin Bag

This is one of the most reputable luggage bag brands in India that everyone prefers. Its pride is in its excellence. It has a durable exterior with a hexagonal design that makes it fashionable, durable, and sturdy. It features four wheels that enable swift 360° movement of the bag. It includes a cross-strap inside that holds the items and clothing stored inside of it in place. To accommodate extra items, it also features two zipper choices. Space and elegance abound in this chic bag.

Major characteristics of VIP bags:

  • They are meticulously crafted to withstand heavy use and guarantee exceptional durability.
  • For a hassle-free vacation, VIP offers luggage with extended handles, wheels, and comfortable straps.
  • This luggage is dependable and practical for both lengthy and brief trips.

Why VIP Bags?

VIP makes sure you can handle your luggage with ease, whether it’s executive suitcases, backpacks, rucksacks, trolley bags, or travel bags for women. It seeks to provide bags that are comfortable, strong, and able to hold all of your belongings without quickly wearing them out. VIP provides a wide variety of solutions that are well worth thinking about in order to serve various societal segments.

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